The best actor on tv….ever ever ever….If you missed him when he was on Homicide;Life on the Streets about 5-6 years back…well, you missed some of the best acting you will ever see…He played Frank Pembleton….a Baltimore cop…he was the best on that show..He did a 2 parter with Vincent D’Ofonereo(spelling)…and was emmy award winning…Vincent got pushed under a subway car and was dead the second they move the car off of him..and he is an obnixious asshole and you want to feel for him, but he is an asshole..and Andre and he just were poetry in motion…After it went off the air they reran it on court tv and I watched it every time they reran it….6-8 times each episode…he was the angel in City Of Angel’s…..when he smiles I get all warm and tingley…..he was in Get on The Bus too..played a bad guy…I hate it when he plays a bad guy…he was in several other tv shows but he was always better than the material they gave him…Well…..he’s back..on FX…in a show called Thief..where he plays a career criminal.. I am pissed..waited all this time for him to come back to the tv….and I can’t see it…I don’t get FX…fuckity fuck fuck fuck….so someone will have to watch it and tell me if you agree or not ..that he is the best actor on tv….I think I am a six pack from being a stalker….
I am so tired I’m left handed…been up since 8:30am and on the road since 9am…got the tires, did some shopping..cleaned a little house…potted some plants…and it is 12:46am..and I am heading to the bed now…my ass is a draggin……
fuckme till I yawn…

3 Responses to “……. HOMAGE TO ANDRE BRAUGHER…….”

  1. Nit Wit Says:

    I didn’t know who you were talking about until I did a search. He also played a cop in the movie Frequency I think.

    I’m still trying to figure out why a one book library would cost 300 million. Maybe it will double as a day care center.

  2. Babs Says:

    No one can have my Lexapro!!! It’s all mine!!! Mine I tell you!!!!

  3. leo myshkin Says:

    a 56 t-bird, i’m jealous. i forgot to mention that i had a 57 ford fairlane. i sold it after a month because i spent more on towing bills in the month than i paid for it.

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