Didn’t go to sleep today till 7am so I’m snoozing away and knockity knock…at the door..rats…stagger out of bed looking like a demented punk rocker(I sleep on my sides so my hair gets pushed into a mohawk…)and there are Inky and Charlie Brown..forgot to mention charlie yesterday as wasn’t sure he was going to make it to West.. he is another one of the bunch of drunks that hung out at The Capital…..He is doing so well, great job that he loves, new wife and new puppy…company truck, phone and all the whistles and bells..he works in ‘da awl bidness’..said that his boss makes soo much money that it is spooky ..that at $50 a barrel they are rolling in money and at $60 going on $70 they are rolling in money and burning it…fuck..
I swear I can’t get around any of those people I used to hang with without a “remember the time jackie……..”….and Charlie had to bring up the time He and I and Ricky Maler went to Whitney street dance in my jeep..and I jumped out of the jeep and bitch slapped some girl for talking shit to my friends…what a dufus…I barely remember that…I think there should be a statue of limitations to retelling drunk stories about me…hey, I’m a grandma here…but the nice thing was, they where whining about being in their mid 40’s and I said..’hell, I’ll be 63 in Nov..’..they actually gasped…’no way’…your the same age as we are…’no…I’m 20 years older than you guys..’…I had to actually show my drivers liscense as they thought I was not telling the truth…made my day..both of them have more gray hair than I do..mwmahahahahhahah….the Goddess rules…
I am going to go see if I can crank up the lawn mower..if not I will go get a new spark plug..see if that’s the problem…it is 4-15..and it is 90+ degrees out side..but nice and breezy so it actually is a beautiful day…also…scroll down…sooner added some more pictures to my blog..he is so great..each picture is just perfect for each post…
ps…my right foot swelled up so much from yesterday that when I looked down at my toes all I could think was:”my toes look like snausages”….tanks Babs….



  1. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Your cover has been blown! You need to move to one of those little West houses you always describe from the paper. And you also need to post a current picture so we can see how young you really are!

  2. R. U. A. DorkLikeMe Says:

    Hahahaha @ the snausages thing..poor you. Believe me that damned word has been stuck in my head for days now.

  3. leo myshkin Says:

    putting spark plugs in lawnmowers, you’re a true renaissance woman!

    i run over the cord on my electric mower at least once a year but it has become a tradition and gives me an excuse to scream fuck at the top of my lungs in front of the neighhbors.

  4. nancy Says:

    Lawns, I thought Texas was all desert and sand and cactuses. Love the way you tell a story! You have a gift of being an excellent story teller, I get vivid imagery. Thanks for making me smile.

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