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May 31, 2006

I have been up since about 5am…had my breakfast with 3 glasses of water and then took my energy drink that Shady Lane sent me…not too will see how it works….I have been cooking and freezing…So far I have made sausage/eggs breakfast burrito’s and shoved them in the freezer…Going to make a meatloaf so I can make sandwiches…will freeze individual slabs. Then I am going to make some sausage/refried bean burrito’s and freeze them…Also will make another batch of bbq sauce..and freeze it..and to top it off will make a big batch of chinese style salad to munch on…Just need to go get some fresh mushrooms …Anyone hungry yet?
I was going to post about something I had read in the DAM NEWS this morning..but was sorta depressing and after the story about Anthony Benesh’s untimely death yesterday I had better post something less gruesome…So….food…everybody loves food…So if you were going to croak and could have anything in the world as your last meal what would it be? Who would you have at your last supper? We all know you would want your family, kids etc. there..but forget about them..they are already going to be there..who would you pick for your last or dead…pick as many as you want..I hate it when you are limited to a set number…so…your last meal and your last guests…I will tell you what I would have and who I would like there after you all have posted on this…you can either post on your blog or you can just leave a comment…what ever bakes your cake…
fuckme till I’m crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle



May 30, 2006

That’s the name of the little newsletter that I receive 3-4 times a year from Trixie, the Golden Retriever that Dean Koontz belongs to ..She say’s:Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Bliss To You. Is Me, Trixie Koontz, Who is Dog…She gives a run down on Daddy’s new book which happens to be called “The Husband.” and sounds like a good one..
She has a list of Dog Wisdom,(for the summer) some of which are:Encourage beer drinking at summer picnics. Drunks drop more food.
Probably picnic cooler does NOT contain dog-eating lizard. Dad trying to keep me away from frankfurters. Probably.
Before swimming in pool, eat tacos and beans. Extra gas makes you buoyant. Eat grass, throw up. Doesn’t sound like fun, but is.If Dad catches you driving convertible, claim cat made you do it at gunpoint.
My favorite little tid bit from Trixie is that”Dog is my species, profession, and hobby.I am dog 24/7. Once wanted to be cow until discovered how limited is cow diet, mostly grass, hay, and weeds. Cows can’t eat ice cream because ice cream is made from milk, so would be like one step from cannibalism or something.Not to mention hamburgers. As dog, my duties are make people feel loved, receive belly rubs and treats, be cute, be funny, write bulk of dad’s newsletter, and continue research on time machine in which have already sent neighbor boy back to Jurassic era, scaring pee out of him, left time machine a reeking mess.
This is why I love Dean Koontz, not just the great books, but his great dog, Trixie.If you are also a Dean Koontz fan and would like Trixie’s newsletter write:Dean Koontz
Post Office Box 9529
Newport Beach, Calif. 92658-5929
Trixie will be glad to add you to their mailing list..

Along with that I also received a package from Shady Lane. She sent me the free Austin,Texas paper The Austin Chronicle, because there is an article on the shooting death of a friend of ours..Actually she knows him better than I did, as he was about 14-15 the last time I saw him. Seems like Anthony Benesh had decided to be even more of an asshole than his regular dayly activities.He tried to open up a Hell’s Angels chapter in Austin, Texas. Which if anyone knows anything about The Bandido’s…they own Texas…there is only one BMC in Texas, other than their sister clubs. The Hell’s Angels don’t want to fuck with the Bandido’s…So Anthony was riding around on his motorcycle sporting Hell’s Angels colors and a fake Angels flaming head logo…naughty naughty Anthony. This is the sad and scary part..Tony had been inside a New Jersey style Pizza place in Austin, with his 2 sons..he walks outside to take the kids home and some one uses a high power rifle to shoot him right in the head, blowing brain matter over both his sons…drops dead right at their feet…Everyone including the cops think it was the Bandido’s that put the hit on him..but they (Bandido’s) said it would have brought too much heat down on them, as it has and they would have probably kicked the shit out of him, but would not have killed him like he was killed and not in front of his kids…(yeah, them bikers are so considerate)and say the Hell’s Angels did it, knowing it would throw the heat on them..Well, who ever did it, will have to live with the knowledge that they killed a guy right in front of his 2 sons..ages 9 and 11.
Shady Lane said no one was surprised that someone killed him, just surprised the way it happened and in front of his kids. Tony was just a shade off normal…very very smart guy(44 years old) but just about as whacko as they come…
Lane also sent me a new book by a good author…Elizabeth Lowell..called Running Scared…and $35….she said: pretend we went and had lunch, what did you order? I probably had Thai Salad. She is just the best…Going to tell her I had beef, noodles and broccoli…She also sent me a couple of packages of A-Advocare, v-16 energy drink.A vitamin and herbal supplement drink…She takes Sparks which is a pill form of energy supplement..but caffine in it and with my inability to sleep as it is..don’t need more caffine.
Will take it first thing in the am…if I take it now, will be up all night ….yeah, like that would be the first time…
Well, we have had thunder and dark clouds since yesterday..but so rain…which sucks, blows, and bites…We need rain….lots of rain…
Seems like everyone had a great holiday weekend, but I would have to say it sounds like Kevin had the best time…although that t-bone Junebugg had sounded pretty good…It was too hot for me to do alot of cooking so I made easy, mostly heat free meals. Tuna salad, Spagatti, corn on cobs, greenbeans with red potatoes, and did cook up one chicken breast so I could have an excuse to make homemade bbq sauce…which if I do say so ……was pretty fucking good..But now I am off to the library..If I am finished with my “The Jesus Papers”…I will do a recap for you…as it is very interesting and I recommend it highly…unless you are big into Jesus, and then maybe not..
It’s going to take me 2 trips….but I am hauling ass……


May 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to my favorite city right after West, Texas. Dublin, Texas is as most of you know the only place left that makes Dr. Pepper, using the original recipe that made it my favorite drink when I was a kid…No Nehi for me…can’t make me drink Coke, RC or that nasty Pepsi. Big Red was not my style…just my 10-2-4…Dr. Pepper. To celebrate its 115th birthday Dublin will have a festival and has put out a new book. Dublin, Texas is 125 miles southwest of Dallas, and has the oldest Dr.Pepper bottling plant in the world. It still uses cane sugar(not corn syrup) to sweeten the soft drink.The Road To Dr.Pepper, Texas by Karen Wright(State House Press $16.05)tells the history of the renegade bottling plant. Birthday events start June 9. You can contact them at:Dublin Dr.
Nectar of the Goddess….
If I ever win the lottery I am installing a huge fountain in the middle of town and have it stocked with the little 61/2 oz bottles of Dr.Pepper..I’m a Pepper….wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too….Years ago they had a great Dr. Pepper commercial that ran for a long time …it was the Hunchback of Notre Dame with his hands tied behind his back, staked out on a dais in the center of town…he was miserable looking and after about 2 minutes he cried out”Dacta Peppa…Dacta Peppa…”…I was in tears…”someone for the Goddess sake….give the poor man a Dacta Peppa.”…every since then I have been known in the family as ‘she who crys like a baby at commercials’.It was art touched me …
I would go drink me a Dr.Pepper now..but am still on the 73 gallons of water a day diet.. Nancy said her Dr. said that women of our age(old) shouldn’t drink more than 6-8oz. glasses of water a day as we could drown our liver..I figure if a quart of tequilla and a case and a half of Lone Star didn’t drown the fucker…9 glasses of water wasn’t gonna hurt me.
.Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too…Dr. Pepper…

fuckme at 10-2-4


May 28, 2006

My Daddy and all of his brothers fought in World War II…I personally think when the Germans found out the Roycroft brothers were coming they all threw down their rifles and surrendered.If you ever met my Dad and his brothers you would see where I get my weird sense of humor from.Absolutely nothing was sacred..You were expected to make fun of and find humor in everything..if you didn’t you were found unworthy.Will try to remember some stories about them and their activities..first…the crew..there was my Daddy who was the oldest Frank Russell Roycroft, but everyone called him Bill.His brothers Isaac( everyone called him Joe), Wesley (everyone called him Jack, and who I and about 5 other cousins were named for), and Bob and eveyone called him Hick(because his sister, the pistol packing Leola said his head was as hard as a hickory nut)..The reason they all had one name and were called another is because of the fight between my grandparents, who we all called Daddy Red and Big Mama. They couldn’t agree on what to name the kids when they were they ended up naming them what Big Mama wanted to name them, and called them what Daddy Red wanted to name them…It made perfect sense to them.
During the war before Daddy was sent to Germany, he and all of the other brothes were stationed in various bases in Texas and Oklahoma.Their main goal in life was to get bootleg whiskey across the Oklahoma border into Texas…My mother and aunts all made several trips on the bus to Oklahoma and back to Texas with pints of whiskey stashed in their purses, suitcases and where ever else they could carry them. Mother said she smelled like moonshine for months after they moved to Arkansas. One of the brothers signed a jeep out in Daddy’s name and went awol with it. They adventually found it in the region of Lubbock. No charges ever were pressed against anyone as they could never prove which one of them forged Daddy’s name and actually stole the jeep.I am sure to this day it was Uncle Jack..but no one ever confessed..Hell, for all I know, Daddy did it and blamed it on the brothers…I know whiskey was involved…
When all of the brothers came home on leave, they would stage these huge penny ante poker games…and it was ugly..they all cheated, lied and did what ever they could to win the money…During one game all the uncles and aunts were sitting around the kitchen table playing poker and my Mother had on lose house slippers..and one was just sort of hanging by her big toe..and my uncle Hick slipped it off sat and farted in it..then put it back on Mother’s foot, then said:”damn, Helen, your feet sure stinks.”..Mother immediately took her shoe off and smelled it…and gagged.My Mother was known for her lack of humor when it came to her, and was so pissed, raising all kinds of insulted hell..while everyone was all distracted by her wails about her insulted self..uncle Hick ran off with all the money on the table..He said later, it wasn’t planned, but considered it a golden opportunity and thanked my Mother for being such a no sense of humor bitch..
Daddy was sent to German and then France….he never spoke about it..even his favorite grandkid Thom couln’t get him to tell him what happened..Our family is from Mesquite,Texas..and my Daddy had sent a letter to Big Mama about his arrival in France. She sent it to the hometown newspaper The Mesquite Mesquiter… it, Daddy said that “War is hell. When we got to France, we found that the German’s had taken all the wine with them..”…That’s my Daddy…
So for all their bootlegging and jeep stealing..each and everyone of the Roycroft Brothers fought for their country…Thanks Daddy, Uncle Joe, Uncle Jack and Uncle Hick…They are all gone now..but the pride their families feel for them will never go away..and their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren…would want them to know how proud we are to have had them fighting for us all those years ago…We are better each and everyone of us of it..


May 27, 2006

Normally when I go outside to get the Dallas Morning paper it is still dark outside and I can prace around in the moonlight with no worry about anyone catching a glimce of my fat ass and bouncing titties. I can wear my night/tshirt and drawers and dash and grab or slow stroll to the truck and retrieve my paper from the bed of my lil’ ole pickup…I had called Gus and asked him if he could toss it in the bed as it made it easier to fetch than having to crawl on my hands and knees under the truck or wander up and down the alley looking for it..he said… I am happy with the arrangement…which leads to my story.
I didn’t go to sleep till almost 6am and didn’t get the paper in before I went to when I fell out of bed at 1:30pm I was still groggy and disoriented, but knew I had to get my paper…after I pee, it is the first thing I do…So I peed, and then stagged out the front door. Not thinking about the fact that it is not 6am, that it is 1pm. Watching my feet as the porch has assorted bowls for cat food, water and bird seed. I carefully make my way down the stairs and slowly tip toe(as I am barefooted)..across the yard..Now here is where the story goes funny. I am still undressed in my West Headhunters tshirt and white cotton hanes drawers, but it matters not to me as I am in 6am getting paper mode. I continue across the yard, go through the gate and reach across the bed of the truck to fetch my paper..I turn and I am looking across the fence at my neighbors yard which is full of people having a Memorial Day BBQ. You could have heard a mouse fart. No that was me, when I reached across the bed of the truck to get my paper…So there I stand in my tshirt which barely covers my tits, more or less my ass, clutching my paper to my heaving tits as I am a little winded from the walk and stretch. Well, I have been known to handle most situations and wasn’t going to stop now.So I held my head up, walked through the gate, closed the gate, all the time keeping my ass in general direction of the alley, and tiptoed back across the yard, still clutching my paper. Walked up the porch, opened the screen door, stepped inside, turned only my head to the neighbors who are still eerierly quiet, and said:”Happy Memorial Day.”..and went inside, shut the door, walked over to the tv,still clutching the paper, turned the sound up as loud as it would go to cover my hysterical laughter..and theirs…which by the sound of them hee hawing it up outside, it didn’t work..
Ahhhhhh, jeez…getting to be where I have NO fucking privacy.


May 27, 2006

(Duh,motherfuckers)The Bush administration’s voluntary(yeah, that always works with a bunch of greedy fuckers…the honor system)programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by industry have yet to deliver promised results, accoding to a report issued Thursday by the Government Accountability Office.(all of you who are stunned and amazed by this report, hold up your hand……ok,…and you…back on your meds..I keep telling you, it’s 2 evry 4 hours, not 4 every 2 hours)
The 51-page report, which was requested by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and John Kerry, D-Mass., highlights shortcomings in two projects aimed at encouraging the private sector to cut emissions linked to global warming. The Environmental Protection Agency sponsors “Climate Leaders,” while the Energy Department oversees “Climate Vision.”…which in Washington politics speak means, ‘watch the pea, I’m moving the cards around..keep your eye on the pea. Now where is the pea….??? oops, wrong…we win you lose…’
Both encourage polluters to cut their greenhouse gas releases, but in each case, according to the study, the administration has failed to ensure that participating companies set firm reduction targets or meet their stated goals.
Jeeeeeeez Louise…. fuckme till smoke comes out my ass…
As my sweet dearly departed mother would say:”I don’t know if I should shit or go blind.”………..
These fuckers have always been forced to do anything to reduce polution and their greenhouse gas realeases…Put guns to their heads, hold their kids for ransom and threaten to take away their tax breaks and they still won’t do what does forest gump do? “Ok, folks we’re going to put you on the honor system…you have to promise me and no crossing your fingers now..huh huh…promise me you will cut back and reduce polution.OK? You promised I will check back with you in a year or two, and you ‘good ole boys’ show me what you can do…Oh, and don’t forget ya’ll are expected at the Ranch for bbq and a benefit to raise money for the Republican Party…so bring your wallets..heee heee.”
Shit like this can ruin your Satuday’s…fuckity fuck fuck fuck..!!


May 26, 2006

The sound you are hearing is me …I started the 3 glasses of water per meal and water in between meals diet..I actually think it might be working. I get full faster and eat less. I also have a path cut through the carpet from chair to bathroom, and make that funny sloshing sound when I walk.The best part is I now have the cleanest kidney’s in back..have to pee..
ahhhhhh, feel so much better..
I said that I would do laundry today, but I lied..but Babs already knew that.I just checked out my tshirt drawer and unless I decide that wearing my night/shirt tshirts is a bad thing, I have enough tshirts to last 2 more weeks. Have plenty of sheets but running low on may just do a load of towels…or………just not bathe for 2 weeks..hey,if the French can do it..why not moi?..
I still haven’t got the lawn mower to start after the first lawn still looks like crap. My plants are doing well, but other that one lone scrawny little jalopena (which was hotter than a motherfucker) I have no veggies …rats..but damn the plants look good..just barren..
Ok, enough stalling..apos gave me the letter P and have to use 6 words beginning with P that say something about me…you all know what the first P word is don’t you….with out giving it much thought…here goes

Pussy- but you knew that didn’t you..yes, P is for Pussy..and yes I do have is just out of commission for any trenching..the cobwebs would prevent any action in the nether regions of my loins…only action down there is ridding itself of all the water I have been’s only fuction is for outies, not innies..
P is for Parent…which I suck at.
P is for perservere…which I have and will continue to do, just to piss off the republicans.
P is for prayers…which I believe in and do alot of…for my friends, for friends of my friends..for family and family of friends..mostly I say this one prayer over and over and over again..Please Goddess, smite him…bip him…take him out..actually it’s more like a mantra…smite him..bip him…take him out…smite him..bip him…take him out…go team…
P is for piss, which I am full of with a dash of vinegar on the side.
P is for puzzles..I love puzzles..I do 3 crossword puzzles a day, in pen…I have an old crossword puzzle dictionary that I have had for 30 years..I keep adding new words to it that the dictionary doesnt have..I think I would like to make my own crossword puzzle dictionary someday..I also believe it is perfectly OK to cheat if need be..
jeez I hope that is 6 cause I am done for..can’t think of another P word that would work for me..oh yeah….One more…
P is for prick…as in my 3 exhusbands..and neil and bob from crapster…
I would like to leave you with this one bit of wisdom….the higher up the circus monkey climbed the pole…the more ass he showed..
ya’ll have a nice weekend…and come back and see us…ya’hea?


May 25, 2006

I am posting again, cause I am bored but mainly because I did something so stupid today that I had to share it with I am not one of those weak sisters who is afraid to expose my stupidity to the masses…for when I do something really fucking stupid…well, it just makes me proud..
So, I am in town doing my 4th Wed. of the month, shopping, bill paying and general fucking you know the town of West is split by the railroad tracks…the court house, judge,’s, my bank, tiger shop, me..etc.are on one side and the main shopping area of West is on the other…so I am on the shopping side, just leaving Marty’s and I see a train I am like a kid about trains. I like to wave to the engineer..sometimes they wave’s cool and I enjoy it…so I am in the truck heading the same direction as the train and I wave at the engineer….he waves back..then I notice that the engine is painted in red white and blue and says George Bush Presidential Library on it…. Oh fuck, I fucking lost it…drove down Main street beeping the horn, giving the finger and screaming obscenties at a man in a train who can’t hear a word I’m saying, but is pretty sure I’m not happy about something..I actually ran a stop sign(thank God the cars were stopped for the train)and when I finally ran out of road and the train was nearly out of sight, I got out of truck and continued to scream at it as it disappeared in the direction of Dallas..fuckity fuck fuck fuck…After a few minutes I realized I must have looked like a total idiot and looked around and no one..not a soul would even look in my direction…it was like they took a silent head count and decided there weren’t enough of them to control me if I was really off my rocker and needed to be subdued or maybe tazered…I looked up and at Nemecek’s Meat market there were about 3 people that I know and they really know me…just standing there laughing their asses off…fuckers…when they saw that I had noticed them, they went back in side, back to beating their meat..
So I think I may have anger managment problems..whad’ya think?
I called David o.. and told him they were advertising the new movie about the old movie The Omen, and it was coming out on his birthday …which is 6-6-6…and that I was not going to have anything to do with him a week prior to his birthday and a week after his birthday…his reply???”I don’t give a fuck.”…and you wonder how he became my best friend.
When I was at Food Mart getting my cheeseburger stuff and was taking to Adam M…I was just so proud of that kid…he is such a sweet kid…and so are the other kids that work there. Jeff who has been there forever..and isn’t really a kid is my favorite..He is always wearing some heavy metal tshirt, and hair is either orange, purple or shaved….or all three..It is hard to be a heavy metal kid in a town of redneck’s and preps…
Oh, speaking of David..he called me earlier and said that Tina his exgirlfriend is coming to Jessica’s graduation and David’s current girlfriend(not really a girlfriend, she is his fuck of the week) is going to..I wasn’t going to go as it will be at football field and those benches are really hard on my back.but think I will go just to see what kind of shit I can get started with them…hu hu…I told David I couldn’t remember his current fuck’s name and that was a sign that I didn’t like her…he said “good, cause you’re not fucking her, Iam…..” I guess he has a point…
ok, I have rambled on long enough…going to go finish my book…Babs said thanks to her I am on top of the blogs for today on Bogmad…told her that made me happy as I liked being on top..
fuckme till I(do you know how hard it is to keep coming up with weird, funny, stange, or relavent things here????hard..)
so fuckme till it’s easy…


May 24, 2006

Holy shit…Prince was on american idol….I love Prince…Prince is cool…Dionne Warwick was on it too…she has so much botox shot into her face, you can bounce quarters off her cheeks…woman is older than dirt and doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face..that and the fact that you can put a roll of half dollars up each nostril..damn…what ever happened to aging gracefully? Meat Loaf was on too..the older and fatter he gets the more he looks like Michael Moore..Lost .it gets any more confusing,am running away from home…I don’t know what the fuck is going on now..and they keep bringing in new people, places and damn…Im confused…Don’t know what I am going to do this summer ….just Jackshit till next season…
ok, the West news…thanks to Babs going on about damn cheeseburgers I had to make a run to Food Mart to get ground beef, buns, and stuff to make cheeseburgers…also got some fresh green beans and fresh red potatoes. Will cook them up tomorrow…and for my panic over the cheeseburgers I have to wait till tomorrow as I had chicken thawed out..fucking chicken..Judas Priest, I still have about 8 chicken breast left..cluck…cluck..
West graduation is this Friday. David O’s daughter Jessica is graduating and I am so proud of her..120 kids are graduating this year, and since it is still 1957 here there was one Hispanic kid and 3 African-American kids..But damn they are all so sweet faced and have the rest of their lives in front of them…All of the kids have their pictures in the paper, with parents buying special ads to wish their kids congradulations…Pretty cool..
The West Haven Rest Home(old farts home) is having a memorial eventFriday too.They will have a little parade of the old farts in their wheel chairs, although most are walking…Then they will have the blessing of the flag by the Rev. Ed Karasek.A 21-gun salute is going to be preformed,and Taps will be played..They will have a choir sing songs and a memorialspeech, plus plaques will be given out to West Veterans and a military band will play. The old farts will have a great time..
the Longhorn Club plans horse show June 3rd.(and we won’t be eating them Kevin…heehe)..It will be held at the West Fair and Rodeo Grounds.We don’t have a catholic high school, so St. Mary’s 8th graders will graduate and then go to West High School next year.
Two couples are engaged..Rebecca Ann Laubert is engaged to Lawrence Kudelka. Krystal Renee is engaged to Michael Edward McMahon.I have to tell you these are the most wholesome 4 kids I have ever seen..Could be in commericals for milk.We had one marriage with Michele Leigh Hurtt marring Larry Michael Sykora. No babies ….none..but Zachary Kinkule celebrated his 3rd bithday.Mr.and Mrs.Robert Urbanovsky celebrated their 35th anniversary.Donna Beckham is still playing in the bars around town touting her new CD.
The Sykora family are having a family reunion..and let me tell you there are a whole mess of Sykora’s….I mean A LOT of them…oodles, scads…a bunch..Damn. Jerry’s Chicken Shack is selling shrimp dinners…hooyboy…
Oh, missed a birthday…Eric turned 13….happy birthday Eric…
The Mashek’s are having family reunion also…Czech’s…every where Czech’s..what the hell is a Irish Viking doing in a town of Czech’s???? a story for another post.
While I was at Food Mart I took advantage of their sales..ground beef on sale for $1.49 lb…fat juicy tomatoes for .79c lb. and briskets on sale $1.19lb. but I am thinking about that..between the 3 lbs of gr. beef and the fucking chicken…will hold off on the I am hoping it will go down by next weeks sale…(fuck the mav’s lost)
Ok, I have saved the best for last…The Trojans beat Lake Worth and will play Abilene Wylie tomorrow.I talked to one of the players Adam M. and he said they had better pitchers, fielders and hitters but they were worried about getting over confident and having a big head, so they were trying to down play it…Adam works at Food Mart and is one of those ‘yes,mamm, no mamm’ kinda kids…The kind you hope will date your daughter or in my case granddaughter..But Jamie is probably to wild for him…plus she is still dating that loser Zach…dipshit.Oh the scores were 5-4 against Lake Worth, and 8-7.There is a great picture of Adam M. sliding safely into home plate.He scored the first run of the game.Leading hitters were Boyd, Adam, Harris, Hanzlicek, Morrison and Taylor with a single each.(first game)Leading hitters for second game were Harris,3 singles, Adam 2 doubles, Hanzlicek, 2 singles, Orler, a double, Boyd, Neil and Morrison with a single each…They will be playing semifinal playoff series. If they keep this up they will be going to state…I cannot tell you how excited and proud we are of these kids….go big red…..
well, that’s all the good news from my little home town…and for all of you that havent’t czeched us out….go to…and see what all the fuss is about…


May 23, 2006

I wasen’t going to post about horses going to slaughter cause it freaks out NIT WIT and LEO, but after seeing that beautiful horse break his foot in the Preakness, I thought it might be a good idea after all.Twenty years ago jockey Bill Shoemaker rode Ferdinand to win the Kentucky Derby and then he also went on to win the 1987 Breeder’s Cup Classic. Ferdernand also was named older male of the year.Four years ago Ferdinand ended up in Japan slaughtered for food. The horse wasn’t sick, he was just unsuccessful as a stud.I hate to say anything good about a Republican but in this case I will. Ed Whitfield a Republican congressman from Kentucky has been trying to close down and halt all the slaughtering of horses just to satisfy Asian and European palates. Last fall it looked like he had got a ban on slaughtering horses in this country.A practice that shouldn’t even exist as we don’t eat horses and other than money there is no reason why we should be supplying those who do.But due to some slick lawyers, duplicitous organizations such as the American Quarter Horse Association and a few who-gives-a-shit elected officials, especially in Texas, there are three horse butchering companies operating legally in the United States. Two of them are in Dallas-Fort Worth’s backyard..Dallas Crown in Kaufman and Beltex in Fort Worth. It looked like they were going to be put out of business when Congress cut off funding for U.S. Agriculture Department inspections of the plants.Without inspections they wouldn’t be allowed to produce.But the plants said they would pay for the inspections and the USDA said that would be ok, and a federal court agreed in March.
It is estimated that more than 91,000 horses were slaughtered last year in those three slaughtering plants, all of which are owned by foreigners that eat horses. There is no more than a guess as to how many were racehorses, but some who are fighting the plants have suggested as much as 10 percent of the total killed were once enteretaining track-goers and bettors.
Another star of the track we know of? The only horse ever to beat two Triple Crown winners, Exceller in 1978, was chopped up in Sweden in 1997.
So like I said, I wasn’t going to mention it until I saw what happened to Barbaro during the Preakness. Lucky for him he is interested in the fillies and maybe he won’t end up on some French assholes plate served with a wine sauce.It could still turn out bad for him, as he may like the fillies, but if he doesn’t produce some good colts, he could end up in one of those plants too. Other than writing your congressmen, representatives, Senators,and the Governor, I don’t know what we can do..Maybe go there and burn the fucker to the ground..if some Frenchmen accidentally get turned into crispy critters? Well, we can serve him on a plate instead of horsie…