Yup…it’s that time again..another weekly report on the exciting adventures of the citizens of West, Texas…and guess what? You can fight city hall…We finally pissed and moaned enought that they are going to have a city meeting with West citizens about the stupid stop signs along Pine Street…The meeting is May 22nd and I will be there as it will be held at 6pm and will not interfere with Prison Escape and 24…(incidently…Lost was kick has this week)
More good news,as the city has also decided to have fireworks at the 4th of July celebration that we are throwing..Unless there is a burn ban…but I guess they figured out that we don’t need no stinking insurance in case of burns from the fireworks..It will be held at the Rodeo Grounds and will have a childrens area which wil include three inflatable devices(no not dolls, those jumping thingies), a sand pit, train ride, covered wagon ride, face painting along with other activities.Children will be able to wear arm bands (after momma coughs up $3) and ride all the rides for the entire day.Food booths will be limited and have to call Chamber of Commerce to see about availablity.If you want to sell arts and crafts the booths are $20 for Chamber members and $50 for no-members.That seems a little steep to me.
During the May 15th Sports Banquet they are going to be inducting athletes and coaches into the Hall of Fame..Our first..over 100 individuals will be inducted.The banguet will be held at West Fraternal Auditorium.
I love West..listen to this..starting May22nd and going through June 4th, the city will be conducting a clickit or ticket campaign…In other words..they will be busting everyone that doesn’t have their seat belt buckled..But they are warning you when it will be and how long it will last..so then you can go back to not using your seatbelt..huh huh…Because let me tell you..no one in this town with the exception of my granddaughters uses their seatbelts..oh and mothers of small kids…they do buckle up…but these little old gray haired ladies are not going to mess their dress up with some stupid ole seatbelt just to go to Donna’s to get their hair done..and let me tell you ..there are a group of little ole Czech ladies who go to lunches, garden club meetings and get their hair done every Thursday..and they aren’t going to like being told what to do ..even if is a cop…..they will just call Judge Pareya’s wife and complain and she will have the Judge take care of it..Besides these old farts don’t go over 12 miles an hour..I know. I get stuck behind them all the time…
We may not have a lot of traffic..but what we have of it..is slow..
We are having a blood drive, a tractor pull and a cheerleading clinic coming up…
We had one marriage ..Tiffany Anne Thompson marrie Zachary Lynn Bolton. Amy Rose Girard is engaged to Lawrence David Linder. Jake Janek celebrated his 8th birthday and his sister Emily celebrated her 5th. Brett Joseph Holloman was born April 26th and weighed in at 8lbs, 8 oz.Cole Fisher Bryant was born on March 27th and wighed in at 7 lbs.13 oz.Oh and Kaycee Churchill celebrated her one year birthday. Henrietta informed me that we have 4 sets of triplets, and more than a dozen sets of twins..So maybe it is the water..although Henrietta assured me it isn’t..Bill and Laurann Grimm are celebrating their 50 wedding anniversary..Five people died this past week…and one of them was John Earl Maler. Who if you can keep up with the ‘kinfolk…kinfolk..everyone’s kinfolk’ count is sort of my kinfolk…by marriage..Remember when I said I ran into old friends Ricky and Sarah Maler last week at Community Grocry Store, their daughter is the one with cancer of the tongue..??? anyhow John Earl is Ricky’s dad and a sweeter man you will never meet…All them Malers are good sweet people..Holding the viewing tomorrow from 6-8pm..damn I hate them things..I missed Doc’s but since this one is family I guess I will have to go…Will go right before 8pm thought…won’t stay long…
The Trojans won their game and are in the playoffs..hot damn..
The Lady Trojans won their game and advance to regional quarterfinals…..Iam really proud of them…HERE WE GO BIG RED…HERE WE GO….the West High track athletes are going to state meet in Austin…We’re doing good this year…can’t wait for football season…someone said we would have a good team this year..
That’s all the news from West..David O. came by and tried to start the lawn mower…it wouldn’t crank..we decided grass 4 feet tall wasn’t that big of an eye sore….when he was leaving he told me when he had to start his lawn mower he gave up as he couldn’t get it to start..but his 16 year old daughter Sara went out there and started it right up..told him he should have sent her to start my mower if that was the case…He told me that 3 of the buildings at his work got the doors ripped off and 2 trailers flipped over and wipped out and took out all the fencing too. I forgot that his work is right down from Cocap-Cola…Some places in Waco still don’t have electricity…See you next week with more news from West, by
Goddess, Texas…ya’ll come back and see us…ya’hea?


8 Responses to “…….WEST, TEXAS NEWS OF THE WEEK…….”

  1. Nit Wit Says:

    Now I, up to date on the News in west.
    One question. Do I have to donate blood before or after pulling the tractor and trying out as a cheerleader?
    With all the births I thought you would have a population increse this week. 🙂

  2. Le Pixie Says:

    I’ll be in S.F. for July 4th, that will be fun. (I’ll email you my address and thanks that is so kind of you!)
    I know it was the hippie mecca and is also the gay mecca but overall it seems to be very artsy and cosmopolitan as well. I am soooo excited.
    As for ticketing- the cops are supposed to ticket people using their cell phones while driving here in the city but they rarely ever do, I see so many people still half paying attention while driving around….

  3. PJ Says:

    One busy town I will say. July 4th sounds like a great celebration. Now I have had my news quota filled for today. LOL

  4. michele Says:

    Hey jackiesue,just in
    by way of blogmad.
    Have a good one.

  5. Junebugg Says:

    If I had a day off for the 4th I’d come over and we’d kick back and talk about folks, {{{{{{{SIGH}}}}}}} It seems lately all I do is work, I need a day off damn it! I hear rumors that I might get on a week from Friday!

  6. leo myshkin Says:

    the whole world is falling apart and what’s the solution?

    persecute the poor sod who forgets to fasten his fucking seat belt. i hope kinky will stand up for us idiots without seat belts.

  7. apositivepessimist Says:

    i am curious what the mascot looks like for the trojans.

    nope that’s the gecko that roams my flat.

  8. Eurotrash Says:

    Wow, what a fascinating piece of Americana this turned out to be! I saw the whole damn movie while reading this. I hope the reports will continue in a near future.

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