…….WEST NEWS..AND A Dorothy Parker poem…….

Yes, folks, it’s that time again..Weekly happings in my little town of West, by Goddess, Texas..
West city council is in the process of organizing a planned 4th of July celebration and make it a yearly event..Looks like maybe Westfest isn’t bringing in the money like it used to..When Westfest first started out over 30 years ago, we were the only fest like it..now there are similar events all over Texas and we aren’t the only game in town..The event will be free with food, bands, bingo, a children’s area,but with the possibility of a burn ban and the need for insurance in case of burns, fires, etc. they probably won’t have fireworks..But are considering a laser show..So that sounds like fun..I used to always go to the fireworks show in Waco with the kids when they were all living at home..But after I moved to West, I think I went to maybe 2 of them…The traffic just makes me pissy, so I stay home and make sure Rocky doesn’t get firecrackers tied to his tail by some kid or drunk redneck…
They are still continuing the West Library sale..it goes through Saturday 8pm.
West Middle School kid got ran over by a hit and run driver while waiting for his school bus.He was hospitized for injuries including a broken nose..Hope they catch the bastid..
Leroy, Texas (on the other side of Tours, Texas..Near us.)is having a group fish fry to raise money for street repairs.They will also have a silent auction.
Czech Classic club to gather Sunday in West at the PS Medical Clinic parking lot(big lot)..West has a wide selection of some great classic cars..most of them driven every day…I see 57 chevy’s, 58 Ford’s, an old Lincoln, some model t’s, and assorted 50’s cars…Probably the original owners…My friend Edda gave her daughter her 67 Chevy which has the original seatcovers, engine, body. Never been wrecked or had any thing major replaced..it’s like brand new…red/white…
They are holding another benefit to raise money for a resident who is suffering from cancer and can’t work, has no insurance and the money will defray hospital costs..
Karen Nemec and Michael Rogers got married on April 8, 2006..I used to work with her when I first moved to West 11 years ago. She and her brothers and sisters were the hardest working, most well behaved kids I have ever seen.But they were strange…they thought George Straight was a God and that Garth Brooks was the anti-christ..really..they truly believed he was the anti-christ. Had something to do with some organization he sponsored, raising money for children..I never got it..but they were dead serious about it..pretty funny
Five engagements..Kelly Bajer to Christopher Deramee. Amanda Sue Trammell to Nicholas Edward Stratem,Linsey Erin McAdams and Joseph Frank Pustejovsky,Rachel Brandy Orr to Bradley Joseph Moss, and Amy Kathleen Foster to Cabel Joseph Kubala.
Karen celebrated her 21st birthday.Plus we had a great thing happen here in West…2 births…4 babies..Mathew Joseph ..notice how many kids are named after Joseph?????…those Catholics)..Moss. And Pat and Sharon Vanek are happy to announce the arrival of their triplets, Mason Patrick, Brady Hunter, and Grace Elaine…wow, triplets..how great…We have about 4 sets of twins and another set of triplets..think it is in the water…Want to have multiple births..move here..
The WMS 7th grade wons sweepstakes in the UIL contest by scoring a first division in every category of the competition. How very very cool…
Holy shit..I just realized that Maryruth’s husband Jack died in the West Rest Home…Damn..I need to go over there and see her..He has been in there for at least 5 years..he was a widow and she was a divorcee and he was a horney old bastid..I asked about him once and she acted all pissy..said the reason he was in there(less than a year after they remarried) is because he was more interested in his little blue pill than he was in taking his blood pressure pills..I cracked up..I doubt if she will be all that upset, but need to go and pay my respects…damn, wonder if I need to cook something to take over?…will keep you posted.And another guy died too, he was 95…
Well, that’s all for the West News..not much going on…we eat, we sleep, we have babies, we have reunions, birthdays and celebrate our lives here…then we die…In between all these events they drink a lot of pevo(beer)..and I swig Dr.Pepper..ahh..life is good..


7 Responses to “…….WEST NEWS..AND A Dorothy Parker poem…….”

  1. apositivepessimist Says:

    heh your mentioning of “fourth of july” reminded me of the dangers that surround the LFB come that day. stoopid hillbillies and fireworks are not a great combination.

  2. Junebugg Says:

    Old Dorothy had it going on, did’nt she! I had forgotten how good she was until you reminded me.

  3. Nancy Says:

    Free food and tunes, you can’t beat that. Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go everywhere!

  4. Danno Says:

    Did somebody say pie!!! You rock sooo much…Sean Connery!!!!! in the shorts!!

  5. Danno Says:

    Jackie,Jackie,Jakie…you tital ding bat!! The men i posted pictures of are not all gay….just men I love in movies!!!! Damn, I wish they were but I have to tell ya …Lee Van Cleef, Robert Conrad,Sean OO7,Dolph and Rod Taylor from The Birds are all 100% ..total straight boys!!!!! Only Robert Taylor and Randy and Cary were Bisexual and John Hamill just liked sex …..not every male has to be gay in my book in fact I am drawn to butch straight ma en or masculine guys accross the board!! God I love you!!!

  6. leo myshkin Says:

    i just noticed the countdown to gumps time left in office. the countdown is a worst case scenario. best case is one day, he might get hit by a car tomorrow.

  7. dom Says:

    And Jackiesue will be driving that car no doubt Leo šŸ™‚

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