Hooooooboy….Jackiesue made out like a second story man…Found a book for sale at library for $2…Chief Justice a biogrphy of Earl Warren by Ed Cray……coooool…..At the Used Shit Store I found a paper back version of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee…Will reread it and give it to Jenny. Also found a ?????? quality paper book ..not sure why I got it…only a quarter is Gehenna by Paul Thigpen…it is a continuation of Dante’s inferno…a guy named Thomas Travis ends up falling headlong into a tortured realm of fire and ice, in an abandoned building…the place is Gehenna. I guess for .25 it is worth a read..I also found a 2006 I love Lucy Calendar for $1….have no need for it, but figure the pictures might be fun to put in frames..or maybe one of you in blogville is a lucy fan and would want it…Picked up a pair of new canvas shoes for $2, and 4 of the prettiest blue glasses..but they look like glass mugs..the color blue is so pretty..thought I would use them as flower pots for tulips and put them on the porch..they were .25 each..also got some pillow cases…25 each…put them on old pilllows for Rocky to sleep on when he naps on the porch…..I stick them in old boxes and baskets and he lolls around in them like a pasha. (LSU is playing DUKE).
Now..the library books…(by the way..ole Henrietta managed to get her little dig to me when I brought back Cold Skin. I was telling her how weird it was….not a bad weird, but a good weird…and she said..”Well, guess who checked it for the library..”. I said, “I know, I did…and I’m glad, it’s a great’s just weird..”…she smirked..and said”I just didn’t want you to think I bought a ‘weird book’ for the library….”…….(the name I called her in my head is a name I got from a great joke 1,000 years ago…in my head I called her a crunt.)ask me about the joke sometime…huhu….
The books..the books..
1)….the Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell….about King Alfred the Great.(late 9th century)
2)The Witness by Dee Henderson….ahhhhhhhh fuck!! I just read the back and it is one of those Christian mystery book..where every thing works out thanks to God…
well, fuck..I’m sure the Goddess will have something to say about that..
3)Gone by Lisa Gardner..a mystery….I really like Lisa Gardner…fast easy reads
4)Lost by Michael Robotham..another mystery….I love mysteries
5)The Last Templar by Raymond of those books that has been spawned by Dan Brown’s the Da Vinci Code…..(man, is he getting his ass and reputation dragged through the British courts….)
6) Wild Animus by Rich Shapero….I’m not sure what this one is about….but liked the look of the cover…does that make sense.???
7)and because I listen to my friends…Robert A. Heinlein’s The Moon is A Harsh Mistress…
and said friend will be glad to know..that Mrs. Henrietta didn’t just get this from another library…she actually bought it for our library..and that really makes me feel good..
Did you know that they named a cracter on the moon for Robert A. Heinlein? Its diameter is approximately 83 kilometers or 52 miles. It is officially named the Heinlein Crater. I would like to have a star named after me…or a crater on the moon…that would be nice…or a back country road lined with blue bonnets…the Jackiesue Blue Bonnet Lane…..which would cross paths with the Dr.Pepper Road and Rocky Road Blue Bell Path. It would dead end into The Road To Nowhere..ok, going to read my West Newspaper…via con goddess…



  1. Normy Says:

    I would like to hear your crunt joke. The dirtier the better. ::cackles:: I just now noticed you have posted a pic of a rhino shooting poop out its butt… LOL… you should photoshop a picture of Dubya Gump laying underneath it.

  2. Tina Says:

    Nifty, the Dante’s Inferno continuation sounds neat.

  3. Scottish Toodler Says:

    You will like “MOON” it is a great Heinlien. I need to go second hand shopping!!! I love thrift stores!!!

  4. PJ Says:

    Hold it. Hold it. I just had a vision of a a a a a Oh. It is just a crunt.

  5. Danno Says:

    Heinlin is pretty wonderful…they usually screw up his film versions but sometimes not…I love the campy Starship Troopers….the book isbetter….have you ever read P.K.Dick? Blade Runner was based on his story…. I love to junk for fun stuff and sometimes the cover is the only reason I buy it…You have to read the “low” and the “high” stuff to really understand what good writing is….did someone say”pie”????

  6. tazfan Says:

    I love your idea for roads 🙂

  7. Sam Says:

    Books go for so cheap nowerdays, i see a book as a more imaginative and longer TV programme. So many books so little time, and the same with films, i got a great deel today, i shall post about it on my blog shortly.

  8. Babs Says:

    So, did you finish all the boos yet? I know how fast you read!
    I think you need a town named after you and then you can name all the roads!!!

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