Well, don’t know about you but I sure as hell feel better…But I know that I either have to stop watching the news, reading the newspapers and reading magazines…or I am going to have a home grown stroke..I am going to have one of those strokes where they will be picking peices of my gray matter as far away as Oxnard, California. My stroke will be so massive that people will remember where they were when it happened…My stroke will register 9.3 on the Richter scale. A lone volcano on a tiny island in the pacific will fart smoke and ash for a week. Birds will forget how to fly and drop like stones to the groud, rise up..look around, and think ‘what the fuck?’ and fly north for the winter. My stroke will cause a hurricane to whip and lash it’s ownself into a frenzy, with no need of global warming.My Stroke will cause Michael Jackson to turn black and sing like Al Green.Tom Cruise will take a fist full of zanax and come out of the clostet wearing a pink lace,2-peice panty and push up bra from Victoria Secret’s.Tom Hanks will give back the Oscar he won for Forest Gump and admit “It really was a stupid movie”…My stroke will be so strong, that the Tower of pis will straighten up.Philadelphia Eagle fans will admit the Dallans Cowboys are a better team than there’s… Jack NIckelson wil get religion and quit fucking skinny white girls..The entire Indian population will decide it is stupid to be starving to death and have the streets full of all them fucking steaks, er, sacred cows…We’re taking major stroke here…a stroke of biblican standards, to the extent that Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddah will admit that THE GODDESS really rules all..
get it? Im pissed..the piss that has been building since forest gump stole the first fucking election and had balls enogh to steal the second one too and not EVEN act like he was embarrassed about it or pretend that it didn’t happen. Building since he and his cronies lied to us about the war and we have lost over 2,000 of our very best.He has fucked the American people and the world and said”Hey, I’m the decider, the fixer, the President of the United States and if you don’t like it…too fucking bad..I’m here and I am not going any where, any time soon. So you all go fuck yourselves..ya’ea?”
Global warming, wars, hunger, polution, poverty, loss of jobs,desctuction of the ocean, our forests, leveling mountains in the Appalachians for coal, violating all of our laws, freedoms and senseablities.Spy’s on us, lies to us and then smirks at us and says “I did it for your own good.”…
I’m gettin a pain over my right eye..I think I’m flitting around the edges of a stroke..so before I do and you all are forced to say “thar she blows,” I am going to go take 2 extra strength somthing, drink a Dubin Dr.Pepper and have a big bowl of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream…
fuckme till I snap, crackle and pop…..



  1. apositivepessimist Says:

    hmmm this stroke may be best had while visiting your white house.

    think of the headlines girl…forrest taken out by an exploding eyeball.

  2. Babs Says:

    Welcome back Jackiesue!!!

  3. R. U. A. DorkLikeMe Says:

    Well considering it don’t take me much to snap, crackle n pop after a good f**kin…well that’s besides the point..hahaha Don’t you dare go have a stroke like that…I couldn’t handle the health problems it would cause… 🙂
    By the way, stupidity offends me also…and I’m offended by very little..LOL!!!

  4. Junebugg Says:

    Does this mean that your unhappy? Don’t hold it in, JackieSue, I read somewhere it’s not healthy 8-}
    I love me a bad-ass, kick ass, take no prisoners kinda woman. You’re my new hero, er, heroine.

    Don’t stroke out anytime soon. I’ve just now got to know you, I’m not ready to give up your company yet.

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    I get the feeling something is bothering you. Remember it’s not good to hold things inside. Sounds like maybe you don’t like the way things are going in this wonderful land.
    Don’t you dare blow a gasket. What would I put in my Jackiejokes E-mail box. Not to mention how I would keep up with the doings in West by Godess Texas.

  6. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Could you give us some more specifics on what effects your stroke will have in Washington DC, specifically on the White House?

  7. Nancy Says:

    I thought I was having a long hard week. Mine was sunshine compared to the way you feel.

    I would love to see a meeting between you and Mr. Bush, hehehehe
    That would be an explosion!

  8. Joshua Says:

    Man… sounds like we’re approaching critical mass here…

  9. Eurotrash Says:

    Hehe, a distinctive voice, to say the least, and a considerable skill in messaging.

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