I had all these plans for today and all it takes is one fuckyou to mess things up…I hit a few garage sales which was on my little yafta list…got a big tv for $25..works good..has a thin tiny line across the top which my tv has. and it is not near as big…got 3 books for $3…
1) The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky
2)Works of Charles Dickens with original illustrations by cruikshank, “Phiz,” and others…big ole fat book
3)The Oath by Frank Peretti
so I did good there…
I thought I was going to get the tires put on the truck today and then was go to Waco and get my new glasses…well, they didn’t have the 4 tires…(which will cost me $325, and that is labor, taxes etc.)So had to cancel my apt for glasses as I just didn’t want to drive back to Waco on those tires…went yesterday and that’s enough…so Monday ( I hope) I will get new tires..then go to Waco and get oil change, glasses and see about getting me a new bed….I have been sleeping well, but still wake up feeling like I have been run over by a semi……so have to do something..and some new pillows…
Now all I need to do is figure out how to get a credit card so I can start selling books on
ebay again….I did really well when I did it before and need to sell some of these books…some I had bought with the express reason of reselling them and making money on them…What I need to do is go thru them ..make a list, price them and get them ready to sell.
Yesterday when I went to the bank to get the loan for the tires, etc…I gave my little prepared talk about what I needed and why and from the moment I said what I needed Bernice was pullling out the papers and checking on the computer for my account, etc….nodding every now and then….finally I stopped talking and just looked at her….she was just a typing away….I said “Bernice, you would have given me the money if I said I was going to buy a pony, wouldn’t you?”….she stopped typing…looked at me over her glasses and said:”Only if it was a very pretty pony.”…..and went right back to typing….
ahhhhh, I love my little town…but now I HAVE to get my ass busy and start selling books, and find some other part time job…to make the loan payments ..ha
hmmm wonder if Thom will get me a credit card…won’t be used for anything except for ebay as you have to have a credit card to open an account….fuckity fuck fuck fuck..
I think I will go to the car wash and wash the truck..or should I waste this beautiful day cleaning up the truck…….? I could go hit some more garage sales…..yeah…that’s the ticket…more garage sales…… see ya’ll later…I have a great long lenght scream fest at the crap I found in today’s paper….so brace yourself…..


11 Responses to “WELL, KISS MY ROSY REDNECK ASS..”

  1. leo myshkin Says:

    the brothers k is an excellent book, you got a bargain. old poppa fyodor is hillarious and alyosha is the perfect foil for his lecherous father.

    i’ve decided that tony and ed are satan and am trying expunge the greed from their pathetic souls.

  2. Normy Says:

    Good luck with the eBay… I sell on there too. My name is Zeppelingirl.

    Dostoevsky was one helluva smart guy… people can learn a lot from hom but generally choose not to. Happy reading!

  3. Normy Says:

    And oh yeah… I was going to say, $325 ain’t all that bad for a set of tires… my guy works on imports and ONE TIRE for an Audi A8L is $375… talk about absurd… I’d walk everywhere before I owned one of those cars.

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    I used to manage a Disco bar in my spare time when I was in the Air Force. There was a Steak & Eggs place right across the street and I used to take the waitress’s to eat after work. We were usally sober though. That was an interesting job, watching people get drunk and pretend they were John Travolta or Donna Summer. I often wish I had the kind of cameria’s you can get today back then.
    Went to the library the other day and got a copy of George Carlin’s Napalm and Silly Putty for a 25 cents at there donated book sale table. Hardcover 25 cents and paperbacks a nickle.
    Looking forward to your next Damn News Rant. 🙂

  5. Zombie_Flyboy Says:

    It’s pretty cool the stuff you can find at a garage sale. Lots of junk, but occasionaly something cool.

  6. Babs Says:

    Sounds like you had a happy, happy day!!! That TV was a bargin!
    I need a new mattress too, but have found the couch is working well for now. Maybe I just need to flip the thing again. That is always so much fun and makes me happy!!!! Yes, I think I will do that tomorrow. Joy!!!!

  7. JDaaris Says:

    Sometimes I go to yard sales or garage sales, I haven’t had much luck around here… I do love buying on eBay, but I don’t dare buy anymore books… I just have no space; however, that usually doesn’t prevent me…. 🙂

  8. apositivepessimist Says:

    i like bernice…that’s how a bank should be especially in a small country town.

    oh okay you need a credit card well that bloody sucks…i don’t have one but my debit card to my savings account ‘acts’ like a credit card the only difference is i can only use what money i have in there…which is EXACTLY how i like it…you got nothing like that there js? i know i am gunna be rooted when i get to the states as i know it’s all about yer credit ratings etc…fuck 40 years without a credit card and soon i’ll have to get one. blah.

    *says to myself*…“brace yerself ethel”

  9. Nancy Says:

    Awwww the best laid plans of women and men…sometimes the universe has other plans. My son does a lot of e-bay stuff to. Did you see the movie Forty Year Old Virgin? funniest movie I ever saw, there is an e-bay woman in the movie. I’ll quit rambling now.

  10. Danno Says:

    Can you send Bernice my way…..The Brothers K is a great book……you are a wise and wonderful soul and I am sure Bernice sensed that when she first met you years ago…or,perhaps,you still smelled like Briskett!!! and she was hungry….

  11. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Don’t feel bad Jacki I don’t even have credit much less a credit card, I have almost made my slow way thru the bankruptcy system. No choice ended up with a hell of a lot more than I could keep up with. Would a secured credit card work? That’s where you sort of put some money in a credit card account and can only use that for charging. Guess you call it a sort of debit card now but maybe that might satisfy Ebay for now….I have a shit ton of books myself. Maybe I could get one of those secured credit cards and make some money while I am sitting on my ass here….

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