THE GOOD:The signitures were turned in for Kinky Friedman and Mrs. Strayhorn and she had 223,000 signitures while Kinky turned in 169,574. He said the reason she had more signitures was because she got all her ex-husbands to sign..They only needed 45,540 signitures.”Fix your bayonets now, because the new Texas revolution is coming,folks.” Mr. Friedman said to his supporters…I will vote for Kinky because I want to get good hair Perry out of Texas. But I still don’t trust him because of his too close ties to Forest Gump…

THE BAD:Ok,this is the “his balls are so big he can’t cross his legs” catagory…Governmor of Kentucky, Ernie Fletcher said he will complete his first term and seek a second one despite an indictment on Misdemeanor charges that accuse him of illegally rewarding political suporters with state jobs.(anyone want to guess what party he belongs to???fucking republicans). He was charged Thursday with conspiracy, official misconduct and violating a prohibition against political discrimination. A conviction could lead to jail time and his removal from office, according to the attorney general’s office.
Judas fucking priest..don’t they have any pride or remorse? ok, I got caught being a crook…but I am still going to be Governor of the state and fuck you if you don’t like it..guess he figures if forest gump can do it and get away with can he…fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

THE UGLY:Access to detainees disputed..U.S. says it doesn’t have to yield to international Red Cross in all cases.
Taking issue with the International Committee of the Red Cross,the State Dept. said Friday that the U.S. is not obliged under the Geneva Conventions to provide the committee with access to all prisoners under U.S. jurisdiction.(and why the fuck not???)
Department spokesman Sean McCormack commented in response to criticism about U.S. policies by Red Cross President Jakob Kellenberger.
Setting aside his normal practice of keeping his views confidential, Mr. Kellenberger said in a statement that he deplored the Bush (aka forest gump)administration’s refusal to alow Red Cross access to prisoners being held in secret facilities.
“No matter how legitimate the grounds for detention, there exists no right to conceal a persons whereabouts or to deny that he or she is being detained,”he said.
Mr. McCormack said the Red Cross has access to the majority of prisoners under U.S. jurisdiction.
But, he added, “There is a certain subcategory of individuals who have forfeited their protections under the Geneva Conventions and there is no obligation to allow access to those individuals.”
The U.S. has classified as “enemy combatants” some detained individuals who are regarded by officials as terrorists. The status confers fewer legal protections than prisoners of war receive under the Geneva Conventions.
Prisoners in this category “have been afforded treatment that is consisten with our international obligations.All the people that are being held by the U.S. government are treated humanely,” Mr. McCormack.(yeah, right)
I think McCormack lies through his fucking teeth..and would not buy a used car from him and cerainly wouldn’t believe anything he said..We have already seen x-detainees on tv and read about them in the paper, where they were held with out anyone knowing where they were for 2 years…only to be released with a pat on the head a kick in the ass and a hearty Hi o’ Silver..
There have been so many wrongs that I don’t think they will ever be set right…call your congressperson, Senators, etc. and tell them to vote to impeach them motherfuckers…too late for censure…we need to wipe the slate clean…hit the road Jack and don’t come back no more no more no more…NO MORE..


14 Responses to “THE GOOD …THE BAD…THE UGLY”

  1. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I didn’t get all the detainee stuff. I will have to look into that more. Thanks for writing about it!!!

  2. PJ Says:

    So now Bushwacker is going to ignore the Red Cross? He just makes his own laws and rules as he goes along. He has to go down in history as the worst president in US history.

    Yea. Kinky.

  3. Eurotrash Says:

    pj, you just might have hit the nail in the head. Gump is thinking of his legacy right now, and since even he himself must be certain by now not to be able to crack the top hundred president list, he goes all out for the worst. Thus he will get his first success.

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    I don’t think Gump gives a shit about his legacy. I still think he is doing everything he can to hasten Armageddon so he can go onto his reward.
    If you impeach the shrub you get Dick the daemon, or if you get him too you would be making Rice the boss.
    Lots of cronies to get through in the line of succession.

  5. Kinky is Awesome Says:


    I love the fact that you are 100% behind Kinky, but why are you so down on the President?

    The President shares many of the qualities that make Kinky great.

    First, Kinky and the President agree on most foreign policy issues. Kinky spoke with Ruminator Magazine about his thoughts on our President’s foreign policy:

    Ruminator: So does this idea of the honorable cowboy have anything to do with why you threw your support behind President Bush in this last election? You did, didn’t you?

    Kinky: Yes. I did in this last election, but I didn’t vote for him the first time….I was not for Bush that time. Since then, though, we’ve become friends. And that’s what’s changed things.

    Ruminator: So it’s your friendship with him that’s changed your mind about having him as president more than his specific political positions?

    Kinky: Well, actually, I agree with most of his political positions overseas, his foreign policy….I basically think he played a poor hand well after September 11. What he’s been doing in the Near East and in the Middle East, he’s handling that well, I think.

    You can read the whole article for yourself by googeling the quotes from the article.

    Also, Kinky and the President see eye-to-eye on immigration. The Texarkana Gazette did an interview with Kinky where he discussed the illegal Mexican alien problem:

    “Mexico is not a poor country…all of these politicians are afraid of offending Hispanics. I want the border off the evening news until we get something resolved.”

    Kinky’s been saying that Mexico ain’t poor for better than a year now. Here’s a another story out of the Kilgore News Herald, where Kinky says “Mexico is not a poor country.”

    Here’s some other interesting stuff out of that story which shows that Kinky and the President are two great minds that think alike:

    “I am going to see non-denominational prayer and the Ten Commandments put back in the schools.”

    Friedman said the Ten Commandments might have to be called the ten rules or something similar but they need to be back in the schools. “They say this is part of my wussification campaign but, as my spiritual advisor Billy Jo Schafer says, “If you don’t love Jesus, go to hell.”

    One of Friedman’s most unusual ideas addresses border security.

    He proposes creating what he calls the Five Mexican Generals plan. As he lays it out, the border with Mexico would be divided into five pieces with a Mexican general responsible for each. A $1 million trust fund would be created for each general.

    “When I talk about the five Mexican generals, people think I’m joking but I’m dead serious,” said Friedman. “I will divide the border into five jurisdictions, assigning one Mexican general to each and providing a trust fund for that general. Every time a person crosses illegally, we subtract $5,000 from the trust fund.”

  6. Scottish Toodler Says:

    We must prove that Bush got into office illegally and then remove all his appointees and reverse all of his legislation!!!

  7. BriteYellowGun Says:

    “The Bad” perfectly sums up the Republican party. Crooks who can get away with whatever they want just because they can.

  8. Junebugg Says:

    Bush is from a family with the mentality that they are the royality of the USA. They want what the Kennedy Clan had but the assholes will never get it.

    Look at it:


  9. michele Says:

    Bushwacker,needs to be wacked,
    what a louser.I would have made
    a better president and i’m
    a lowly blogger…LOL

  10. leo myshkin Says:

    god bless kinky!

    first the governorship, then the presidency! maybe one of his stray dogs can be sec def.

  11. texlahoma Says:

    Get Kinky in Texas!

  12. Trollmeister Says:

    Why would your views on local american politics be of interest to anyone outside america?

    Hang on – why would they be of interest to anyone?

  13. Tara's World Says:

    Did you watch the National News last night? The closed out the broadcast with Kinky

  14. Junebugg Says:

    Sounds like we need to go on a troll bashing rampage. JackieSue, did you forget to shut the door? We seem to be invaded by those nasty trolls!
    Quick, get the shotgun…….

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