Our pussy phone companies…broke the law… broke the fucking law…don’t care what they say…they can’t cover this shit up..20 years ago Congress made it illegal for phone companies and computer service providers to give the government rcords of who their customers dialed or e-mailed.The law doesn’t make it illegal for the government to ASK for such records but DOES make it illegal for phone companies to divulge them.The government obtained the records from AT&T, verizon and BellSouth but was turned down by Denver-based Qwest Communications. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 was passed when cellphones and the Internet were emerging as new forms of communications. Section 2702 of the law says these providers of “electronic communications shall not knowingly divulge a record or other information pertaining to a subscriber or customer….TO ANY GOVERNMENT ENTITY.” So you spineless asskissing is simply illegal to turn over caller records without some form of legal process, such as a court order or a subpoena, and they didn’t have either..What the fuck were you thinking…??? Did you really think America has over 10 million people that are a threat to us..and working with some terrorists group? Oh excuse far as forest gump is thinking, we do…their called Democrat’s you dumb fuckers…
ok…what else…Oh man, you are going to love this….When forest had dinner last month on the Stanford University campus at the home of former Secretary of State George Shultz, he spent a great deal of time talking to people about a think tank at his library when and where ever it is build.(please Goddess, not at Baylor)Now just how absolutely ludicrous is that…the most illiterate person to ever hold the office of president wants a think tank at his Presidential Library..fuckme till I conjugate verbs. Who is going to run it? Goofy?….yuck yuck..I be the head of da libary..yuckity yuck yuck yuck…otay….and the spokeperson will be Jon Lovetz..the liar from Saturday Night Live…yea……..that’s the ticket….some shit is so stupid it looks made up…but i swear to the’s true…forest gump is so stupid he probably thinks a ‘think tank’ is a salt water tank with a school of fish in it…
fuckme till I neil and bob…
if your reading this email forest, kiss my fat redneck ass..and that goes for you rooster whipped wife too..



  1. apositivepessimist Says:

    so curious, out of this 10 million…how many were found to have terroristic tendencies? have they said yet?

  2. yellowdog granny Says:

    speaking of neil and bob(ed and tony..on the crapster) when i left how many months ago..i had about 5 thousands ‘eyes’ i have 18,021…how do i get them to take my old blog off?…dont want them to get my hits on their crapster..fuckers..

  3. PJ Says:

    Next time you talk on the phone say hello to Bushwacker for me.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  4. apositivepessimist Says:

    i may use yer threat after i done being more subtle…*cackle, snort*

    will cut and paste just yer boobs from yer pic a ways back…threaten them with boxing their ears with them funbags. that’ll shut them the hell up.

    i doubt that they will js…haven’t done so with any of the last lot of blogs yet…so i reckon you are destined to float around over there.

  5. The Reverend Silvester Anfang Says:

    The only thing funnier than hearing Bush has a library is the fact Shrub has written a book. It screams “ghost writer” if you read any of it, though I don’t see why you’d want to read the dumbass’ skewed narcissism, religious fanaticism and over-the-top nationalism. It’s a chore to take the guy serious in anything, really.

  6. Nit Wit Says:

    Well, be fair Jackiesue. They have to have something in his library. Right now all that it will contain is a vault full of sealed classified documents and one Bible in pristine condition. It’s never being opened. 🙂

  7. Eurotrash Says:

    Shit, I Have resisted your considerable charms long enough! I think I am falling for you. You must be what is generally discriped as an aquired taste and finally I have obviously become a connoiseur. Munch, munch…Yummy!

  8. Eurotrash Says:

    I read your next posting and realized (too late) that you are not looking to give your charms but your Texas size boot to my bony ass. Strike both; munch and yummy, and insert instead; ouch and you bitch!

  9. Nancy Says:


    I had my phone disconnected because I never used it. Bruce and I use just our cell phones. We have Cingular.

    And it’s just husband and wife talk.

    Me: Can you pick up some tampons on your way home?

    Mr.Bruce: Damn don’t make me do that, please anything but that.


  10. michele Says:

    A presidential library for
    bush?Well i’ll be a monkeys
    uncle.He’s going down as
    the worse president in history.

    I agreed with nitwit,the bible
    has never been open,then again
    him and pat robertson have a
    direct line to the main man.LOL

  11. leo myshkin Says:

    i don’t give a shit about the phone taps. me and ruby are more worried about all these fuckers trying to ban pitbulls.

  12. yellowdog granny Says:

    can someone explain eurotrash’s 2 comments…i felt my hair move when it went over my head….i went from hot shit to you one good…

  13. Eurotrash Says:

    Granny, I might be able to shine some light to my dim 2nd comment. It’s the combination of not being an English speaker and mixing the facts relevant to be understood. I was trying to be funny, can you spell – back fired, and refering to your next posting instead of the one after that led to this confusion. You know, the one were you wrote liking to piss people off. Just in case that it still doesn’t make sense, lets just forget this little episode and move on. And I still like your shiny yellow coat, you old dog you!

  14. apositivepessimist Says:

    laughing at what eurotrash wrote.

    fuck why am i more confused the more i read the last comment.

  15. Babs Says:

    Ahhh… first I get to laugh at the post and then the comments just sent it over the edge!!

  16. Scottish Toodler Says:

    So the phone companies can’t sue the government? That is good. Because this will make damn sure they don’t hand over those records again!!! You rock Jackie sue!!!!!!

  17. dom Says:

    LOL JS ,don’t question Eurotrashes comments … He wants to bone ya !
    Get his friggin number !

  18. Eurotrash Says:

    Aah, finally the curtain of mystery has been lifteded by a keen observation; I WANT TO BONE THAT YELLOW DOGGIE! Besides, isn’t that all that there really is?Confusing? I think not.

  19. yellowdog granny Says:

    er….uh….well…um….ya see eurotrash…im 62 years old..i havent had sex in 21 years…so sorry put bone back in cubbard…old mother hubbard has no need for a boner of her own…but thanks for the offer..

  20. Eurotrash Says:

    My dearest doggie, ever since I turned 60, which is about 5 yrs. ago, I have had this bad habit to chase you young chicks but naturally I am all talk and no action.

    I sincerely like your sense of right, wrong, honesty and humanity and I beg you to disregard just about all my previous drivels. “Can’t we all just get along?”

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