She doesn’t know why….but her blog has disappeared…she can’t get to it and neither can anyone else..fuckity fuck fuck fuck….we need our Babs….call up your cockroaches Babs, sic them fuckers on to blogger…..cause we need you here…we can’t be happy happy joy joy with no Babs…. She can’t get into her blogmad either…so she is really screwed….someone get in touch with the powers that be and tell them…WE NEED OUR BABS…….altogether now…….WE NEED OUR BABS..


Update: Temp blog set up under Babs profile for now:


12 Responses to “FRIENDS OF BABS”

  1. Teressa Says:

    OMG! I seen Kev’s post on Linda’s comments and had to check. Babs’ blog is gone! What is up with that? I truly hope this is a glitch. Has to be. Can she login to blogger at all? To contact them? If not has someone contacted them for her yet? I must know. I am like you. I have to have my Babs! Dang it, this is just screwy. This has been a real messed up night. First blogmad crashes and now Babs blog has disappeared. I can’t remember her whole e-mail addy so will you tell her that I said hi and somehow we will have to find out how to fix this. God bless.

  2. Babs Says:

    My profile is still there, but all of my blogs are gone. Blog Mad is working now. I have emailed Blogger support, but who knows how long it will take them to resolve this.

  3. mrshife Says:

    What a coincidence. I was just trying to get on her blog and I didn’t see it listed on her profile page. I was just thinking how that sucked since I just started blogging with her and now she is gone. I am glad she is still around but just experiencing technical difficulties. And I am certainly glad Yellowdog Granny is around as well.

  4. mrshife Says:

    I just saw that you had a link to Kinky Friedman on your blog. He is an interesting fellow. I saw his story on 60 Minutes. Does he have a chance in hell of being elected?

  5. Brilliantmadness Says:

    Ohh Noooo!! They HAVE to bring Babs’ blog back!! Gawd I hope the fucktards from crapster didn’t buy this place!! Those sunshine enemas were kickin my ass! 🙂

  6. Babs Says:

    I created a temp blog for now. It’s under my profile. Blah.

  7. chattymoon2012 Says:

    WTF is going on around here about Babs blog? I’m going to complain to Blogster support, fuess everyone has done so already. This sux. WTF is happening to this place.Maybe Mad has a point (about crapster?)

  8. chattymoon2012 Says:

    PS thanks for the temp. address, we all gotta keep in contact,,,

  9. dom Says:

    I hope Babs finds it … we are NASCAR deprived in the UK lol
    Nice new pictures Jackiesue 🙂
    I like the one up top especially.

  10. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Thanks for filling us all in Jackiesue. It’s funny how my reaction when I first discovered her missing late last night was to just sort of freak out! She is much-loved on here and there are a lot of people who want her around. I’m holding out hope her technical glitch gets fixed and she gets her original blog back in one piece.

  11. texlahoma Says:

    Yellow waxy build-up.

  12. Scottish Toodler Says:

    This is too freaky and troublesome!!!

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