This myth of Christ…Pope Leo X, 16th century…

My Easter thougth for the day…

Texas is in full bloom and will be for the next week or so and then she will turn from hot to hotter and then hotter than hell’s basement.
I am watching my cardinal pair feed each other..it is so sweet..His coloring is so rich and lush while her’s is less flashy and more muted..I wonder if he is brighter so he can look scarry to other birds and she is muted so she won’t be noticed when she is in nest with the babies…I keep forgetting to get a bird book when I go to the library…will get one Monday..when I was being escorted to the truck by Robert friday I told him I would come and get him on his lunch hour and take him to the library and show him what he has been missing..can’t believe as much as he reads he hasn’t been to the library..I will let you know how that turns out..
My lawn isn’t mowed yet..forgot to get spark plug..and keep trying to crank it but it kills my back..think I may have to call David O to come over and start it for me..my back is not strong enough to withstand the constant tugging it needs to start up…don’t even feel guilty about my lawn being the only one around that still hasn’t been mowed…maybe I should get a goat.It is cooling off a little and want to see what our high was..it was over 90 yesterday..as long as it stays 90 or below I won’t run the ac..My house and yard is shaded by the pecan tree and another tree (I don’t know what it is) and with the breeze…I can get away with just having a window fan going..last night it was wonderful..sat out on the porch and enjoyed the breeze..it was almost tropical…I took my keroscene lamp out on porch and read by the lamp..was going to turn porch light on but it draws so many bugs..and the fuel in lamp is that bug repelent stuff and it is kinda cool to read by lamplight..I am used to doing that in West when the electricity goes out so much..
I am watching pbs “Frontier House”…I watched it the first time around, but is really interesting to watch..I think pbs gets the most dysfunctional family’s to do these shows…sometime this month they are having the Texas Ranch house…can’t wait..I love pbs..Walking the Bible is going to be on tonight..but will watch West Wing …I am really going to miss that show..besides Boston Legal they have the best writing tv ..Which reminds me..remember my post about mary hartman ? and my other favorite tv shows?..well, scroll down and check out the pictures that sooner put in…especially the one for Yellow Rose…I forgot Sybil Shepard was in that too….Sooner picks the best pictures to go with my posts..when I first started posting here I went back to my first post and looked at all the pictures he had put with them and am so amazed..he is so smart and funny and just knows which picture to apply with my posts…only once did he put in something I didn’t like when he included a picture of the Eagles helment on my rave about how I hated them…said please…no pictues of them…
This maybe the most boring post I have ever done…Hell even I am bored…but ..ain’t shit happening…I promise to do better tomorrow…


11 Responses to ““HE HAS SERVED US WELL……..””

  1. BriteYellowGun Says:

    It wasn’t that boring Jackie! I’ve been bored all day, not knowing what to do with myself so I was grateful to have this to read. Nobody is online, nobody is posting, nobody is commenting. Just a slow day all around. I got gas for our lawnmower yesterday and I never bothered to cut the grass this weekend so you aren’t alone!

  2. Teressa Says:

    Hi Jackiesue. Thanks for the card. God bless.

  3. PJ Says:

    I was reading by candlelight this weekend. Lights went out twice. I tell ya every night it has been high winds, hail and tornadoes. I am going to pack up my house and move to Montana or somewhere.

    Happy Easter.

  4. tinylife Says:

    Hey js, happy easter. yes, i’m alittle late, as always. i’m glad i haven’t got any lawn to mow or any plants to water, although i do have a cat to feed. Maybe i should get more of these stuff to add more color. Glad you had some easter thoughts for the day, i haven’t got any, other than the jalapeno howlers i had yesterday. my mind won’t think of anything else now.

  5. Phats Says:

    It’s already been pretty hot here in the corn state. I blogged about our tornadoes today scary!

    As for my lawn, I pay a kid to do it haha 🙂 I am lazy

  6. Nit Wit Says:

    Hey, the only post I managed to write this weekend is boreing. Your talk of West and all the other stuff is always great.
    As I understand it the male bird is more colorfull to attract the lady birds. Also hideing in the nest is why the female is so dull. Us humans have managed to convince the women to put on the show. That’s what I read anyway.

    Now you better be carefull and not get lost in the stacks whith Robert!

  7. Junebugg Says:

    Sorry your’re having problems with the mower. I’ve got 2 acres, a push mower just wouldn’t do, it’d take days to mow it all. Be careful with that back, I know what it’s like to be down in the back. No fun at all.

    I’ve got all the windows open and fans going too. Nothing like fresh air!

  8. leo myshkin Says:

    sometimes starting a mower after a long time is a 2 man job. it always takes 2 of us to start my dads mower in the spring. someone holds it down while i pull like shit with both hands. (sometimes taking the air filter off helps)

  9. Le Pixie Says:

    I love that picture of the fat clown man. Makes me smile.

    I used to use kerosene lamps a lot when I was in the Navy. Something romantic about them. I just hated how the top always turned black. We didn’t have central heating in our house in Naples so we used lots of candles and kerosene lamps to help add “warmth” or at least the ambiance of warmth..lol
    As for the weather in Texas- holy crap I. Would. Die.

  10. Babs Says:

    They say it’s supposed to be 98 degrees today. It’s already 92. Fuck, I’m going back to sleep. Maybe being nocturnal is the answer to Texas summers.
    And not boring!! You? Never!!

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