I am starting to get anal again about the dots..notice the seven dots before my title and the seven after?…got to quit that…men in white jackets are coming to take me away ..hey hey..(doctor demento to you who are not in the know)
Yesterday was a fun day..Mojo called again and we chatted for almost 2 hours..My friend Wiggly called and he and what’s her name(what he calls Christine, his wife) are going to meet me in Waco and they are going to sign my Kinky list and buy me lunch..nice…he makes me laugh…we used to get into so much trouble when I worked for him..He was owner of a Jones-Blair paint store and I worked for him …that was when we both were drinking and doing assorted drugs…man…he also had a band he played in and I would jump in my little blue jeep and drive all over fucking Texas to go listen to him play..just as excuse to drink and drive as it was a western band and I didn’t really give a shit about the music…oh, the dumpy little honkey tonks I drank in for friendship..still am amazed that in all the years of drinking, driving..drugging and driving..I never had a wreck, never got a dui….only got stopped twice in all those years…and was so funny they let me go…really..how stupid is that…
I only slept 2 hours yesterday so was going to try and stay up and watch Letterman as Tom Hanks was on and he and Dave are usually pretty funny together…and I couln’t do it…I fell asleep and in my sleep I could hear David laughing his ass off at Hanks, and I was thinking in my sleep…”oh..he’s making Dave laugh…wake up Jackie…he’s making David laugh….and could not get my sleepy ass to get up…slept till 7:45 this am..and loving it..but damn I wish I could have stayed awake for Dave and Tom…ooooooh…that’s weird…just realized those are my 2 sons names..Dave and Tom….dee dee dee dee..(twilight zone music).So I have been fairly busy this am…did some work or my veggie’s, herbs and assorted plants I have potted on the porch..gave birds fresh water and seed….fed Rocky who is being picky again…little fucker…registered on ebay and put up some books for sale..have 3 brand new copies of Chicken Soup for the Teenage soul..I,II and III series. Got them cheap and hoping to sell all three for $10, but started them at $8. Then I am going to put up the 9 books by Thackery…see how that goes..need to go pick up my blood pressure pills from Dr. Eisma..plus Robert said he is finished with my 3 books and has a box of books for me that I can read and then sell on ebay if I want…so I got that going for me..
Lawn still needs to be mowed…but it looks like it is going to rain so will be Scarlett and worry about that tomorrow…
I have tv on but not really paying attention and I noticed that my shoulders were getting tense and I felt like screaming…realized that the view was on…I would like to be a guest on that show just so I could scream at the top of my lungs..”Shut the fuck up you bunch of stupid bitches.”….judas priest… harpies.
Well, going to make my first batch of summer gazpacho…My granddaughter Jenny called me yesterday and when I told her I was going to make gazpacho she decided I should bring her some when I come to Waco Wed….Was only going to make a small batch just for me, but looks like that I will have to double it cause if I take her some I will have to take her Daddy some too…my gazpacho is very popular..
I am done folks..the well is dry for today..with the exception that when I talked to Jenny yesterday she gave me the most impassioned passionate speech about why the illegal aliens should be allowed to stay and work…She works at a mexican resturant and had a lot of informed info on the illegals she works with…she said they are the hardest workers she has ever seen ever..one girl lives 4 miles from the resturant and walks it both ways to work…she is a ‘buser’..but she does every thing…when Jenny works with her she always gives her a ride. She said they have tried to hire white people or black people, but they won’t work…she said it is hot back there in the kitchen during summer time…very very hot…and colder than Alaska during the winter months and the heat/ac does not work back there..they pay cooks $7 hour and can’t get whites or blacks to work it more than a few days…she says she has seen the illegals work back there in the winter in there coats and hoodies doing dishes, sweeping, cooking, etc..and summer they wear ‘wife beaters’ shirts….but she says they work..no complaining…just work….and if you tip them they are so grateful you want to give them more….So I don’t know what to think about anything any more…I wish I was as smart as I think I am…..
fuckme till I am grateful..


7 Responses to “…….LAZY HAZY DAYS OF SUMMER…….”

  1. Le Pixie Says:

    That last part reminded me of this article I perused about these “minute men”…I couldn’t be bothered to read the whole thing because they just sounded like idiots.
    And you certainly are lucky never having a DUI or getting into a wreck. Many times I drove drunk overseas it’s a miracle, I know..

  2. michele Says:

    I’ve driven drunk so many
    times,i’m just glad i never
    hit anyone.lol
    Hey the well is far from dry.
    Have a good one!

  3. apositivepessimist Says:

    hah i noticed them. me being the lover of the three …’s i can understand this.

    yeah that’s the thing innit…i know for a while here a few years back a lot of aussie’s were bitching about the “asians” but damn i have worked with a lot of them…alongside them and as their boss and i gotta tell you js…they are fucking tops in the work ethics department. get in and get it done with no fuss. and i would have to admit when it came to employing someone…if i had a resume from an anglicised name and an asian name…i hovered toward the asian more as in getting them in for a job interview first.

  4. ed bacchus Says:

    So, do you still drink and drive????? Glad you didn’t get caught, but more glad no one got hurt.

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    Now you did it I was reading this post and low and behold it was time for Letterman, that’s good. The trouble is I had to work monday night and got stuck with Tom Cruse instead of Tom Hanks. I think he has adopted the Jerry McGuire role as his life.
    I have noticed a lot of … on my stuff as well along with too many commas wherever I feel like putting them. I always thought that was what you did with commas. I have to watch out for colons and semi-colons not to mention dashes…..

  6. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I think I only drove drunk one time where I REALLY should not have been driving. Didn’t get stopped but I do remember that the next morning, I couldn’t remember how I got home. Car was in the garage though so guess I made it.

  7. Nancy Says:

    …….love your stories…….

    I’ve told you that before and Tom was hysterically funny.

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