Well, up all night again…no sleep but got lots of bird watching in …mornings are pretty busy on my porch…I am finding I have more of them than I thought …looks like I have 4
Cardinal’s and 4 Doves….my gimpy black bird hasn’t shown up for the past few days..I am hoping one of the cats didn’t get him..don’t think it was Rocky as he would have brought his dead body and put it on the porch for me…so I am pretending that he got better and flew off….

I found some of those great little articles in the Sunday paper….but mostly were letters to the editor about stuff….These two came from the TALKING POINTS SECTION and it is always my favorite..here ’tis..

“I don’t hate Hispanics, but I shouldn’t have to compete like this when my people fought and died for this country….They tell you to go to school and follow the laws of the land and you’ll rise up.I’ve done that, but I’m being undermined.”..Sean Jourdan, working-class African-American who says his wages have gone down because of illegal Latino laborers…Los Angeles Times..April 24th.

“It’s so easy to find a job anywhere! I find one in one day:moving companies, offices, anything. THESE PEOPLE ARE LAZY.”…Jose Haro, a Mexican-American worker, on African-Americans who complain that Latinos are taking their jobs. Los Angeles Times..April 24th…

Was going to print out these letters to the editor about the war, gas prices, the stupidity of the Administration…but ahhhh fuckit….same ole same ole..so instead I am going to tell you about this great article on birds being rescued by this lady in Cascabel, Arizona. Sybil Erden founded a bird sanctuary in 1998 for about 450 parrots, cockatoos, macaws and other tropical birds…The problem is the birds live so long..they out live their owners and they are hard to find homes for as they have bonded with their family and they don’t do well when they are moved..but the owners have either died or moved into nursing homes and can’t care for them..so this lady takes them in…Plus because of lack of funds and space the last thing they want is for the birds to breed but because of the lack of space that is becoming a problem…It is called the Oasis Sanctuary..so if anyone would like to adopt a bird or donate some money to her…I think you can find her in the telephone book either under her name or under The Oasis Sanctuary…they didn’t say in the article, which was pretty dumb…I would love to have a parrot, or macaw, or cockatoo…as long as Rocky didn’t try to eat it..which he would ..the little bastid….
Also..for you pbs watchers….Monday through Thursday at 7pm central time The Ranch House is going to be on…it is supposed to be the best yet of the series they have done, like the Colonial House and the Frontier House..it takes place on the 3rd largest ranch in Texas…and is in West Texas…circa 1867..not West, Texas but west Texas as in 40 miles from Alpine, Texas which is right next door to Hell……anyhow they will show it all this week and plus there are reruns..check your local pbs… I think you will enjoy it and I am sure going to watch….there is a fight, mutiny, bland food, heat, bugs, rattlesnakes, and general mayhem… and speaking of Texas…Today is Willie Nelson’s 73rd birthday…happy birthday Willie….it is also my good friend Danny’s birthday too..he’s not 73….just in his early 50’s….a whippersnapper…
Going to go to town and spend some money…maybe get an oil change for my truck….beautiful Texas spring day out…grass is still growing…really growning….might even mow it…nah…the birds like it…
fuckme till someone trims my edges..


8 Responses to “AHHHHHH….DAMN NEWS…..”

  1. Babs Says:

    I’m going to beat my own drum or march to my own drum or whatever!

    I get a male cardnial about once a day on the balcony here. And he announces himself, which wakes Peaches up. If only he was quiet about the whole thing, she would never know he was there. But then I might not know either. He’s purty!

  2. Le Pixie Says:

    my uncle has a huge parrot it scares the crap out of me- when it’s out of it’s cage.
    As for the comments you posted from the paper, I hear that shit all the time. Back and forth.

  3. R. U. A. DorkLikeMe Says:

    I love birds…wanting to get some birdfeeders and such for my yard. I had a small parrot at one time…but I had to find someone more suited to take care of her. She was vicious. The person who had her originally never trained her or raised her…pretty much just left her in the cage. It was a fight trying to feed her and stuff as she was constantly attacking my hands hahaha.

    Thanks for commenting over at my blog.

  4. Scottish Toodler Says:

    That bird sanctuary sounds awesome!!!!

  5. michele Says:

    Here’s a secret yellowdog..
    birds like cornbread.

  6. leo myshkin Says:

    willie’s 73!! shit i wish i was drinkin right now, it would be a good thing to drink to.

    Lefty he can’t sing the blues
    All night long like he used to
    The dust that Pancho bit down south
    Ended up in Lefty’s mouth

  7. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    you have 4 doves that come around your porch?!!

    i do not think i have even ever seen a dove in real life… just pictures and things like that…

  8. Junebugg Says:

    I’ve got bird feeders and squirrel feeders all over the place, but the greedy ass squirrels empty them both as fast as I can fill them. The birds have taken to eating out of the dog’s food dish.–>

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