Does any one remember that show? Well, this has been a very Mary Hartman past few days….Between the electric going out, and still not completely fixed, with Babs lost blogs, my computer which has come down with a severe case of veneral desease..or some kind of wormy virus…who knows…it was enough to make me actually venture to Wal-Mart….I called first to make sure they had what I hopped in my little Mazda and drove the 15 miles to Wal-Mart…while I was there I decided to kill a few birds with my one stone… I got some large containers of non-fat yogurt and some fruit…..West groceries idea of fruit is apples, oranges, some kind of mutant kiwi and some tangelos that look like old men’s nut sacks… while I would probably get some kind of perverted thrill out of peeling and eating a nut sack…I opted for some bananas and mangos…so I came home and put in my Norton anti-virus thingy….It has been an on going operation since 7pm…but there is some differences….although half way through the first typing of this …the computer just cut if I don’t get this out tonight…well, I will be very pissed..
Antonio Banderas is on Sat. night live…so I called Babs to remind her…no answer, but this sweet little voice informed me to leave a message…which was..”get your ass off the couch..Antonio is on SNL….pause…you better be watching….ok, guess you’re asleep…bye…oh, this is jackie by the way…heehehe”…
Hope she gets to see him…he started out saying he was really a woman..and stripped down to a red velour blouse and a black short skirt with boots…nice tits by the way…said his real name was Guadalupe but we could call him ‘Lupita’……
I also tried to set a message on my $2.75 answering machine…..took me forever to get the message in…by the time I finally figured out what to do…my messages were..”fuck…no wonder it only cost me $2.75.”…..”im trying to leave a message..”…”Fuck”……”damnit, leave a message..”….”fuck….is this working?”….Think it just says “damn, leave a message.”……was going to call someone to call me so I could see if it works…but nobody was home….
I hope everyone is having a better weekend than Babs and I ….and she is super pissed cause what’s his face won…..don’t think he is one of her favorites…Matt came in 5th …Whiffle or what ever his name is came in second..and I had him all this time in my fanasty team and changed it Thursday….figures……
Ok…I’m out of here…going to watch the rest of SNL……


13 Responses to “MARY HARTMAN……MARY HARTMAN…..”

  1. Nit Wit Says:

    I can hear it now… At the fucking beep spit out your fucking message! 🙂

    I hope Babs finds her blog. Boy will she be pissed if she misses SNL.

  2. Nit Wit Says:

    Right Here in Ohio.

  3. lostinthetriangle Says:

    CRap you got nortons………..thing will clog up your hard drive quicker than macaroni n cheese!
    TO get rid of spy ware two free YES FREE!!! programs work good.
    get the personal version

    and spybot search n destroy

    Watchout for the popups that tell you “your computer is infected click here to fix” Some of these companies use bad tactics to make you think you are fixing your computer but infact are loading it with more crap!
    the above programs I have used for years and put them on all my customers computers. Any more nfo needed drop me a line


  4. JDaaris Says:

    I got tired of trying to set up the answering machine message; wanted something cute, short and original… never mind. I just let the disemboweled female voice that came with it answer the phone. Ta heck wid it.

  5. leo myshkin Says:

    i remember mary hartman like it was yesterday. i loved george shumway, didn’t he have hemorhoids?

    orson bean and martin mull were pretty funny too.

  6. Aurelius Says:

    A fruit that looks like an old-mans nut sac. . . that’s some pretty funny shit.

  7. nancy Says:

    I just had one of those spy ware infections on my PC and I used fix it utilities, still is acting a little shitty so thanks for the info lostinthetriangle.

    I’m headed out to Walmart because it is the only store for miles around where I live.

  8. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Yeah listen to my little bro his side job is fixing computers (he got all the brains in the family can’t you tell?) When he backed up my blog last night he went thru my computer because it is running slow. He used the 2 things he mentioned and it is running faster. Then Denise is offering people to back their blogs on WordPress on a free blog over there. So many clever people and I only have shit for brains

  9. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I remember that show, set in fictional Fernwood, Ohio.

  10. chattymoon2012 Says:

    PS I hope with the weekend gone that there are more help at Blogger Support and they can get Bab’s blogs out for her, she doesn’t deserve this kind of hassle in getting them back…

  11. chattymoon2012 Says:

    PPS.. tonite I have a lot to say looks like. Answering machines, I have Amanda do, incl. the message part. Also any little kid can fix a digital clock or watch..I never learnt. Its like a car. So long as when I turn the key it runs, I’m all set. I can’t make heads or tails out of all the car guts they have today. Give me a 60’s-70’s gunboat and maybe I can help myself some…

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  13. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Maybe there are beasties and bogies about messing with everyone’s ‘puters!!!!!

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