So …………finally Monday Marty comes to fix my box (electrical) and takes him and his Jr. G. partner 4-5 hours to fix…I call TXU to come and turn the electricity back on…first of all I get some schmuck who never asks if it is residential or business and sends me to business where I tell my sob story and he says, ‘Wrong dept.’…transfers me where I have to retell the story and she wants to know all sorts of stupid information…like am I at still at(my phone number) and I say yes, but I have a what ever they are called and need electricity to run..so she can’t get me at that number…she says “then you no longer have that number?”..I say “no, I still have that number but as long as the electricity is out, it won’t work..”..she says “where can I reach you?’..I say “well, right now I am in the paking lot of the local grocery store, and why do you need to know where you can reach me..? all you need to know is that the box is fixed and to send someone out to turn the electricity back on”..”what are the last 4 digits of your social security?”…I give them….( I have already given her my name, phone number, address, and my TXU account number”) she says”mumble muble….yaddaaa yadda mumble”…I say “what?” she says “yada fmemuble..ahe fdfiemuble…yaddad “…I say “lady, Im in a parking lot next to a train track, with cars, trucks and trains going by…I can’t understand you…and can you just send some one out to turn my electric back on?”….this continues till the point that Jackiesue becomes totally redneck asshole and screams into the phone…”just send some one to turn it on,is that too much to fucking ask…You information collecting stupid bitch?”things disentergrate from there…which means that I didn’t get my electric turned back on till 9:30am today instead of before 7pm yesterday…fuckers.. The only good thing that came out of it was by the time I had finished screaming into the phone I had garnered a crowd who were cheering me on and applauding.
Is my saga over….???????????????????? fuck no………..
TXU comes by at 9:30am and there is still no power on the other side of the house..fuckity fuck fuck fuck….so now the short that was in the big box has also blown the box that carries the fuses, but only effected one side of the house…so have to call Marty back and who kows when he will come back again….I either need lots of bluebell or some of babs lexapro…and because I had actually got as far as putting my laundry into the truck to go do laundry but was held up because of the electricity bruhahahahahahhah…and didn’t do cause I had to be here while this was all going on…I now have laundry in the back of the truck..need to call electrician again so can’t leave and it is as we say in texas…”fixing to rain”..so I need to go haul all the laundry back to the house before it gets swept away by rain…and be held to the house again until I get this shit taken care of…and just for tollmasters information..this is not juvenile potty mouth..this is grown up fucking potty mouth…so bite me….


soooo I willl……



  1. BriteYellowGun Says:

    This sounds like a chapter out of my life. I feel your pain! I’m guessing you have electric on the side of the house that the computer is on since you finally reappeared. Welcome back.

  2. chattymoon2012 Says:

    I think I’ll send you my whole bottle of Xanax, you need it..prob more than Bluebell icecream and Dr. Pepper. Altho I’m not sure. I just had a little bit of their vanilla and I wish I could get some more. Good for you jumping down the throat of that ignorant bitch at the phone company. I wish I had been there to cheer you on, maybe add a little of my own for good measure. Hey I knew I was in for a good laugh when you mentioned the (electrical) box. I havn’t heard that term for a little while, hehehehe. If everything isn’t fixed by now I hope it isn’t much longer. Sux on the laundry. I had to go down there Monday afternoon. Only way I get down there is to pick myself up and few scratch tickets to occupy my self while waiting. I get the $2 crosswords so they take a while. Laundromats sux…hugz, Linda

  3. Tara's World Says:

    ….and they want to raise the rates. Bastards. I hate TXU

  4. texlahoma Says:

    Jackie Sue
    take my advice
    pull down your pants
    and slide on the ice!

    Wish I’d been there, you’d have electricity in no time (that’s what I do). Of course we might be in jail for tampering with utilities.(Yeah WE, I’d drag you down with me :)) Are Texas jails nice?
    I hope you get it all straightened out. Lol about a crowd gathering and cheering you on!

  5. Teressa Says:

    Grrrr, I hate it when people are so ignorant. It is like the phone company telling me to call them the next time my phone went out. I am like, duh, and how am I suppose to do that? God bless ya Jackie. I hope everything gets straightened out tomorrow at least.

  6. tazfan Says:

    Jackiesue, you are SOME WOMAN!!! I need to be more like you when someone says stupid things to me on the phone.
    Like the woman who kept insisting I pay for something with a credit card. After me telling her,in answer to a direct question, that I dont HAVE a credit card. I guess it is my English “politeness at all times” bringing up.
    There!!! I KNEW I could blame my mother for something!!

  7. nancy Says:

    Besides that, how is your day going?

    When it rains it pours,

    Ok,ok I’ll leave.


  8. Babs Says:

    LMAO!!! I hate calling TXU or any company. Always want all your info.
    Just fucking turn it on!!!

  9. apositivepessimist Says:

    all they seem to ask for over here is your birthdate, the account number and maybe that “secret” question. i think i am sooo gunna hate dealing with the various utility companies over there. hmm reckon i will leave that to the ‘orney LFB…welll unless i want electricity in a reasonable amount of time.

    fuckers they always get the last laugh don’t they.

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