The only draw back for the cookoff is the rain put a damper on the tractor pull…tooooo much mud. Proceeds from the cookoff go to purchase a pumper truck for our local fire dept. The pumper is being built by Westex Welding from West, Texas..So it was a big success, rain and all. 93 smokers pumping out that incredible aroma of beef, pork and chicken….oh boy…the town smelled like a big fat juicy brisket.
West Chamber of Commerce has found a place for The Trade Day sales. It will be held at the Rodeo grounds in one of the smaller amphi-theaters, plus there will be places to put up booths outdoors…In addition to the Arts and Crafts vendors, the chamber plans to have concessions serving hot dogs, soft drinks and chips..This could build up to be a pretty good deal for the city…trade days will bring people in for the arts and crafts, used shit booths, and then they can also check out our little antique shops, bakeries, resturants, etc…maybe we can fill up some of those empty stores with new business’s.
There will be a benefit to raise money for hospital bills for a local child..fried chicken dinners and sausage plates will be sold, besides a silent auction and bake sale. It will be held at Tours Hall, which is a t-tiny town on the outskits of West…right before you get to Leroy.
Governor candidates to speak Friday on Trans Texas Corridor at Seaton Star Hall in Temple..Kinky will be there…hmmmm. that’s today…opens at 5:30….don’t think I will go..just to hard to travel. By the time I get there I will be in so much pain I won’t be able to raise any hell..and by the time I get back to West I will be whimpering for a pain pill..and only have one left and saving it for something big…..Maybe cleaning the yard, leveling the house and cleaning up that damn living room..which no one lives in…it’s da storage room.
There is going to be a grief support meeting at St. Joseph’s hall in West. I wouldn’t go if they paid me…just a way for them to sneak Jesus and his Daddy in…you will be sad no more…just take Jesus into your heart….yeah, right.. Like Pope Leo X, of the 16th century said:”It has served us well, this myth of Christ.”
The Kiwanis Club is having a fish fry to raise money….Nice picture of the girls Mom in an apron and waving some stick…Kathy was married to Thom and is the mother of 2 of my granddaughters..Jenny and Jamie..who just had birthdays…Jenny turned 19 on the 18th and Jammie will turn 17 on the 28th….So hard for me to grasp the fact that they are the age they are now..wow…how times flies when your sober…
Jessica Gorny and Anthony Stiff got married on January 21st….just now letting us know…Noelle Chumielewske is getting married to Rider Barnes…bet she is glad to trade her last name in for Barnes…Chasity is celebrating her sweet 16 birthday. Patrick Jason Janek was born on March 10th and weighted in at 6lbs. 6oz. Taylor Marie Gaddy was born On Feb. 13th and weighted 6lbs. 2 oz.
John N. Brekel went to meet his maker…he was 71. Followed by Janell (Willis) Hardwick,she died at the West Rest Home, she was 78….
There is going to be a guided tour of painted churches…The membership of Historic Waco Foundation’s Earle-Napier-Kinnard House is sponsering a day trip to see the famous painted churches. Located in rural Fayette county between Houston and San Antonio, the churches feature authentic 19th century European style churches from Czech, German and other similar cultures in the country-side near Schulenburg. Nesteled in the rolling hills of small farming communities, the churches have some of the most beautifully painted and stenciled ceilings, delicately ornate altars, marbelized columns and lovely stained glass windows. From the outside, the churches look like many American country churches built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, with facades clad in white frame siding or stone, arched windows and lone steeples reaching up into the Texas sky. However when you enter the churches one finds not a simple wooden interior but elaborate faux-finished interiors painted in bright colors, gold leaf and finely fitted woodwork, all the work of intinerant painters. Cost for the trip is $69,which includes transportation, continental breakfast, tour fees, graatuities for driver and guide and snacks on the return trip. Wow………….is that cool or what?
West Lady Trojans win 2 in District 8-aaa softball and the boys won two in non-district games.The West Trojan lifters are heading to a state meet…
Holy shit…ops…anyhow there is a picture in the paper of storm damage..high winds caused damage to the restrooms at the West Fair Grounds Sunday night when it passed through the city. The bathrooms are cinder block and pretty damn sturdy..but stand out in open so were not protected from the wind…ripped the roofs right off them suckers and ripped some of the bricks out too….damn…
Blue Bell and Dr. Pepper are on sale again at both grocery stores….Get thee behind my fat thighs Satan.
Lots of garage sales this week end…If it doesn’t rain I might check out a few of them….
Land and houses are still cheap…er inexpensive…and Jupe Mills is still looking for someone to drive their fork lift….if it stays in paper another week, I may apply for the job..I can drive a fork lift..
Ok, now for the news that didn’t hit the paper….heeheeh…..I got email from my friend Patsy who does the bookkeeping at Community Grocery Store…she is the one that lost her husband last summer…My other friend David….and he was ill for a long …..long…long…time…get my drift?..she is also good friends with my best friend David O….who has a ‘fuck buddy’ right now…but Patsy and I don’t like her as she has been down on everything but the Titanic……nasty girl…judas priest she even slept with Pat. A. and he is short, bald, fat and has fleas..anyhow….the email from Patsy said something to the effect that if my friend haden’t gone home when he had (they were all at the all night resturant eating eggs to kill their drunk) she would have given him one…then another email saying…no .no that’s just wrong…
heeehee..so I go to the store next am and say..oh kay…spill..you know you want to …so basically they were all up at Coyote Bob’s(ran by the two broke back cowboys) and were drunk…went to resturant and were having goofy drunk fun time..and David left and she said if he had come by her house(she tried to call him, but so drunk coundn’t dial the phone..and when she did get thru she kept saying..:”fuck you”…..)she would have fucked his brains out…I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes and hanging on to her office door…I said..does he know what you wanted…and she said no she didn’t think so….so I have decided this calls for ole Jackiesue to do what she does best…..meddle..so tonight before he gets in touch with ‘old hide’ to go out..I am going to call him and tell him what the dealie is and for him to go throw Patsy a mercy fuck…THAT’S what friends are for….
The only thing I don’t understand is why a person would spend $20-$30 to get good and drunk.then go and spend $5 on an egg special to kill it……..I never did get that….I would go with my friends and sit there nursing whiskey in my tea cup while they ate eggs and pancakes or steak and eggs…they would say..”Jackie, don’t you want to eat?” and I would say:”Fuck no…..I paid good money for this drunk and I am taking in home with me and put it to bed.”…buncha wussies..
so that is all the news there is…from lil ole West, Texas……….


5 Responses to “WEST COOKOFF DRAWS 93 TEAMS”

  1. Nancy Says:

    That was the best post. I remember nights out with the girls. I had the best black felt cowboy hat and my black cowboy boots with silver tips. I made my hat band out of bead work and I had hawk feathers. We head on down to a little cowboy bar called shooters, dance the night away. Thems was good times.

  2. Normy Says:

    Your town sounds like a happenin’ place to be… man! Wish it was nice enough here to be havin bar-be-ques and all that…

    Payin $20-$30 to get drunk is a little absurd to me too… lol a $15 case of Coors does the trick just as easily and there’s even some left over.

  3. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    well, it sounds like you had fun too- that is good.

    re: your comment-

    hell no i did not waste my drunk.
    your right, that would be a waste.

    btw- a kamakazie is vodka, tripple sec, and… sour mix. good shit.

  4. PJ Says:

    I can smell the cooking all the way up here. Yummy.

    Your community sounds like a heck of a lot of fun or maybe it is because you live there and keep things going.

    After a night of drinking I always stopped to eat, but for me it was a burger and fries or a bowl of chili. If I didn’t eat something I would go home and barf like crazy.

  5. Danno Says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM brisket mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmC you!!

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