That’s what I have to say …..Jack Shit…It has finally happened…I have run out of things to talk about..Forest gump is still fucking up the country no matter what I have to say on the subject..so going to give that a rest for a while..the weather is beautiful so can’t bitch about that..none of my kids are speaking to me so that narrows down my ability to bitch about them too…I am not sleeping well because I sit up all night long playing Sweet Tooth on Pogo and my right arm is sore and have pain from my head to my finger tips and just can’t sleep with the pain…I get up in middle of night and stare at that lone pain pill and think nah…..I don’t need it..save it for something big..
Did go to the library where Henrieta had a stack of books for me…
three new sci/fi books by S. M. Stirling and I really do like these and I am not a sci/fi reader..
The Innocents Club by Taylor Smith
Sea Change by Robert B. Parker(a Jess Stone series)..I love Spencer but I like Jess Stone as well, he is flawed where Spencer is always the good guy..
The Hunt Club by John Lescroart..I really like this author.
The Portable Dorothy Parker..which is one I have been waiting for…I love Dorothy Parker..
I tried to find her back in the 60’s to tell her how much I loved her but never could..then she croaked on us..
and you will never believe what else I got…don’t laugh….it’s so unlike anything I read…but every now and then you have to have some mindless crap to read…and I got it:Lovers and Players by Jackie Collins…ok, go ahead and laugh….
I finished all of my Douglas Coupland books…I really like his stuff…weird..just my kind of book…
I think my bastid son may be back…I sure hope so…
Le Pexie…thanks so much for the email …I sent it to my granddaughters…hope they take it as a message of love from Grandma and not a lecture.
What beer mugs? I don’t see no stinking beer mugs!!!
Ok, my arm is starting to ache and Prison Break is on followed by 24 so will be back to read all of your blogs for the day….Thanks for reading every when I don’t have Jack Shit to say…..
fuckme till I’m interesting


15 Responses to “…….JACK SHIT…….”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Sometimes blogging feels like a job. Hope the arm feels better soon and news picks up for you.

  2. Lauren Says:

    I’ve been struggling for shit to write about too. . . Maybe I need to get a life. . .LOL!!! NAH. . .I like the one I have. . . most of the time. . .

    I hope the arm feels better soon. I’m just glad winter is over with and my arthritis is easing up a little. My knees and hands get bad in the cold. . .

    Hope all is well in West!!

  3. Babs Says:

    That’s ok JS! Poor arm needs some rest and the brain needs some books. You’re still interesting, that’s for sure!

  4. PJ Says:

    Lately my mind has been out the door too. It seems Jack, you did have shit to write about. I just posted some photos today. You still have all of us talking to you, so it can’t be all bad, then again…. You read more books than anyone I know.

  5. apositivepessimist Says:

    yeaah i thought *frown* you were getting less affluent [effluent??] with the posts.

    yeah that’s the LFB’s and my dream also js…acreage and peace. I don’t need no stinkun neiiiighbours. and they REALLY don’t need me. may we both get there huh šŸ™‚

  6. Junebugg Says:

    I haven’t read any of those books, I’m going through a pile of mixed genres that I scored at the junk store. Sometimes you find treasure among the trash….

    Hope your arm gets better, and I’m sure you’ll always find something to post about. Jack Shit, ain’t he a first cousin to No Shit and Hafta Shit?

  7. Beansidhe Says:

    You are always interesting! šŸ™‚

    I’ve just discovered a new author who’s books I’m currently eating up like they were going out of fashion – Neil Gaeman. Sort of fantasy-esque stuff, but not airy-fairy if you see what I mean.

  8. Beansidhe Says:

    P.S. Okay he’s not new to the rest of the world, I’ve just discovered him if y’see what I mean.

  9. Nit Wit Says:

    You can’t run out of things to say! I’ll have to go back to reading the news and my blood pressure can’t take too much more Gump.
    Sounds like Sweet Tooth is tearing up your arm. I used to get that playing games over there.
    I’m still reading Dan Brown books, At least I got off Dean Koontz for a little while.

  10. Miss Jay Says:

    Well at the very least, you’ve given me a laugh for the day.

  11. Tara's World Says:

    Pick a weekend in May …more in the middle when I can drive, ill drive down and we can get into trouble

  12. Le Pixie Says:

    You’re very welcome! I just hope they are not too proud to take it seriously. Having said that, I learned most of that stuff the hard way.
    I haven’t read any Jackie Collins for some time- my guilty pleasure reading was V.C. Andrews, then it just got stupid, or maybe it always was (lol!) I just realized that the formula was overused. The beautiful, tragic heroine, once poor, suddenly in a cold mansion etc…finding love in the wrong place with the wrong person. Goodstuff.

  13. BriteYellowGun Says:

    You know I’ve been in the same kind of blogging funk too so you aren’t alone. Hang in there.

  14. chattymoon2012 Says:

    You have plenty of company for the abscense of blogging material. I think I’ve sucked all the material I could from my Boston mini-vacation. Now I’m back to all the regular bullshit in my life….nothing nice to say. Hope your arm feels better. Yeah you do read a lotta books! LOL Babs and spells for BB Boy….:D

  15. Paul Says:

    Watch Dog the Bounty Hunter – great show and nice scenery.

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