Ok, so there’s this article in the DAM NEWS today….and in it King Abdullah has told editors to stop plublishing pictures of women because they could lead young men astray. The King’s directive, was made in a meeting with local editors and caused quite a stir as the monarch has been thought to be a quiet reformer since he took office in August.Recently newspapers have published pictures of women…always wearing the traditional Muslim headscarf..to illustrate stories. The stories are generally about women’s issues. The King thinks publishing a woman’s picture is inappropriate.
“One must think, ‘Do they want their daughter, their sister, or thier wife to appear in this way’ Of course, no one would accept this,” the newspaper OKAZ quoted King Abdullah as saying.The King has broached topics such as women evenually driving. His instruction to editors indicates that Islamic conservatives remain a powerful force and a brake on reform.
The country adheres to a strict interpretation of Islamic law. Women are not allowed to vote or run in municipal elections..the only type of balloting permitted in the kingdom.
The King also called on editors to stop printing stories that protray the country in a negative light.All media in Saudi Arabia are either state-owned or state run..
Damn, now we know where Forest is getting all of his ideas…hmmm think I will start refering to Forest Gump as Forest Abdullah Gump now.I have a message for the women of Saudi Arabia…..


Yeah, like that will happen…
But it gives me the best reason to cease our dependency on oil from these fuckers…why put money into the coffers of these assholes..??Every time you stick that nozzle into the tank of your car..picture a country full of women…women just like us…being told they can’t vote, drive a car, wear what they want, have their picture taken for the lousy newspapers,put their lives in jeopardy if they pick the wrong man to fall in love with. I don’t think I will ever forget the film clip of the princess getting her head cut off for commiting adultry. Think about the country of Dubai where they call them ‘Guest Workers’ but they are actually slaves.Where because of pressures from Human rights organizations the ‘guest workers’ are not allowed to work outside in tempertures of over 100 degrees and the average temperature is 103-108..the papers and weather casters are forbidden to give the temperature as anything other than 99 degrees..If you never read another article from any magazine you must read this one on Dubai…or as they call it the Capitalist Dream on Steroids. Expanding faster, taller, bigger than any other country on the plantet,spawning schems of impossible luxury such as Falconcity of Wonders, Sunny Mountain Ski Dome, and a manmade archipelago called the World, the emirate has become a juggernaut of tourism, finance, and Information Age business, where everything…crime…religion…terrorism..takes a backseat to profit.Remember folks 11 of the 19 hijackers came to the U.S. from the emirate, taking off from Dubai in groups of two or three and flying to Miami, Orlando, and New York City, and about half of the attacks’ $500,000 budget was wired to the U.S. from Dubai. Al-Qaeda money parked in Dubai has been linked as well to the to the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.
Does that stop American business’s from setting up shop there….fuckity fuck no….one good reason is …no taxes…on anything…none, zip, nada, none..(Rod Stewart just paid $20 million for his own island there in The World…he bought Scotland. You can name each island what ever country you want…although ther are no Africa or Israel islands)
Vanity Fair this month has some of the best articles ever…One by Anderson Cooper on the horrors of Katrina. (side note….damn he’s good looking..who cares if he’s gay..he’s hot)Parts of Douglas Brinkley’s book New Orleans:Diary of A Disaster. Hollywood article on the private investagator who worked for all the studios,agents, stars etc. and now is in jail and all of Hollywood is waiting to see if he names names…and a very interesting article on Dick Cheney…You know his name is enough to make me believe in the Goddess…how great is it that he is what his first name is… A Dick…They talk about how when he started out he was soft, and now he is hard…what difference does it make?Soft Dick, Hard Dick…he’s still a Dick….
fuckme till I Like Dick..


17 Responses to “…….LETTER TO KING ABDULLAH…….”

  1. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Hey Jacki, you can’t be right..Anderson Cooper is GAY? Every night I look at those gorgeous blue eyes and cute face and now I find out I don’t stand a chance? Shit I am depressed 😦

  2. leo myshkin Says:

    wasn’t king abdullah a rassler in the wwe? or was that abdullah the butcher?

  3. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Holy crap! I had read some of this before. I think Bush is just like those fundamentalist islamists. GIVE EM HELL JACKIESUE!!!

  4. texlahoma Says:

    We could just kick their ass and take their oil, I don’t think they have much of an army. They didn’t plan ahead very well not spending some of that money on defense.
    After all that is where Osoma is from.

  5. Eurotrash Says:

    Yup, you are addicted to damn oil and thus tied to this awful supplier. Why on earth can’t you start utilizing your non productive wheat fields and grow plants for bio energy? Wouldn’t it be nice for change to have your energy production in your own hands and dump these bastides. The old adage; you are defined by the company you keep, is still true.

  6. yellowdog granny Says:

    eurotrash is right…we cant depend on our government to do the right thing..they are all controlled by the money…we need to do the biofuel with willie..great article on news about farmers who build their own refinery and make biofuel out of corn…and sell it themselves…we can do it…and only we can..bush and his buddies are too busy kissing abdullah’s ass..fuckers..

  7. Junebugg Says:

    Islamic Women can’t pick their husbands, they have arranged marriages. Also they can be stoned to death for getting raped!

    As for Bush, he’s a pimple on the ass of America.

    You see the commericals for bio-fuel on TV all the time, but the roads are still crowded with monster gas-guzzling SUVs. Technology is coming up with alternative-fuel cars, but their expensive and don’t have the OOOMPH that everyone is used to.

    We American’s are a short-sighted bunch and just a little greedy, which is one of the reasons that the rest of the world dislike us so much. It’s going to be hard to get people to change.

    Excellent post, lots of food for thought.

  8. Winston Says:

    What a bunch of dark ages dumbasses! Texlahoma is right, and given enough time, Bush will probably go for it, being the greedy dumbass he is. I don’t think they should print pictures of women either, ‘cept nekkid.

  9. Nit Wit Says:

    I agree that the hypocrites controlling the Arab states are more than overdue to be treated as they treat their own people.
    As far as switching to alternative fuels it’s a good idea but what most people don’t seem to grasp is that of the oil we import only 10% comes from the Mid East, Most of it comes from Canada and Mexico.
    Skip a couple trips a week to Walmart in the gas guzzler and we wouldn’t need any stinkin oil from Kink Abdullah.

  10. s Says:


    just for the record, Dubai isn’t a country, its a city in UAE (United Arab Emirates). Also, while the ‘guest workers’ or labourers aren’t treated well, believe me, i have seen them looking much happier than they do back home (i’m from pakistan, where a lot of the workers are from and i live in dubai), because they are at least not on the streets, begging and can feed themselves and their families. the most unfortunate and extremely disturbing fact is that people from their own countries exploit them (as most of the manpower supplying companies or recruitment agencies that bring in labourers are run by pakis and indians anyway).

    and i agree with you, Saudi is extremely stupid with crazy rules, most of which have nothing to do with their religion and a lot more to do with the oppression of women. but more power to the women cause every one of them takes four holidays a year to a european destination and abandons all inhibitions and excess clothing and shops like a maniac, as compensation!

  11. PJ Says:

    Wow. Send that letter out. Muslims as a whole just can’t put their women first. They are and will be degrated and treated a sub humans. Human rights is something to keep in mind as we listen to Bushwacker. He is kissing China’s ass, but think about human rights there. Now he is giving props to Lybia’s Khadaffi, however that is spelled, and a decade or so ago we were trying to kill him. Something really wrong here.

  12. BriteYellowGun Says:

    “s” is absolutely correct about the Saudi’s and their hypocritical stance on women. My brother lives in the Middle East as a teacher and he tells us all the time about how they preach all that Islamic fundamentalism crap but the second your back is turned, they are out boozing, drugging, dancing, hooking up with loose “western” women. It’s an insane double standard and yet it still continues.

    Saw that article on Dubai and it’s unbelievable!!! Could you imagine that much construction in any American city all at one time??? Unheard of!!!

    Finally, LMAO at chatty’s comment! I’ve know Anderson was gay for YEARS. He’s never made a secret of it and it makes me love him all the more!

  13. Le Pixie Says:

    I would never want to travel to the middle east just for that very reason. They would fucking kill my smart mouth ass.
    It’s a shame that most American women don’t really give a shit and will continue to drive their SUVs and guzzle that gas like there’s no tomorrow.

  14. michele Says:

    Anderson Cooper is gay?Oh why
    are all the good ones taken.
    I’m with pj send that letter
    off now!

  15. apositivepessimist Says:

    i knew he was gay without even knowing who the hell anderson cooper is.

  16. Normy Says:

    Yeah… those Arab women. No wonder everything is so damned messed up over there… if the women would start speaking up and showing the guys they’re more than baby machines, things would be lots different.

    And about Cheney… you know what they say… a stiff dick has no conscience…

  17. RevJim Says:

    With friends like the Saudis, who needs enemies? And with friends like Egypt who needs help supporting democracy?

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