VOLUME 116, NO. 14…

That’s what it says in the corner of the paper…mabe it’s code…so to the news…..VFW Post 4819 honered a West Intermediate School teacher as its Teacher of the Year.She is a 4th grade teacher,a Baylor graduate and served as an elementary teacher in the Irving Independent School District for three years before coming to West. He name is Ida Wines. I know it is just too easy…but it is not pronounced wines..it is Vines…but I only wrote about her in this article so I could make fun of her name..I’m sorry..I have this weekness…
Breast cancer survivors will be honored at a program and we will also have our annual walk for Breast Cancer Awareness…I walked it one time the first time they had it…I actually came in first place and got to say a small speech which everyone held their breath through…I said I was happy to have won the walk.. and someone yelled at me..”hey, jackie..the thrill of victory….” and I said”and de agony of da feet.”..and held up my swollen little tootsies…got a big laugh…
Last week I mentioned the High School won first place for One Act Play and this week they are preforming it for the town of West…and it’s free…pretty cool..
St. Mary’s Catholic Church of the Assumptions is scheduled to present the annual live, drive-through Stations of the Cross from 7-8pm in the church parking lot at 301 S. Harrison Street. This is the 7th consecutive year for this event and in case of inclement weather, the event will be canceled..
Local West High School 17 year old won first place honors at a United States Racing Association(USRA) Truck race in San Antonio.. Jody Buzbee was given high marks by his fellow drivers too…This is not his first race..he started racing go-karts at age 10. He graduated to larger cars and in 2004, he finished second in the point standings at the Bellmead Speedway. He says his big dream is to drive in a NASCAR race…
Tonya Lynn Leger is engaged to Jason Schumacher and Amanda Kay Grant is engaged to Edward Ray Middlebrook. (SUCKAARS….)
Amanda celebrated her 16 birthday…Mason Alexander Warren came into the world weighing 6lbs. 7 oz, he has an older sister Gabby. Mark Allen Kostecka, Jr. came in at a whopping 8 lbs. 1 oz…Charles and Rose Kubacak are celebrating their 50th anniversary.
They will have a celebratory Mass and a trip to Florida…The Mynarcik families are having a family reunion..Each family is asked to bring enough to feed their family…(at these reunions, there is more food than anyone can ever eat)
94 years ago Mrs. Win Baker met with a very painful accident while attempting to crank an automobile..she fractured her right wrist…also 94 years ago W. L. Steele and John
Boggess were in Dallas and each brought home a new automobile of the Overland make. Mr. Steele’s is a 5 passenger touring and Mr. Boggess a two passenger roadster…We had 6 croak this past week…from 74 to 88 years old..

The Trojan boys baseball team won twice in District 8-AAA and the Lady Trojans split a pair….( I keep looking at that and its just not right….but too funny to take out and reword..)cause that’s what it says in the paper…
West High School tennis team won all their games…

West is having another blood drive…I swear they have one every time I turn around…I’m surprised anyone has a drop of blood left. Because of my nefarious drug history I am unable to donate blood.. Ok….someone help me make sense of this…someone is selling Giant Pyreneese pups for $75..big huge gifrantic dogs right…$75…and someone is selling Chihuahua puppies for $150…hell, with the Pyreneese you get more dog for your money…You can buy 2 Pyreneese for the price of one Chihuahua…
There is a corner lot 1bd/1bath with hardwood floors for $45,000…I have seen the house…great starter home.
That is all the news in West by gawd, Texas…another day….another day gone by…


7 Responses to “VOLUME 116, NO. 14…”

  1. BriteYellowGun Says:

    45k! Wow, houses in West are about as cheap as the houses here. Then again, it’s only 1 bedroom which has to be tiny. Maybe NOT such a good deal after all.

  2. Le Pixie Says:

    Yay for Breast Cancer Survivors. Hearing the stories makes one ferklempt…and reminds you that life is beautiful in all of it’s craziness.
    BTW I’m still laughing at your comment- “No way, Jose” LMAO!

  3. nancy Says:

    Out here on the East Coast a one bedroom like you described would run around $145,000.00

    Good to have ya back JackieSue!

  4. Babs Says:

    Any mattress sales down in West??

  5. mrshife Says:

    There is a lot going on in West by gawd, Texas. Thanks for the information. And our housing market is out of whack here so we can only dream about those kind of home prices.

  6. leo myshkin Says:

    it would be a lot easier keeping the yard clean with the chihuahuas than with the big brutes.

  7. Nit Wit Says:

    Yea! Jackiesue is back from the stone age where they don’t have lectric juice.

    Sometimes I think editors try to see what they can get away with in the paper.

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