Remember the guy in Afghanistand that was going to be killed because he switched from Muslim to Christianity? Good news….they probably won’t behead him because they have decided ……………….he’s nuts………………So the Kabul government is seeking to advert an international confrontation without giving ground on Islamic law. The best way to do that is to decide that the guy is mentally unstable and unfit to stand trial…
The religious views and faiths of the people of these Islamic countries is not going to go away just because the Americans say so…We can’t even straighten out the problems with our own relgious groups …how are we going to fix it for a bunch of people that have been struggling with these problems for thousands of years….To hear ole forest tell it…it’s just a matter of years and everything will be peachy keen and hunky dory….yeah……right…
but not in is presidency….the fucker actually said it will all be ok and work out(the war), but it won’t happen during his presidency…..gee, think we can do something to assure that….? Like maybe, get him impeached?

Some lovely good news is that we now have a goup of nominees running for different offices in congress and they have dubbed themselves the Fighting Democrats. They are soldiers that have fought in Iraq and Afghanistand. Of the 10 veterans of the current candidates for Congress, all but one of them are Democrats. The Fighting Democrats, contend their battlefield experience will allow them to critize the war without being written off as naive and weak on defense…Ms. Duckworth narrowly won the Democratic nomination for Congress in a primary race Tuesday for the House seat held by Republican Rep. Henry Hyde, who is retiring after 32 years..Tammy Duckworth is a former Army helicopter pilot who lost both legs in a gernade attack in Iraq. In November, Ms. Duckworth will face Sen. Peter Roskam, who drew support from VP Dick Cheney, who in a fund raiser brought in $200,000. This is in Illinois..so all you people in Illinois…get out and vote for Ms. Dulock…get them Republicans out of office…..

Im on a downer…..Larry Allen, the last remaining player of the Troy, Emmit, Irving Super Bowl era…is gone…Let go…The Cowboys didn’t want to pay him the $1million he was due to get for this year…Gee, you think paying the $25 to Terrell’theasshole’ Owens had something to do with it???? fuckers..

For all you bloggers who are suffering from depression..abc world news had an interesting spot on medication for people with depression. Can check it out on
on the right is a place to click on to see the video …

Ok, on my latest reading spree…..I read a book that is just the weirdest fucking book…I am not sure if it is a good weird or a weird weird….just blew me away…It is COLD SKIN, by Albert Sanchez Pinol…….it is translated from Spanish to English….I will give you an idea of what it is about…It starts with a guy on ship going to some tiny island on the edge of the Antartic Circle after WWI. He will be relieving a man who has been there for a year and he will be there for a year…he will be assuming the post of weather official….that is all I will say except he finds a deserted cabin, a lighthouse, and a mysterious castaway….then darkness………………hooooboy….it is only182 pages long, but it is the weirdest 182 pages of reading I have ever ever read……even now that I have finished reading it…I don’t know what to make of it…trust me on this one……it’as a yafta…you have to read it……

It is bill paying day……have to run errands, go to the library, pay bills, check snail mail, get some packages ready to mail out..get some stamps, get west news and get ready to go to laundry….ickypoo… see ya’ll later…….



  1. leo myshkin Says:

    look on the bright side, you got a real good kicker today. most kickers are dorks but without a good one, you’re up the creek.

    i don’t know if the cowboys play those asshole colts this year but i hope the colts lose and their new kicker shanks a few!!

  2. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I will add COLD SKIN to my list!! I have Stardust if you want me to send it to you– Neil Gaimen’s fairy tale.

  3. Babs Says:

    Did you do laundry??? hahahaha
    And more power to the Fighting Democrats!!! Kick some ass! I’m going to watch that video now.

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