ahhhhh, the 3 little trouble makers…michael ray, jackiesue and larry wayne..this is the picture taken right after we had each eaten a pint of ice cream..we were so full all we wanted to do was go find a pallet to lay down on and take a little nippy nap..

this is mike my friend who plays with snakes..this is the cobra he likes to play with..he also kisses it on the top of the snakes head

this was taken about a week before the shooting…jack was starting to ….well, jack was starting to build up his drug supply…this is me, jack mojo thom and david at my daddys house

this is lane, me mojo and carol….

next is my daddy frank r. roycroft…

the cutie in front is me about 2 1/2 or so? and Diann and Michael Ray in back ground.

this one is of my friend mike and his 14 year old son in the rattlesnake pit..showing how to act if you wake up surrounded by rattlers…

….this one is me when i was 31…this was taken about 1 month before i went on trial…was hard to get a big ole jackiesue smile out of me.



  1. yellowdog granny Says:

    wow, don’t i just have the greatest friends..between denise and babs they fixed up my template and made it terrific..then sooner puts in all the pictures for me..this batch is the ones i had sent him via email …i sent them to my friend karla in mo. and she scanned them into email and i sent to sooner…all my friends went to so much trouble to get my blog out…thanks to you all…i heart you….
    thought you would like to see what the people i talk about look or looked like..notice how sweet mike, me and larry look?…yeah right..that pint of ice cream we eat shared was fought over tooth and nail…we each had one a peice..but we each wanted what the others had..same flavor..same amt..but we still fought over it…like a pack of wolves..and the one of shady lane, me, mo and carol..? i have actually lost weight since that picture..still a fatty but less fat than that..ha.

  2. Nit Wit Says:

    Wow, your brave putting a topless picture of yourself on your blog.
    Great pictures now I know who your talking about a little better.

  3. Normy Says:

    Love the pics!!

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