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April 30, 2006

I was on line reading my emails when I gor one from MOJO and said she was trying to call me and if I wanted to talk to get off the computer…so I did..we spent nearly 3 hours catching was blissfull….really….she is taking a vacation to go see her Grandma in New Mexico for a week and then coming to Texas to visit with the rest of her family. Her Grandma is 83 and she wants to see her and Iam glad of that..her Grandma loves her very much and has been there for her and Iam glad she has her in her life.She was talking about how everyone was volunteering to pick her up but no one had decided for sure… I said I can come up in the truck..have brand new tires and going to get a oil change so sholdn’t be a problem. Also said I could make sure I had plenty of library books, food etc. so that I wouln’t need the truck and she could take it and wouldn’t have to depend on people picking her up and taking her where she wanted to go and could leave when she wanted to….So that will work out for her…No biggy, I have plenty of people that can take me here in West if I do need to get anything…and would feel better knowing she had transportation so she could come and go as she pleased…I don’t worry about her coming back and being around her friends who are still drinking as she is strong in that regard, but I know she will be around them and will feel the need to get the fuck away from them too, and knowing she can leave when she wants will make her feel better and me too…
She rescued a pit..his name is pepper…he was abused and most likely fought and is about 4 years old..she is doing very well with him..and I’m so proud of her for taking on the responsability of giving him a good loving home…Bailey did pass on and we didn’t talk about that much..We just had a great great phone call and just so glad I will get to see her…I have missed her so much…life is good…just hope the Goddess sees fit to make the weather nice and spring like for her while she is here..all that cool weather in San Francisco has got her spoilt..and the heat always did knock her it would be nice if it was good weather for her visit…
to other news…..
I got a email from my friend Mary Duty in Waco, who with her and her husband own the best pizza parlor in Waco, Texas and also the headquarters for our county for geting Kinky elected and gathering signitures for him…anyhow..the email said for people who would like to show their support for our country while they do their boycott Monday and wearing white for solidarity…that if we could wear red or blue and shop like a mother fucker on Monday..those were not exactly her words…I sorta rewrote the intent of the email…what we are being asked to do is…wear red or blue and shop for your mothers day presents, fathers day presents, birthday presentss, early Christmas etc..on Monday..and let the stores know..your are doing it in reply to the boycott…I am…and hope you do too….Iam wearing a red tshirt and thinking about going to my friend who is the local artist and sign painter in town and see if he will make me up a sign that says “shop on Monday to boycott the boycott”….which is better than my “wetbacks go home” sign I had considered..
…….sooooooo wear red or blue and shop till you drop…….



April 29, 2006

If you received my email you will get the title of this post..if not…it’s the southern way of saying “I don’t give a shit.”
It’s a great Texas day pair of Cardinals are making woopee in the bushes by one of the trees in my yard..Some how I have acquired a lame bird who spents almost all day long on my porch walking around trying to avoid Rocky..who is sick with a cat cold or alergies and when he wants to go outside I go to the door first and kinda shoo the bird away..which means he waddles out of the yard and hides under the truck until Rocky wanders off..He looks something like the grackles but is fatter and not as long looking..and he can fly..but not high and not far..he stays pretty much on my porch, yard or under the truck…he goes to the neighbors yard if Rocky decides he wants to fuck with the birds by sunning in the yard.For the first time since I have been putting seed on the porch the Blue Jays have come on the porch to eat..Man are they beautiful…not as pretty as the Cardinals, but the blue is such a vibrant blue. I got a Texas Bird book from the library and still can’t figure out what the little brown birds are..they are wrens of some sort but I still can’t figure out what the little gray ones with black tops are…oh well, I just like watching them and enjoy their visits.
I have been trying to think of something that I can do as an American citizen to show my protest about the immigrant boycott Monday…but so far anything I come up with will net me about a week in jail..but I am still thinking..I close my eyes and try to picture me with a sign but when I do ..the sign always says ‘BUSH IS A DUMBSHIT ASSHOLE FUCKER AND IS NOT FROM TEXAS”…so need to work on that..I was thinking ‘Illegal aliens go home and fix your own country’…but most of them can’t read English..
While I am on my soap box I am so pissed about Exxon’s 1st-quarter net of $8.4 billion …them fuckers…and they act like “hey, it’s just business folks, it’s the American Way.”…yeah, well so is dragging your ass into the alley and kicking your ass…fuckers…I’m thinking horse and buggy…carpooling, and you guys, sell them fucking suv’s…for the sake of all that is holy..sell them motherfucking gas guzzling hogs…life is to short to be in line behind you at a gas station..while you spend $300 to fill your tank.
fuck me till I’m 10% ethanol..


April 28, 2006



April 28, 2006

If this isn’t enought to piss you off…nothing will…Nuestro Himno that is the new Spanish version of our National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner. This is the brilliant idea of British producer Adam Kidron, he said he saw it as an ode to the millions of immigrants seeking a better life…Excuse the fuck out of me you Bristish mother fucker..why didn’t you do a version of God Bless The Queen..and leave our national anthem the fuck along. In the week that he announced the song that features Wyclef Jean, hip-hop star Pitbull and Puerto Rican singers Carlos Ponce and Olga Tanon, it has not been well received. Many internet bloggers and others are very angry by the thought of “The Star-Spangled Banner” sung in any language but English.
“Would the French accept people singing the La Marseillaise in English as a sign of French patriotism? Of course not,” said Mark Krikorian, head of the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that supports tighter immigration controls.
The initial version of Nuestro Himno,or :”Our Anthem,” comes out today and uses lyrics based closely on the English-language original, said Mr. Kidron, who heads the record label Urban Box Office.
Pro-immigration rallies are planned around the country for Monday, and the record label is urging Hispanic radio stations nationwide to play the cut at 6pm,CDT, today in a sign of solidarity.
Ok, about here is where I lose it…with the article , with the dipshit British guy, with the illegal aliens, with the whole entire fucking ordeal…listen to this shit…
A remix to be released in June will contain several lines in English that condemn U.S. immigrations laws. Among them:”These kids have no parents, cause all of these mean laws…Let’s not start a war with all these hard workers, they can’t help where they were born.”
A resident of the U.S. for 16 years, maintains the changes are fitting, after all he says American immigrants borrowed the melody of the Star-Spangled Banner’ from an English drinking song.
“There’s no attempt to usurp anything. The intent is to communicate,:” Mr. Kidron said. “I wanted to show my thanks to these people who buy my records and listen to the music we release and do the jobs I don’t want to do.”
I am so pissed I don’t know if I can actually type this well enough to explain my anger and what I think I will do about it….
I don’t buy records, cds, etc from Urban Box Office..but there are those that do…WELL, STOP IT…STOP BUYING ANYTHING OF THIS MAN’S. Let him haul his traitorous ass back to England..I wish they would take away his citizenship….now.
Monday they are going to protest by not going to work? Will avoid places and not spend their money? No one loves Mexican food more than I do…but I say lets stop going to Taco Bueno, Taco Bell, El Conquistidor, and all the other Mexican resturants. Don’t buy El Paso products, or any other product that sells mexican foods, no taco shells, no tamalies, buy nothing that comes from Mexico. No mexican limes, lemons, or fruit of any kind.Get you a sign and stand in front of your local grocery store…one that says don’t buy Mexican products..Wave your little American flag..I think we can shut them down a lot faster than they can shut us down..which is what they want to do..they want US…as is us and in the US to give in to them because they said so…welll fuck a bunch of mexican immigrants..I was sorta kinda on the line about this immigration problem..felt sorry for them and wished them well..but after this fucking national anthem in Spanish thing showed up ..well, you pushed me to a side for sure…now I am against it…I want all of you to pack your bags, bundle up your many kids and get the fuck out of my country…My COUNTRY….go back to your country and make it your protesting there to your government and tell them to make things better there for you and leave us the fuck alone…if you all go back home there is a good chance our government will raise our wages and we won’t need your $3.35 asses working our jobs…Go the fuck home…you’re not wanted here…nor needed …..go make Mexico fix their system so you can get health care, free food, and benefits. I don’t care how bad it is there…I know that it is going to be really rough out here for you pretty soon..Because I can see it coming…redneck mentality…already a case of it in the Dallas paper..where two redneck boys beat the shit out of and sodimized a Mexican kid for trying to kiss a girl at a party…No it is not right and it is wrong what they did, and I hope they pay highly for the crime…but that will not stop it..There are more dumb rednecks out there than there are Mexicans…that’s a fact.
I am so pissed…I wanted to be a good caring person…but somethings you just don’t fuck with…and no matter how hard it is to sing that song, and no matter that we took a English drinking song and made it our anthem….our kinfolk are the ones who fought and made this country and yes we were immigrants…but that was over 200 years ago…it’s ours now..we worked for it and we don’t need it taken away from us by you….go home…NOW…

anyone that doesn’t agree with this blog can kiss my ass and go someplace else.


April 27, 2006

Justin tagged me, Sooner and Babs to make a list of six weird things about us…I would rather write about six weird things about Sooner and Babs than me..oh well, goes.
1. I have this ‘thing'(?) about the number 7…I have things arranged on the wall and they have to be arranged in numbers 7, 14, 21, etc. like 7 pictures on the wall, 21 nick nacks on one shelf, 14 on another…everything has to be done in 7’s…don’t ask me..I haven’t a clue..
2. I have the ability to blink things away…I have had bad things happen to me in the past and if I start to remember them I blink 7 times and they go away…don’t ask me ..I don’t have a clue..I know it works.
3. when giving directions I always say go forward(never go straight) instead of go straight ahead…everyone in the family says it now…go forward, never go straight….
4. I am still very very pissed at NBC for canceling Another World. It has been over 10 years and I still hate them for that. I would rather set myself on fire than watch Passions…stupid fucking idiot tv show.I still want to know what Rachel Corey is up to..
5.I hold grudges…and no matter how long it takes, if I think you have fucked me over or someone I love, I will get even ..and in spades….Nobody does revenge better than Jackiesue..remember …I am a Scorpio….
6. I really belive I have mystical powers…
is that weird enough for you?..I have more..It took me 3 hours to narrow it down to these 6. My first list was 83….then it was 194, then it was 901, whittling it down to 6 was hard…wanted to make sure there was nothing on the list that would get me arrested or thrown out of any more family reunions…I actually like being weird…it has always made me nervous to think I might be ‘normal’…how scary is that…normal….hey, that would look good on my tombstone…’well, she wasn’t normal’….along with me giving the finger from inside my coffin…that would go along way to makeing me not normal..being normal is like wearing someone else’s underwear…it’s not healthy and it rides up in your crotch.


April 26, 2006

Yup…it’s Wed. again….gather around my children and I will inlighten you with the news and the comings and goings of the residents of West, by God, Texas..and a lot of goings this week…had 8 people croak..all of them in their 70’sm 80’s and one in HER 90’S…YUP.. all the women who died were in their 90’s and the guys were 80 or younger…fuckity fuck fuck fuck…there goes our senior summer baseball league.
The first United Methodist Church in West, youth group is having a ‘little bit of everything’ sale and bake sale this Sat. Proceeds will help the youth group with camp costs and upcoming activities.
West PTO has a meeting May 2 in the West High School Lecture Hall. An election of officers is planned and all memebers are encouraged to attend. (which will be a switch)
The city of Abbott(Willie’s home town) is hosting a reception this Sat. to honor 6 individuals for their contributions to the Abbott community during their lifetime.
Good news….West High School senior Sarah Middlebrook, representing the McLennan-Hill Czech Heritage Society, was named the 2006 Miss Texas Czech-Slovak Queen at the Texas pageant during the spring meeting of the Czech Heritage Society of Texas. Along with her Little Czech Sister, Grace Banik of West. They will proudly carry the title throughout the state. Miss Middlebrook, received the ‘Introduction and On-Stage Interview,’ the ‘Kroj Modeling Award, and was named by the other contestants as ‘Miss Congeniality.’ Sarah wore a 90-year-old, authentic Moravian kroj from Kroj, loaned to her by Henrietta Cervenka of West.She also won a tiar, bouquet of flowers, trophy, Czech crystal pieces and various prizes from local sponsors. She will carry the title to the 20th Annual Miss Czech-Slovak USA Queen Pageant in Wilber, Nebraska on August 4-6 during the 45 annual National Czech Festival Days.
Tanner Holecek and Michelle Kaska were married on April 22nd. at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.Rosa Lee Clark is engaged to Bryan Scott Kolar. They will be married on May 13, 2006 at St.Martin’s Catholic Church in Tours.
Two new babies…Abbey Grace Beseda weighted 9 lbs. 4 oz. damn…and 20.25 inches long…hahah. that’s cute..Preston John Griffis was born weighing in at 7 lbs. 5 ozs. and 19.75 inches long..Derek Lednicky celebrated his 6th birthday and “Lordy Lordy, look who’s 40…Billy Kilgo..
Lonnie and Barbara Lenders are celebrating their 48th anniversary and Gene and Willie Mae Eagan celebrated their 50th.
50 years ago they were talking about the new sidewalks at the Catholic Church and eagerly awaiting the altar from Italy. Father Ed gave the blessing at the Kiwanis Club meeting and everyone sang happy birthday to him as it was his birthday…I love Father Ed..he wears cowboy boots under his cloak..
West kids kicked some serious ass in district 8-AAA. The Lady Trojans shared first place with Whitney with a tied 8-2 season…they flipped a coin and we kicked ass there too..they will represent district and Whitney will be in second and Hillsboro was third.The Trojans won a playoff spot by beating Whitney 10-0 in a ho-hit game…The West 8th grad girls won first place in the District 8-AAA track meet.And the West Explosion, a softball team comprised of girls 12 and under took second place at the Burleson Easter Extravagabza tournament in Burleson.This was the teams’s first ever ASA tourney..The 8th grade boys won the District 8-AAA track meet.. goooooo trojans.
If you like pinball one is for sale in West…built in th 50’s A Williams Ding Dong pinball up for $450. also a Starr Upright piano built between 1880-1920 is for sale for $350.such a deal…
West Elementary School is running an ad in english and Spanish for kids who will be in kindergarten and need to learn english. they will be giving english classes for kindergarten and first grade during the summer…their mama’s should go with them…The other day I was in the $1 store buying bird food and I recognized one of the ladies and her 2 kids from when I held my garage sale..she and the kids are as sweet as can be…the little boy is about 1st grade and baby is almost 2..she speaks very little english and I can get by poquito in spanish…anyhow..the little boy was looking at toys and mama wandered off with the little girl and he lost her..and freaked…just a little..he was trying to be cool…so he came to be and asked me if I had seen his mama..I said no, but I would find her for him…he was clinging to me…so I went up and down the aisles and after a short time (must have seen like an eternity to the little boy) I found her…she was like “oh…what?”…I tried to explain to her but lacked the spanish so I just reassured him that mama would never leave him as he was such a sweet and good little boy…but all of that could have been avoided if she spoke english and could have understood me when i was calling for her for her son…we have a small but growning Mexican population…I think it’s because we have a large Catholic congregation and lots of farms…When they ran the ad for the kids they should have said the mothers were welcomed to come and learn too..ohhhhhh welllll…
They sold all the poodles and the Great Pyrenees pups are going for $75 now…heehee
4 bedroom/3 bath brick home on 1.5 acres gameroom, lots of room for$169,900
3bedroom brick home on 16 acres shop building for $149,900.
well, not much else is going on in my little hamlet…I did talk to Patsy at Community Grocery and she said everyone tells her she had a great birthday last Sat. but for the life of her she can’t remember much after the cake and the singing of happy birthday…Marty came by and fixed my fuse box so now I have electricity in the other two rooms…never use the one and had the refer on a ext. cord from my bedroom and only cook during the daylight so it wasn’t too bad…but now I don’t have an excuse for cleaning up that damn room….books..books…everywhere books..I also remembered to get a bird book and finding out all kinds of stuff about the birds on my porch…all male Cardinals feed the female when he is courting and she is nesting..but she also feeds him…David O’s dad remarried and the boys went to the weddding but David was his usual self(asshole)…when him and his brother and his wife walked down the aisle the usher asked him(David) if he wanted to sit on the grooms side or the brides side..and my best friend in the entire world said: “what the fuck difference does it make?”…that’s my boy….ok….that’s all the news worth printing…ya’ll come back and see us ya’hea?

…….LIVE TILL I’M 90…….

April 25, 2006

I read an article in the DAM NEWS that women are expected to live into their 90’s….damn! Kill me now.I’m almost 63 and I’m fuckennear wore out.What will I be like if I live to be 90? I try to get a mental picture of me at 90 but all I can see is an older version of me…really really pissed…Now let me tell you, I am in no hurry to croak…and if and when you do hear that I am croaked…know that I did not go gently into the good night…But I know living until im 90 and not being in good mental health is enough to make me start taking better care of myself…What would be worse than to live to be 90 and not know where you are, who you are or what’s up? I can see me in the West Rest Home waving my cane around and swearing about Forest Gump…hmm that rhymed..There may be a song in there someplace..Hopefully I will out live Forest and can spit on his grave…I am trying to think of some good reasons to be glad that I will live to be 90 and other than having longer time to fuck with people…not much..Men are supposed to live until they are in their 80’s…Great! younger men…
With global warming the way it is,I will probably be sitting on a rock in the middle of Texas surrounded by water and ice with the temperture at 137degrees..maybe the Cowboys will have won the Super Bowl again by then….
fuckme till Im old and gray(ooops..already am)


April 24, 2006

That’s what I have to say …..Jack Shit…It has finally happened…I have run out of things to talk about..Forest gump is still fucking up the country no matter what I have to say on the going to give that a rest for a while..the weather is beautiful so can’t bitch about that..none of my kids are speaking to me so that narrows down my ability to bitch about them too…I am not sleeping well because I sit up all night long playing Sweet Tooth on Pogo and my right arm is sore and have pain from my head to my finger tips and just can’t sleep with the pain…I get up in middle of night and stare at that lone pain pill and think nah…..I don’t need it for something big..
Did go to the library where Henrieta had a stack of books for me…
three new sci/fi books by S. M. Stirling and I really do like these and I am not a sci/fi reader..
The Innocents Club by Taylor Smith
Sea Change by Robert B. Parker(a Jess Stone series)..I love Spencer but I like Jess Stone as well, he is flawed where Spencer is always the good guy..
The Hunt Club by John Lescroart..I really like this author.
The Portable Dorothy Parker..which is one I have been waiting for…I love Dorothy Parker..
I tried to find her back in the 60’s to tell her how much I loved her but never could..then she croaked on us..
and you will never believe what else I got…don’t laugh….it’s so unlike anything I read…but every now and then you have to have some mindless crap to read…and I got it:Lovers and Players by Jackie Collins…ok, go ahead and laugh….
I finished all of my Douglas Coupland books…I really like his stuff…weird..just my kind of book…
I think my bastid son may be back…I sure hope so…
Le Pexie…thanks so much for the email …I sent it to my granddaughters…hope they take it as a message of love from Grandma and not a lecture.
What beer mugs? I don’t see no stinking beer mugs!!!
Ok, my arm is starting to ache and Prison Break is on followed by 24 so will be back to read all of your blogs for the day….Thanks for reading every when I don’t have Jack Shit to say…..
fuckme till I’m interesting


April 23, 2006

Where for art thou..Soonerboy? I know things have been topsy turvey my son…but that isn’t important..what IS important is the flocks, herds, and murders of fans who love and miss you..We miss Sooner’s Bar and Grill, we miss your slanted outlook in our lives..we miss the sweet tales of Hannah Banana and the peeing puppy.Rocky asked about you this morning..said “hey, where’s that asshole Sooner?”…I am sure you would have some terrific advice to give Babs on how to handle BB Boy.(that is if she would take it.hehe)I know I could use your input on how to deal with the slammed doors in my face while out stomping for Kinky..I know standing there on their porch screaming “yea..well, fuck you, you ignorant, Bible thumping, born again,evangelican Christian, Bush loving,Rebulican, peices of shit.”… is not the way to go.Denise needs your thoughts on some store asking a woman not to breast feed on their property.. Nit wit needs an idea of what to post on the other side so he can get thrown out…I know you have a few ideas there…Leo’s up to his ass in tree limbs, byg needs you to drop by and make him laugh and snort…we have a new crew of old crew arriving that need direction and shelter from the storm…
So what I’m trying to say here little COME HOME…WE NEED YOU..WE MISS YOU…THINGS JUST AIN’T BEEN THE SAME SINCE YOU BEEN GONE…(there is a song in there someplace)….I am so lonely here ….come home …..come home…come home…your udder mudder..jackiesue


April 22, 2006

I love my DAM NEWS…..this was in my DAM NEWS yesterday..
Cowgirl life is second nature…women ride into North Texas to camp and rustle up some fun..
This group of about 40 “sisters” packed their feather beds for a weekend stay at the refurbished and renamed Vineyards Campgroud on Grapevine Lake, where they will fly-fish among other activities.
The Sisters on the Fly are a national organization of independ, sassy women who drive vintage, Westen-themed trailers to campsites across the country to fish and enjoy other outdoor activities….”We don’t talk about work or men. We talk about flat tires and fishing. The purpose is to cowgirl up. We can do everything and anything.”………Maurrie Susssman founder of Sisters on the Fly.
“I love the outdoors, and getting together with women was such a great experience,” said Ms. Verri,38, who is traveling with her mother, Barbara Verri of Plano, in a 1960 Shasta travel trailer with a cowgirl painted on the side.”With women, we really work well together and learn from each other. It’s more of a sharing time. It kind of pushes you out of your comfort zone.”..One truck pulled a pink trailer emblazoned with “Sisters on the Fly”. A cowgirl dangled from the air conditioner.
The visit coincides with the opening of the campgrounds once known as Silver Lake, and Joe Moore’s wife Peggy Moore has also goined the group. Joe is the assistant director of parks and recreation. The women who hail from Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Montana, California, Arkansas and Texas will also have access to a nature trail.
Group members kicked off their weekend Thursday at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth.
The group’s founder, Maurrie Sussman of Phoenix, said Sisters on the Fly has no criteria for membership and only one rule:”have fun.”
Ms. Sussman and her sister Becky Clark hatched the idea for the group while they were celebrating catching an 8-lb brown trout while fly-fishing in Montana.
“We do not ask race, religion, political views or sexual orientation,” said Ms. Sussman. The organization has nearly 500 members ranging in age from 28 to 83, Ms. Sussman said. They range from experiencd outdoor types to those who have gone their entire lives using”indoor facilities.”
“Let’s just say, they’re learning to rough it.”Ms. Sussman said, slightly tipping her wide-brimmed cowboy hat.
“It’s a true sisterhood,” said Ms. Verri, an Internet company manager in Dallas when she’s not tinkering with her trailer.
“I wouldn’t trade my cowgirl sisters for anything,” she said. “We’ve helped each other through good times and high times.”
The mural on her trailer is decorated with a favorite quote:”Well behaved women rarely make history.”
“That should tell you everything,” Ms. Verri said.
(Sisters on the Fly will be at the Vineyards Campgrouds at 1501 N. Dooley St. in Grapevine, Texas through Sunday. For more information on Sisters on the Fly, visit
Well is that a kicker or what….I am so proud to be a woman with sisters like that on the move…and that quote about well behaved women is one of my favorite quotes and have posted about it before..I for one am going to check them out..
Wonder how much it would cost to buy a little trailer and slap it on the ass end of my little truck? Hell…I have new tires…but the gas….oh man..the gas…if the gas was cheaper..I would do it …maybe…well…probably not…even though I love the idea and think it would be cool and fun…that would last about …hm…3 days ….I think I could last 3 days..but anytime after that I would have to be put in restraints..because of my lack of people skills on a one on one basis…yup…3 days…maybe I could do it for a weekend a month…or a week end a year….yeah..that’s the ticket…a weekend a year…all of us anti-social women of blogville could get together one weekend a year…whadda ya think?
fuckme till I wear spurs.