Hot damn….the cowboys’ football schedule is in….hot damn…
First game will be at Jacksonville..and all I have to say is T.O. better be spot on and kick some ass…

2nd game is at home with Washington…I used to really hate Washington way back when George Allen was the coach…he would make me nuts,licking his fingers all the time…and he would spy on us during our practices ..like some peeping tom…My favorite game against Washington was when we beat them when Theisman(sp) was the quarterbackand it was his birthday and he had his kid on the side line at the end of the game and think he played so bad they pulled him, not sure…but at the end of the game the entire stadium sang Happy Birthday to him…whupped his and his teams ass ‘good’ and then we rubbed it in by serenading him …..nothing like being humilated in front of your kid..one of the reasons why I hate ole Joe so much is because of the way he left his wife of many years…(long time ago)…he left her a note in the mail box of some lyrics of a song that basically said you were never the one..this one is the one..left it in the fucking mailbox…how cold blooded can you be..asshole

3rd game is at Tennessee…this one is hard for me now as I have good friends now from Tenn. and don’t want to say nasty things about their team…but the owner of the team is a gigantic asshole and deserves to be horse whupped..them boys used to be my Houston Oilers…and I loved the Oilers…so the hell with it..I hope we kick yo butts…but not by more than a touch down.
4th game is at Philadelphia..well, we all know how Jackiesue feels about Philadelphia don’t we…. ya know how Whiteny Houston sang about ‘you are the wind beneath my wings?’ well, philly is the shit beneath my ass….I always say that hating is not a good thing..but I am sorry…I hate the eagles…I hate their fans (who are one notch below neanderthals)..and if Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love…they is Cain…so I hope they beat them like a red headed stepchild in a family full of brunettes..beat them like a drum in a heavy metal band, beat them like….like…well, like I would like to beat Forest Gump’s dumb ass… they have a court house with a judge in the stadium for Goddess sake…they have so many drunks that are disorderly they have a court room on site…that’s really tacky.

5th game is with Houston…..I love all my Texas teams..really I do…and want Houston to do well……just not against us…and we do have to get revenge against them for their first game in the big leagues and kicked our ass…

6th game is against Giants…if we need to do good……we need to kick some Giant Ass…

7th game is against Carolina…this game is where Keyshawn Johnson is going to want to show the Cowboys why they should have kept him and not allowed Carolina to pick him up..

8th game….back to Washington..they have very loud and very vocal fans…playing them at home is always a game…Philly fans are obnoxious assholes but ‘skins fans are LOUD..

9th game is against Arizona…where there are as many Cowboys fans as there are Cardinal fans(who used to be in St. Louis..before the LA Rams became the St. Louis Rams)..so it is almost like a home game…

10th game at home against Indianapolis…will be good to play at home after the away games….I kinda like Indy….but not enough to want them to win.

11th game, home against Tampa Bay..This is a televised Thanksgiving Day game…least we don’t have to travel for it..but not much time to prepare for it either..

12th game we’re back on the road to play the Giants again…Hope it is not snowing…we could be pooped for this one..

13th game, home for New Orleans…ok, I am really sorry your city got fucked up by Hurricane Katrina and the Forest Gump Fema plan…but I still am not rooting for you to win.

14th back on the road to Atlanta….K should be living in Atlanta by then….hope this doesn’t mean you will be a fan and will be disappointed when we kick the falcons ass..(I hope)

15, home for the eagles…this is late for a birthday gift but is on Christmas Day..so if you want to start taking up a collection to buy me and Babs a ticket to go to the game, it’s ok with us…It would make a great Christmas present for us …huh Babs

16th ..game..last one of regular season…against the Detriot Lions…they have had one playoff win in 50 years so we have that going for us..It is New Year’s Eve…so make a wish….we win….
Hopefully by this game well will be heading to the playoffs…Please Goddess, I am putting in my wish now…can you make us Super Bowl bound…..? I will give up Blue Bell and Dr. Pepper for that…..promise…really…..no …really I will.. no icecream and no Dr. Pepper…no really I will..ah com’on…what do you mean I can’t do it….? I can..really…no icecream..no dp…………………………………ok, how about just no icecream..!!
ahh fuckme till I melt.


7 Responses to “I DON’T SUFFER FROM INSANITY…I revel in it…”

  1. Le Pixie Says:

    well I can’t say I watch the football (ever…lol) but I think that is pathetic what Joe what’s his face did. Why are (straight) men such cowards!? Shit beneath my ass…hysterical.

  2. Babs Says:

    Fuck the Eagles!!! Hate that team and the fans cheering for Michael Irvin’s injury. Brotherly love, my ass. We don’t play Tampa Bay?? Damn, I love watching Gruden. I think he’s hot.
    Christmas day against the Eagles at home, eh? muwhahahahaa Wonder how many Eagle fans we could bip.
    One problem with Cowboy fans at home as they don’t know when not to cheer. Like when our offense is on the field before the snap. Shut up! You are supposed to make noise when the other team’s offense is on the field so they can’t hear their calls. Cowboy fans are insane.

  3. R. U. A. DorkLikeMe Says:

    I’m a Steelers fan…I’m a newbie as far as football goes, but this year I really got hooked on ’em.

    Yeah the tears aint flowin yet, but if they do…it’ll be over the lack of thunderstorms…waaaaaahhhh.

  4. R. U. A. DorkLikeMe Says:

    hey what happened to babs? I been tryin to get to her blog but it’s a no go.

  5. BriteYellowGun Says:

    WHERE IS MY BABS!!!! I’m worried sick over her disappearance!

    So, sounds like Baseball has come to West? 😉

  6. yellowdog granny Says:

    babs emailed me and said her blogger is down and she cant get into blog mad either…think its in the air..i have been having screwups on my computer all day…

  7. Denise Says:

    I’m not really a fan of the Titans….didn’t like them much when they were Oily, either.

    But DO NOT bash my Tennessee Vols! Love that team!

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