……I love Wed.’s it’s West News Day……All West citizens eagerly await the paper….I went to Community Grocery to get my paper and it wasen’t there yet…panic….so went to the West News office and bought it hot right off the press….sooo, what’s up in West…??
This article really pissed me off…The West Parents, Teachers Organization(PTO), formerly PTA, has scheduled an important meeting for 7pm on April 17th in the West High School Lecture Hall to discuss its future.
Group officials are searching for people willing to take on leadersip rolls in the organization and have reported that if “no one steps up, we will probably disband.”
damn…no pto? what the fuck? I know that there are lots of parents that are involved in their kids life, enroll them in sports, take them to library, etc. but what is the deal on not attending pto meetings and getting involved with the teachers and school ….? I have to admit I am one to talk..when my kids were in school I would rather have my ovaries removed with a claw hammer than attend a pta meeting…I even joked that I might be inclinded to attend if they server beer instead of cookies and kool-aid….except I was serious…
There’s an article on why we need to crack down on illegal aliens…”A 1996 Jeep Cherokee struck a legally parked vehicle and then a utility pole in the 500 block of N. Marable approximately 6:30pm Sunday. The utility pole broke at the base causing a power outage in a few homes in the immediate area. Wintesses observed a Hispanic male fleeing from the accident on foot. ” Well, guess what? He was drunk, had no drivers liscense, no insurance and was an illegal alien from Mexico..He is out on bond as he has a job and his boss bailed him out…Said, he was a good worker and had a family to take care of and couldn’t make any money in jail…
When Maryruth used to rent the little house in back of her house and right next door to me I was constantly calling the police because of the noise, the trucks blocking the alley..drunks wandering into the yard thinking my house was the house next door…At first it worked..then they realized that all that would happen is they would get a $10 ticket…and they all worked…I will say that..each and every one of the 7-8 guys living in that one tiny bedroom house had a job…but I was getting sick and tired of the hassle of drunks, music, fights and what ever, going on till 4am each morning…So finally I talked to the Chief of Police and he sent out his best cop..”cindy”…she didn’t mess around like the other cops did…handing out $10 tickets…she said she would have each and every single one of the trucks hauled away by Polanskys..and taken to Waco…and to get them back they would have to pay the towing fee of $75…and show proof of insurance, proof of ownership and drivers liscense. ….Well, that was the last of that…they moved the next weekend and Maryruth started using the little house for storage.
back to the news.
Easter related evens were held this past weekend..St. Mary’s Church of Assumption CCE students presented their live annual Stations of the Cross in the parking lot surrounding the church..over 1,000 people observed the event.Kindergarten and pre-k students participated in an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by West Rest Haven(old farts home) on the grounds outside. My x-daughter-in-law Kathy is the Activity Director and did most of the work…she is really good at that stuff…
West Fraternal Auditorium has scheduled Spring Fest on April 30th.Doors open at 9am and Polka Mass with Father Walter Matus is planned for 10am..the Vrazels Polka band will start playing at 1pm.$8 a head…Lunch will be served..a roast beef plate with all the trimmings for $5 a plate. Arts and crafts exhibitors are invited to participate.
Now this is typical West…in two different letters to the editor we have 2 extremes.
One letter is from the Secretary/Treasurer of the Sons of the Rebublic of Texas. He writes to remind us that April 21st is the day Texans celebrate the day that Texas won its freedom from Mexico in the battle of San Jacinto. He goes on to say that we have had many visitors who don’t know of our great history. Some of you may not be aware that before we joined the United States we were a Nation which existed till Dec. 29th, 1845. Basically he is reminding us that we were once under control of Mexico and we won our freedom from them..and to celebrate by flying our Texas flag on April 21st.. I will be flying mine….
the next letter is from Plano, Texas and is written by Jake Khalilian . I will print all of it.
I am not a terrorist or a wife beater. I don’t live in a tent in a desert and camesl are not our way of transportation, and I speak Farsi, not Arabic. Iran is pronounced “eeraun,” not “I-Ran.”Iran and Iraq are two different countries, the Middle EAst is a region and Not a continent. Belly dancers are Not strippers; belly dancing is an Arabic dance, it never came from Iran. Each time you play a game of chess to impove your intellect, keep in mind tht it was Persians who gave you your game.
Iranian women are just as outspoken(if not more) and liberal as the European women, and what is “soccer?” We also call it Football like everyone in the world (except Americans). Iran is the first country on earth to have a lion(male) and a sun(female) for its symbol; and to use the colors re, white and green for a flag. Iran is a beautiful country run by the wrong people, but still the best part of theMiddle East.
Let me introduce myself: I’m a Persian.My motherland is Iran, and I am a proud American citizen……
What the hell is he doing sending his letter to the West News…..there is no, none, zip, nada Irani’s here…There are in Waco…I used to work for one..( he was an ashole).
any how..never a dull day in West..
No births…no babies…
4 deaths….one of them was Doc Marek who died in house fire …he was 50…Family friend….sad.
Brayden Sanchez had his 5th birthday, Logan Glover turned 3, someone’s mommy turned 30, and uh…happy 29th birthday for someone’s daddy.. and Shirley Hanak Nelson celebrated her baby boomer birthday…but would not reveal her age..hahah.
They are having Karaoke night at Strickly and the 4th annual Bass Tournament..on the 29th and will have a fish fry after the award show…Wayward Sons are playing at Sadowland and will be selling longnecks for $1.(16 years or so ago I would have liked that…loved Lone Star Longnecks)
You can get a 3-bed/1bath ….1,169 sq. feet. for $86,250…2-bd/3bath brick 2 story ..2,768 sq. feet for $264,900.
Sunday they had the Susan G. Komen Race for the cure in Waco..(breast cancer)and we the largest team in the race. Pretty cool…

So..another week in West…now I have to go check out the grocery sales…chicken breasts on sale for .79 lb. hooboy…and of course blue bell is on sale….damn them….damn them….damn them to hell…



  1. Super Woman Says:

    I want to go to PTO meetings, but the morons hold it RIGHT after school, with no babysitting. That makes it pretty damn hard to show up. If they’d just hold it at a reasonable time 6pm or later, I bet they’d get a lot more parents.

  2. Clance' McClannahan Says:

    Parents just aren’t as involved with their kids anymore. I think it is our generation of hippi’s that created a really selfish bunck of offspring and who knows what the hell our grandkids kids will end up like. If the worls still exists and hasn’t been nuked.
    Onto more positive things…I wish our paper looked like that.
    I love kill bill 1 and 2 also one right after another…5 hrs of Kill Bill. Waht fun!!
    I love Quentin Tarentino.
    I belong to the Dorothy Parker Society. It can be a lot of fun…You would like some of them. Dorothy would have loved you.

  3. Clance' McClannahan Says:

    Or Dottie as her freinds called her.
    She made some recordings of her readings in her own voice in ’64. You can find them here:
    Maybe I will blog about her someday.

  4. Babs Says:


  5. Nit Wit Says:

    I worry about West emptying out. Gotta start encouraging the families to make more babies.

  6. chattymoon2012 Says:

    I love that West newspaper! (Anything new on ole’ Kinky?) I think that’s funny about all them Mexicans in that house and the towtrucks towing their rides away. I’m not racist or anything, when I talk about Mexicans taking over, I just am identifying a group of people. This is how they get ahead. They rent one house, pack it full of people and sleep in shifts and eat cheap. This is how they do up here. Like I said, I wasn’t born in this country either so I have no room to talk but there are too many people all at once, I think this is what makes it difficult to know what to do with them all. I feel bad about it all but them I am realistic about it too. Else for the PTA meetings, I went one time, and one time only. I thought I dressed OK. I had garbardine slacks on, matching top, knee hi’s and a pair of pumps with a low heel (I only wear sneakers now,lol) All the bitches runnin the meeting were clones who wore long patterned skirts, co-ordinating tops, perfect make-up and hair, skinny and high heels. I got the impression we were all being talked down to. There’s nothing I hate more than people who think they are above other people because they look nice and have money. After that I never bothered with the PTA. I supported all the fundraisers etc. the chocolates, those catalogs for people to order things in, etc. Thse were the days before I went 50. After 50, I said, I was gonna be myself and say what I want and have opinions of my own and wear what I want and so forth. Fuck ’em all, right????

  7. Aurelius Says:

    Interesting post. I learned a bit from that fella’s letter about Iran.

    Anyways, I thought I send you the link to the article I blogged about yesterday.

    They do archieve their stuff over there, but if you want to watch the video you might have to do it in the next day or so.

    Stay groovy.

  8. Aurelius Says:

    Interesting post. I learned a bit from that fella’s letter about Iran.

    Anyways, I thought I send you the link to the article I blogged about yesterday.

    They do archieve their stuff over there, but if you want to watch the video you might have to do it in the next day or so.

    Stay groovy.

  9. Le Pixie Says:

    haha…screw the kool aid and cookies, bring on the beer- or in my case vodka and or wine. LOL.
    Sounds like a great incentive to get more parents involved.
    I think that letter by the Persian was great, I guess if there are none living in the local area it is a bit odd, unless there were a population of Persians…mkay. I knew this Persian English woman and she was definitely outspoken, bossy and a real bitch. !

  10. nancy Says:

    Longneck bottles…good stuff eh! I love News day!

  11. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I have got to come try some of this bluebell ice cream!!!! You are making me drool from here!!! I liked that letter from the Persian guy, I thought it was cool.

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