…….MY MOTTO…….

SCREAM AND SHOUT(repeat as many times as necessary)

Ok, you ready out there? There were so many ….many…stupid fucking articles in the paper..I just don’t know where to start…But I will start with the one that made my ass the reddest…here ’tis.
(associated press)
NEIL BUSH’S FIRM TIED TO MOM’S GIFT.(now that’s a fucking shocker)
Houston…..Former first lady Barbara Bush gave relif money to a hurricane relief fund on the condition that it be spent to buy educational software from her son Neil Bush’s company.
An aide to former President George Bush would not disclose the amount earmarked for purchases from Ignite Learning.
Since Mrs. Bush’s gift, the Ignite Learning program has been given to eight public schools with high numbers of Hurricane katrine evacuees, the Hoston Cronicle reported.
“Mrs. Bush wanted to do something specifically for education and specifically for the thousands of students flooding into Houston schools.” said Jean Becker, the former president’s chief of staff.
Mrs. Bush chose to promote Ignite because she supports her son and has genuine enthusiasm for his company’s program, Ms. Becker said.
Two years ago, the Houston school district board wrestled with conflict of interest concerns over the Ignite progam. Neil Bush had helped raise $115,000 for the district’s philanthropic fund from donors who insisted the money be spent on his company’s software.
The district accepted the donation and used them to pay half the costs of new Ignite software, about $10,000 per school.

Well……fuckme sideways……does this stink or what????? and no one raises an eye brow or a finger or makes known in any way….hey folks..this shit stinks..
and it just keeps on getting better..

State ethics panel says legislators have to give descriptions..not amounts..
by Christy Hope (Austin Bureau)
Austin..The Texas Ethics Commission decided Friday that public officials who receive cash or other gifts don’t have to disclose the value, stunning op-government advocates.
“This is absurd, dangerous and completely undermines the reform legislation,” said Rep. Burnam, D-Fort Worth.
The seven commission members, appointed by the governor,(good hair perry)lieutenant governor and Hose speaker, wrestled with disclosure laws that compel public officails to report gifts over $250. The law calls for a description of the gift, and some commissioners said indicating simply “cash”—-without an amount—- satisfies the statue.
“This ruling leaves a big enough loop-hole to drive an armored truck full of money through,” said Craig McDonald, director of Texas for Public Justice, which advocates for public disclosure. “All you would have to say is ‘a truck.'”
So basically what happened is….no a motherfucking…thing…they couldn’t get 6 people to vote for a change… after all the talk about making it harder for lobbyist to buy votes……it is just the same…and you wonder why I want to get Kinky Friedman into the Governor’s Mansion…Texas politics at its best….fuckme till I do the Texas Two Step..

Like I said..it just keeps getting better.

FEMA WON’T REOPEN 4 NO-BID KATRINA DEALS; POLITICS CHARGED….(No! You’re kidding….dirty politics????? fuckity fuck fuck fuck)
Firms say contracts merit-based; review finds waste in three…
By Hope Yen ..(associated press)
Washington..Fema has broken its promise to reopen four multimillion-dollar no-bid contracts for Hurricane Katrina work,including three that federal auditors say wasted significant amounts of money.
Officials said they awarded the four contracts last Oct. to speed recovery efforts that might have been slowed by competive bidding. Some critics, however, suggested they were rewards for politically connected firms.
Acting FEMA Director R. David Paulison pledged last fall to rebid the contracts, which were awarded to Shaw Group Inc., Bechtel Corp., CH2M Hill Inc. and Fouor Corp. Later, the agency acknowledged the rebidding wouldn’t happen until Feb.
This week, FEMA said the contracts wouldn’t be rebid after all. In fact, they have been extended, in part because of good work performance, said Michael Widomske, spokesman for FEMA.
“They are continuing the work,” Mr. Widomske said, and the agency is now focused on competive bids for disaster relief contracts for the next hurricane season beginning June 1. (in other words, bend over New Orleans, they are going to fuck you up the ass one more time)
An additional $1.5 billion in work promised to small businesses also has yet to be awarded.
A review by the Government Accountablity Office of 13 major contracts said las week the government had wasted millions of dollars,due mostly to poor planing by FEMA. Among the 13 were three of the four no-bid contracts for temporary housing, worth up to $500 million each, that went to three major firms with extensive government ties.(how many of you have seen the pictures on your tv of the acres of trailor’s yet to be delivered to anyone).The fourth housing contractor, the Shaw Group, was not including in the audit.
“The Shaw Group’s lobbyist, Joe Albaugh, is a former FEMA director and friend of President Bush’s.(surprise….surprise….) Bechtel CEO Riley Bechtel served on Mr. Bush’s Export Council from 2003-2004, and CH2M Hill Inc. and Flour Corp. have done extensive previous work for the government.(which means they are very very experienced in fucking the public)
The companies have denied political connections were a factor….

ok, there is just a ton of more shit just like this on every page, every newspaper, ever magazine, every fucking tv station except for Fox news….and it is like a sickness…greed is the new cancer….except it doesn’t kill the host… the host takes your money, takes it home and worships it..I don’t worry about getting the bird flu, getting breast cancer, aids, or even getting hit by a truck on I-fucking 35….the GREED CANCER will kill us all…They will have it all…and we will be on the streets with our hat in our hand and our ass in a sling..
If any of you are still here reading my rant…thanks.
I imagine there are many of you rolling your eyes and shaking your head, thinking “there the bitch goes again”….all I have to say to you…is……the Greed Cancer has you on its list..and you will be gobbled up along with the rest…unless…you get off your lazy asses and go vote them fucking leaches out of office and bring in some people who really do care…well, we are truly fucked….

Ok, I’m done…another day….another rant….

8 Responses to “…….MY MOTTO…….”

  1. Tara's World Says:

    You forgot about the feuding cheerleaders. All I can say about the other articles? Nepotism at its best.

  2. leo myshkin Says:

    you’d think the fucking asshole would just give his software to the schools.

    i might be stupid but i think the bushes have made a few bucks off the government with oil leases and the like. oh yeah, they also have interests in the arms industry.

  3. animalfamily Says:

    yeah, if neil had just quietly asked for mummy’s money to donate his software to the schools, he might even have come across as the good guy. poor bush pr strategy on the whole.

  4. PJ Says:

    A Bush is a Bush is a Bush by any other name. Forget I just said that. I always said Barbara was/is more dangerous than any of the Bushes so fat. She rules with an iron hand and I never thought for a moment that she wasn’t the one behind Bushwacker.

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    If she gave the money to Neil so he could donate the software she wouldn’t be able to claim a charitable donation in the news and couldn’t get that tax write off.
    It’s funny, no bid contracts used to be illegal in the government. Now how did that change?

  6. Super Woman Says:

    Pardon me while I slam my head into a door repeatedly. Holy shit.

  7. Danno Says:

    Bush scum spreads like a germ…even old lady Bab’s,who I used to think was at least a decent human being, probably has hidden oil deposits instead of fatty tissue under that flabby ass skin of hers……………Hey, sweet cheeks!!! I did not break down and I am now into another day of not smoking….I started to smoke and quit at the same time I met you….cost and health …..this time I will do it…

  8. Babs Says:

    Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

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