If you received my email you will get the title of this post..if not…it’s the southern way of saying “I don’t give a shit.”
It’s a great Texas day out..my pair of Cardinals are making woopee in the bushes by one of the trees in my yard..Some how I have acquired a lame bird who spents almost all day long on my porch walking around trying to avoid Rocky..who is sick with a cat cold or alergies and when he wants to go outside I go to the door first and kinda shoo the bird away..which means he waddles out of the yard and hides under the truck until Rocky wanders off..He looks something like the grackles but is fatter and not as long looking..and he can fly..but not high and not far..he stays pretty much on my porch, yard or under the truck…he goes to the neighbors yard if Rocky decides he wants to fuck with the birds by sunning in the yard.For the first time since I have been putting seed on the porch the Blue Jays have come on the porch to eat..Man are they beautiful…not as pretty as the Cardinals, but the blue is such a vibrant blue. I got a Texas Bird book from the library and still can’t figure out what the little brown birds are..they are wrens of some sort but I still can’t figure out what the little gray ones with black tops are…oh well, I just like watching them and enjoy their visits.
I have been trying to think of something that I can do as an American citizen to show my protest about the immigrant boycott Monday…but so far anything I come up with will net me about a week in jail..but I am still thinking..I close my eyes and try to picture me with a sign but when I do ..the sign always says ‘BUSH IS A DUMBSHIT ASSHOLE FUCKER AND IS NOT FROM TEXAS”…so need to work on that..I was thinking ‘Illegal aliens go home and fix your own country’…but most of them can’t read English..
While I am on my soap box I am so pissed about Exxon’s 1st-quarter net of $8.4 billion …them fuckers…and they act like “hey, it’s just business folks, it’s the American Way.”…yeah, well so is dragging your ass into the alley and kicking your ass…fuckers…I’m thinking horse and buggy…carpooling, and you guys, sell them fucking suv’s…for the sake of all that is holy..sell them motherfucking gas guzzling hogs…life is to short to be in line behind you at a gas station..while you spend $300 to fill your tank.
fuck me till I’m 10% ethanol..


15 Responses to “…….ISN’T THAT PRECIOUS…….”

  1. Nit Wit Says:

    Grumpy at the other place had a good line… He said Remember to give your illegal aliens the day off monday.

    The bad thing about the birds is they keep me up in the daytime with all that singing crap, but they are purty to look at.
    Gee, Babs tagged me and I’m having trouble finding anything I consider strange about me. 🙂

  2. Junebugg Says:

    My truck is a gas hog but that’s why it stays parked. My little work car was the best investment I ever made. It paid for itself BEFORE prices went so high.

    I demand to see a picture of you with your sign when it’s done.

  3. Junebugg Says:

    OK, I’ve tagged you back with a book Meme. See, you said Scorpios went for revenge 8-}

  4. chattymoon2012 Says:

    hehehe I still have little under 1/2 a tank of gas from when it was $2.19/gal (only because I filled the car right after I left work 2 months ago and never go anywhere!) I am due for a wake-up call because I go back to work on Monday,,,hello $3.00 gas…you heard me right I am going to work on Monday and even tho I’m broke I’ll buy something just to spite this boycott. And I say, all the Mexicans who don’t show up for work on Monday should return on Tuesday and find they have no job to go to

  5. Babs Says:

    I think those little birds are called “House wrens” or something. My parents get them too. They have a bird feeder and bird bath in their backyard, so yes, I am familiar with a lot of the birds in the area. Blue Jays are pretty but sure can be mean. They will dive bomb cats if they see them!
    Poor lame bird. Maybe it will heal on it’s own.
    You and I have the same ankles. I did sit the fuck down and put ice on it. The swelling has gone down some, but the stairs really suck and make the pain wake up for a little bit.

  6. Danno Says:

    What ever you do …DO NOT BLAME MAINE!!! we BUSH is not a Mainer either……..the bird sounds cute as hell….

  7. lovelylady Says:

    what’s up girlfriend?? Looks like you’ve been pretty busy shaking things up 😉 !!

  8. Nit Wit Says:

    Gee, Gump without a state. I think that they should have an auction for where the Gump library should be and the state that is lowest bidder should get stuck with it. 🙂

  9. Tara's World Says:

    Funny you should mention birds and cats in this post.. I am watching the Blue Jays dive bomb my cat as we speak.

  10. Danno Says:

    So guess what!! As one of my birthday gifts a friend gave me a website!!!!!! She is just setting it up so not done and I have to make it sound a little less egomaniac like..but so excited!! http://www.danielnoelactor.com

  11. Danno Says:

    Hey! I am the voice of “Commute Another Way Day” here in Maine…I agree horse and buggy sounds fine to me…semi-Luddite hear at heart!!! I will send you the spot today!

  12. apositivepessimist Says:


  13. Joshua Says:

    Peak oil will be a hoot. The oil moguls are probably using all that money to stockpile weapons and build bunkers for when angry consumers finally say “enough is enough” and storm the corporate headquarters.

  14. michele Says:

    Yellowdog tell it like it is,
    and the truth shall set them free.

  15. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I hope you can rescue that little bird. Last year there was a little bird in back here, and I left it under the tree in the very back, where the dog can’t go, but the bird kept coming under the fence, and eventually the dog got it. I regret so much not taking better care of it. So I hope your little guy makes it. Could it be a blackbird or a starling? I get really excited whenever a new bird comes to my yard, but it is hard here. I have sparrows and doves, and now that I have a thistle feeder I have red-headed finches. We get a hummingbird and few starlings. A mockingbird has started hanging around. It’s just really hard in the city. I am thankful I don’t have crows or pigeons in my yard.

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