They are holding a Benefit to raise money for hospital bills for Dally Rieger. She is a 7-month old baby that was born 31/2 months early..she weighed 1 lb. 13 ounces….She spent the first 2 1/2 months in the hospital..she still wears a heart monitor at night.The insurance was provided by Dally’s mother but her mother has been staying home and taking care of the baby so she lost her insurance..the benefit will include plates of fried chicken and sausage(always always have sausage) along with vegetables and a desert by Eddie Ray’s Smokehouse for $6.50 a plate.There will be an auction, bake sale, and a childresn’s area. They are also selling raffle tickets and the prizes are a 400 lb.heifer(no that is not me), portable dvd, 13 inch color tv/vcr combo, and various gift cirtificates. They have a picture of Dally Tyne Rieger and she is so tiny and has such a sweet little face..
West High School is going to have a Pops Concert on the 24th of April.
The over 50 group planning dance Friday at the West Fraternal Auditorium. The Charles Nemec Band is to provide the dance music and admission is $6. (have never been….don’t plan on going)
The West League Booster Club’s annual opening day ceremony for the city’s youth summer baseball and softball program is set for SAt. at 10am at the WEst Community Comples fields.In addition, the Charlie Conner Sportsmanship Award is to be presented and Chicago White Sox left fielder Scott Podsednik is also to be honored for his contributions and continued support of the league.Scott won’t be there but his family will be as there will be unvieling signs honoring him on both the Devin Doherty Memorial Field and Kiwanis Field.(we have the best baseball/softball fields for a small town you have ever seen..I think there are 3or 4 compete fields with stadium seats, a huge concession stand and plenty of nice clean restrooms) there are 508 youngsters scheduled to participate as 49 teams will compete from tee-ball to junior girls. They have added 6 expansion teams..
A silent auction is planned from 10am to 6pm saturday under a tent located to the north of hte concession stand. Raffle tickets are to be sold for $1 each or 6 for $5. The prizes, which are to be given away at 6:45pm include $500 travel voucher from Sandy’s Get Away Travel, $200 worth of steel from Shilling Pipe and Steel and $100 gift certificates from Jerald Bolton Chevrolet, Sykora Family Ford,Pizza House of West, Wild West Steakhouse and Gerik’s Ole Czech Bakery and Smokehouse.All proceeds from the auction and raffle are to go to the West League Booster Club…
I am so proud of this town and the way it raises money for not just the town itself, but for the kids…Now if they would just go to the pto meetings..
Naval reservist and West resident Michael Arning visited with both West High School and West Middle School this past week giving them an unique first-hand glimse of the current situation in Iraq.
Arning a First Class Petty Officer with the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 22(a naval reserve battalion from Waco), has been in Iraq since Sept. 2005 as it was his battalion’s first time tobe fully-deployed since the Vietnam War. he returned to the US on April 1.He was also there to thank the schools for adopting him and his unit, sending them various items such as magazines, newspapers, personal hygiene items, batteries, band warmers and more to help make their stay more tolerable. let the kids know that there are 23 types of scorpions all poisonous and 4 types of poisonous spiders.
Reunions: The descendents of Frank and Anna Veselka, who immigrated to Texas from Czechoslovakia in the late 1800’s will host a family reunion on Sat. May 6, at West Knights of Columbus Hall.
The 20th Annual Knapek Family Reunion will be from 11am to 5pm on April 30 at Cottonwood Hall near West.
The Mynarcik Family Reunion will be Sunday April 23, at the K.C. hall in West. lunch will be at12:30..
The reunion of the descendants of Anton Lenart and Caroline Grossman, has been rescheduled for July 19 at Cottonwood Hall.
West has a new business…a Tire and Lube Center. The building has a 5,000 square foot shop and 2,400 square feet of office and storage.I am going to call them and see what it cost for oil change..maybe let them do it for me instead of doing it myself…
Lindsey Kreder turned 16, Brycen Stroven is one year old and Jocelyn Kolar celebrated her first birthday this week also..
Michele Leigh Hurtt and Larry Michael Sykora are ingaged. Nichole Stewart and William Andrews were united in Marriage on March 18,2006…
We had no births for the second week in a row…but only one death and it was a 32 year old who had been in a Nursing Home. He had the mentality of a 2 week old baby and never walked or talked…but he touched a lot of people’s lives…and the family wished to express their thanks to the caretakers who made his life easier.

West Middle School 7th grad girls track team placed third at the District 8-AAA track meet.The West High School rojans and Lady Trojans came close to a clean sweep at the District 8-AAA track meet taking home firs5t place team trophies in the boys varsity and junior varsity divisions and girl’s junior varsity division while winning second in the varsity girl’s division.They scored 183 points over second place Commanche with 144 and Glen Rose with 109.
The Lady Trojans had 153 points to Glen Rose who had 171 points.
Ella Robinson celebrated her 106th birthday at the West Rest Haven 6 generations of family there to help her celebrate…They have a great picture and she is sitting in a chair and is so tiny you can barely see her…
So that is all the news there is to print in West this week…kinda boring…but that is what we do…we bitch about the weather, then it rains and we smile thinking our bitching actually had something to do with it…we shop, we work, we go to school, we have famly reunions, we marry, we get engaged, we celebrate our birthdays from one year to 106…we have ribbon cuttings for new business’s..we hold benefits for people that need our help…it’s calling living in a small town folks…and I love it…



  1. Nit Wit Says:

    Thats the real America.
    I hate big cities. Why croud yourself into a small area and rubbing sholders until you snap.
    They do all the same things here as in West even though we are a big city with 10,000 more people than you have there. Of course the whole county only has 41,000 people in it and way too many are Republicans.
    Last year the population went down by 97 people.
    I always look forward to the Thursday news from West.

  2. Babs Says:

    Hmmm… no wonder why I don’t read the Dallas Morning News.

  3. Ed Bacchus Says:

    Being a native New Yorker, I never thought I would say this, but I look forward to moving to a small town.

  4. PJ Says:

    Wowser. Have you thought about writing a newspaper? That was a lot of info. I also live in a small town and yes, it is all about knowing everyone and helping when someone needs it. Also makes for good gossip.

  5. leo myshkin Says:

    i once got transferred to a small town. it was nice except if you got drunk and acted like an idiot everyone knew about it.

    the worst thing about big cities; fucking traffic jams!!!!

  6. Lisa Says:

    106? 106? wow! i’m glad she got to celebrate with all of her family. i always thought it would be lonely to live to be that old. even with your family, all your friends have passed and you don’t really have any contemporaries.
    i like reading your West news.

  7. Nancy Says:

    Grew up and live in a small town. Love news day!

  8. texlahoma Says:

    (Tex singing, off key) “I was born in a small town.” It’s like Leo said, there’s no traffic in a small town but a person certainly better be mindful of his rep.
    All in all I’d rather live in a small town.

  9. apositivepessimist Says:

    i admit to looving it too. really. but i reckon i will live in a small country town and work in another [a few] counties over. i believe that will be the happy medium for me.

    okay listen up lady…

    billet…to adopt out for short term stays.
    anzac day…like yer veterans day.

    fuck what was the other word…

    oh okay snags = mystery bags = sausages the individual ones like hotdogs but they are made with sausage mince.

  10. apositivepessimist Says:

    ahaaa just now when i submitted that comment explaining our “language”…on comes men at works with their “land downunder” on the radio. funny.

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