Happy Mother’s Day you mothers…I got a phone call this morning from Nancy(Dancecloud)and she wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, which is about as sweet as you can get…Then Patsy, who works at Community Grocery Store called me about 9pm drunk and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, so I’m assuming her’s didn’t go well either.
I talked to Danny, damn I was supposed to call him back..forgot..I’m brain dead…he wished me a happy md also..his play went terrific by the way and is working on it to send it out to other reginal theaters..Hope it is a big hit everywhere..couldn’t happen to a better or more deserving person.. I also got some great Mothers Day wishes and cards from Babs and Denise and wishes for a Happy Mothers Day from other blogger friends…thank you so much..they really meant alot to me…My Nephew Phillip and his wife Lorra came by and took me to lunch at the West Station Cafe and Spitoon Bar..we ate upstairs and it was really nice…I love them both, they are yellowdogs like me and Lorra is as radical as I am, but with out all the fuck’s…They gave me an antique hat box with an antique hat in it…I laughed my ass off…I haven’t wore a hat (other that straw cowboy hat) since I was a girl scout and wore those little beanie things. I looked at the hat and said…”I don’t think so.” But I love the hat box…We had typical Texas lunch…chicken fried steak, taters, salad and green beans..with lots of iced tea…I really did enjoy it and they have made plans to come down for the Westfest.That will be lots of fun..to take someone new to the fest…first time is always the best..Lord I used to raise some hell when I drank and went to the fest…They have huge beer tents with all the beer and you buy tickets for pivo(beer) and turn the tickets in for beer…I could drink a lot of pivo…plus all the foods, good lord the food…I think the best part of going to the fest was seeing people that I probably hadn’t seen since the last fest…listening to Brave Combo play Smoke on the Water, being drunk enough to think that doing the chicken dance was cool..ha…
ANYHOW…. I had a great day with Philip and Lorra. Your know the old expression you can pick your friends and pick your nose but you can’t pick your relatives?…..Well, I would have picked these two..
Rocky is still A.W.O.L…I hope he is still getting laid and not croaked out there someplace..he has been gone for almost 5 days(tomorrow)..and I’m thinking that is about how long he is usually gone when he is out Tom Catting…little fucker…I swear if he doesn’t come home this time I am not getting anymore animals..really….no I relly mean it..no more cats,no more dogs, no birds except for them wild ones out in the yard…no snakes, or any gerbils or anything that eats or shits…they break your fucking heart…bastids…
I just heard the best news on tv……TOM CRUISE’S LASTEST M.I. 3, IS TANKING…brahhahahahahahahahah!!!!Is doing less than the other 2…went from $40somthing the first weekend to less than $25 this weekend…take that you over hyped,manic mother fucker…take note…we think you suck as a human being and we are not paying big bucks to go see your fucking movies…nana nana boo boo…stick your head in doo doo…that was just a little wake up call from the Goddess….I think that would be called one of her cosmic bips…
or as I like to say…Bippity doo daa….


15 Responses to “…….MOTHERS DAY SCHMUTHERS DAY…….”

  1. R. U. A. DorkLikeMe Says:

    Hey, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Seriously, I’m glad you had a good day.
    By the way…what’s a yellowdog?

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    yeah happy mom’s day to you…you big mutha. did i wish you that already?

    yay i was wondering about danny and his play.

    ookaay who fucked with jackiesue. she sounds bippity do dah happy about something.

    ryc:…fuck no. i might catch scientology. hopefully within the year js.

  3. yellowdog granny Says:

    a yellowdog is an extremely left wing democrat…a texas expression i belive..as in yellowdog democrat…i am a yellowdog democrat granny..cut down to yellowdoggranny…and im happy cause tom cruises movie is bombing and i just read on fatcat politics that fizgerald served rowe’s lawyers with papers…they gonna bust his ass for lying, and all of other good stuff…the goddess at work….
    plus i had chicken fried steak..cant beat that with a stick..

  4. Denise Says:

    I’m glad you had a nice Mother’s Day!

    LMAO at Tom Cruise! Karma is a bitch!

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    I think I forgot to say Happy Mothers day yesterday! Sorry, I blame it on the cheap bear I was drinking.
    Thanks for the link to Fatcat that was good to read.
    I didn’t think much of MI 2, and didn’t think this would do verry well. His craziness hasn’t helped much.
    I think that Rove if he is convicted will just be pardoned by his boy Gump.
    Happy day after mothers day!

  6. Tara's World Says:

    JackieSue- Your mothers day was alot better then mine.. mine sucked in a major way. Gah… thank god its over

  7. Tara's World Says:

    Oh yeah – Your cat is getting laid more then you or I

  8. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Happy belated Mom’s Day Jackiesue. Forgive me, I wasn’t online at all this weekend. Glad you had a nice one!

  9. Le Pixie Says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever had chicken fried steak. That sounds delicious right about now…
    LMAO at Tom’s tanking movie. Karma works in mysterious ways.

  10. Normy Says:

    Glad you had a good mom’s day… I bought my maw some begonias. Tom Cruise is too stupid to even be an actor. It’ll be good that he has a little disappointment. Bwahahaha. O well… That beer tent sounds like tons ‘o fun!

  11. Junebugg Says:

    Mothers Day? I was working and all days are the same when you spend it wearing a hard hat.

    Happy Mother’s Day ,Jackie sue

  12. Babs Says:

    Glad you had a good time on Mother’s Day. Yep, can’t pick the relatives. Rocky.. get your ass home.
    Tom…. go find another planet to live on and take President Moron with you.

  13. Scottish Toodler Says:

    “Bippity do dah” you make me LMAO Jackiesue!!! Sounds like a great day, I hope I can come to Westfest this year!!! Or maybe next, but I want to come! It sounds great!!! HAPPY YELLOWDOG GRANNY DAY!!!!! (belated)

  14. leo myshkin Says:

    i hope rocky is busy turning some nice girl cat into a mother.

    are there many chinese restaurants in your neighborhood?

  15. dom Says:

    Glad you had a nice moms day JS ๐Ÿ™‚
    Leo Rocky came out of the closet and is screwing all the vagrant males he can find .
    Chicken fried ? … try Great British mad cow roast beef with Yorkshire pudding ! I’ve been eating it all my life , hence the insanity ๐Ÿ™‚

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