I don’t know how hot it is right now…nor do I want to…there is a nice breeze blowing and the yard is all shaded so it is not that bad in the house..have 2 fans going plus the ceiling fan…and I’m not sweating…but was out in town about an hour ago and was melting …my a/c in the truck gets so cold so fast it makes my nose I usually turn it on low and leave the windows down…My friend David needed me to go to his house while they put the cable in..he is moving into his Dad’s house and it didn’t have cable..went to the used shit store and they had their clothes on sale for half got 3 tshirts( I love tshirts) for $1.50 and a pair of blue jeans that I will make shorts out of for $1.50…got a huge glass bowl that I will use for water dish for the birds…big enought for them to drink out of and bath in..which they are doing right now…damn..I forgot to get bird book yesterday…
I feel like hammered shit…I needed to clean my bedroom and rearrange furniture so I could use a/c…started about midnight or so (it was soooo cool..wind blowing in a great breeze) and took me till 7am…But I have to take it a little at a time as I just can’t do it…moved desk, bed, chair, end table, coffee table(use it to put books on)and took the indian throw rug out to beat rocky’s hair out of it..I would do a little and then email Babs and whine, do a little, email Babs and last email was just a series of fuck’s and ouch…put clean sheets on ..showered..then tabu’d the bed and my butt…read for about 15 minutes and then I was out…slept till 11am…4 hours..didn’t even get up to pee..which is a miracle in itself..oh i also swept, vacuumed, dusted, and moped..and still not done..will finish tonight when it is cooler..
I swear to the Goddess there is a conspiracy going on..was at used shit store and it is right next to wolf’s bar and when I was getting in truck to leave..Anessa came running out and hugged me and talked to me for 15 minutes..what the fuck..I just saw her yesterday at the library..24 hours ago..and she acted like she hadn’t seen me in a month…It looks like I am going to have to lock myself in the house for about 6 weeks till they forget about me again. anyone that really knows me knows I was eager to go ..kept saying..”oh really…?”..that means I don’t give a shit..I have to go now…
going to go crank up the litttle bbquer…chicken breasts, baked potato and salad..but first I have to haul my ass out of this chair…and that may take two trips…hope it is cool where you are…
fuckme till I’m crispy and finger licking good..

12 Responses to “SONSABITCH…IT’S HOT…”

  1. chattymoon2012 Says:

    I feel so sorry for all Texas people these past couple of days. This is way too hot for April. I heard about the blackouts yesterday. Our turn is coming too, I dread the summer because fat people like me hate the heat and humidity and the summers are getting hotter and hotter…Jacki, please come to my blog and read my post. It seems I opened a can of worms on a comment I made that wasn’t very well worded. I’ve had to chase down my TDI money and my mother and Chris are coming tomorrow for a visit, is why I’ve made myself scarce over the weekend. Amanda has been helping me clean and tidy. Chris don’r care but my mother thinks, if the house looks like shit, it is a reflection of how my depression is and she worries….hope tomorrow the temps go down to regular April amounts….hugz, Linda

  2. Nit Wit Says:

    Remember that saying, the past catches up with you? Maybe that’s what is starting to happen to you. All your old buddies starting to turn up.
    Then again it might just be that you are so much fun that their lives are pale and meaningless without you.
    I read a news story about your rolling blackouts today. Normal usage down there is 40,000 megawatts this time of year. Yesterday it was 52,000 megawatts, and 4 power plants shut down unexpectedly and 15 percent of the states power supply was already down for spring maintenance. They didn’t give a reason for the 4 plants shutting down.
    I had to turn on heat when I came home this morning as it was about 38 degrees.
    I think your tempting fate going anywhere near a grill right now. Don’t get any sauce on yourself.

  3. Autumn Says:

    I have been in Texas in the summer and I only have one thing to say.
    I love Texas…As long as I am looking at it out my review mirror…

    We are still getting temps in the 50’s here.
    Make yourself some lemonaide, put your feet up and try and stay cool..
    take care

  4. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    hell, and i thought it was hot here… then i remember y’all texas folk…

    good find at the used shit store, though… i love those places.

  5. Tina Says:

    Stay Cool Granny – we still have 40s at night here and was 55 yesterday – crazy weather..

  6. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Sounds like someone had a productive day though despite the heat! It cooled off here finally with our big storm. Only into the 70’s yesterday and today. That 90’s stuff was too much, too soon.

  7. Sam Says:

    There are many problems i have with this time of year, especially the heat, i hate taing off my jacket, (The piece of clothing that defines me), still pretty cold over here, another problem now is the late sunsets, can’t take any night photos now. But i am looking for other places, i saw more opportunities in that area i went to last time, i shall try there. I can’t imagine what the heat must be like in texas, must be unbearable.

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  9. Lady Calliah Says:

    I have one word for you.

    ok… one url. lol

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  10. old enough to moan Says:

    It is so cool in the UK right now, and despite the persistent rain we are going to have ‘hose-pipe’ bans in some parts of the country to stop folk watering their nice flower beds!

    Still mustn’t complain, some parts/peoples of the world have no water at all.

    For anyone interested the BBC in the UK are running a Climate Change experiment if you are interested:

  11. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I think this is going to be a tough summer for Texas! I agree with Nitwit, maybe it is just time to make peace with some parts of your past. Stay cool!!! Oh yeah, and keep your body temp down too, teehee…

  12. Askinstoo Says:

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