I am going to make my prediction here…on who gets the bid on the contract to build fences around our borders…The top three companies to bid are the three largest defense contractors among the companies that said they would submit bids within two weeks for a multibillion-dollar federal contract are:LOCKHEED MARTIN, RAYTHEON AND NORTHROP GRUMMAN.So I went googling…The Chairman, President and Chief Executive Office of Lockheed Martin is a guy named Robert J. Stevens. who served on Forest Gump’s Commission to Examine the Future of U.S. Aerospace Industries.(what ever the fuck THAT is)Lockheed Martin also is number 35 on list of top 100 contributors to the Republican Party. Until 1996, the were mainly major contributors to the Democrat Party..but they went from 60% to the Democrats and 41% to the Republicans…to 37% to the Democrats to 63% to the Republicans.In 1998(gee, I wonder what happened in 1998 to sway them over to the Republicans side) they went to 34% Democrat to 66% Republican. I couldn’t find either Raytheon or Northrup Grumman on the top 100 list…So what do YOU think????? A sweep by Lockheed martin? I would think so…The contract would be worth $2 billion over the next three to six years.So any one with skills that could get them a job with LM..I would run to Maryland and fill out my job application now…
More Bushshit news…A former Republican National Committee official was sentenced Wednesday to 10 months in prison for his role in the jamming of New Hampshire DEmocrat’s telephones on Election day 2002. James Tobin, the third person sent to prison in the case, was found guilty in December of harrassment by telephone. Prosecutors had asked for 10 years behind bars. Mr. Tobin was convicted of attempting to arrange more than 800 hang-up calls that jammed get-out-the-vote phone lines set up by the Democratic Party and the Manchester firefighter’s union for about one hour. Republican John Sunu defeated then-Governor Jeanne Shaheen for the Senate that day in what had been considered a cliffhanger.

OK…so how many of you even heard about this???.That a crime had been committed and that it effected an election’s outcome???Gee, does anyone but me feel like a mushroom? You know cause they keep you in the dark and feed you Bushshit…Do you think there are more cases like this that didn’t even get this far? How many election outcomes were fucked with by Republican ‘helpers’?
Fuckme till my circuits are jammed..



  1. leo myshkin Says:

    the democrats should try and hire this tobin guy. he might know all the neat tricks.

  2. Junebugg Says:

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg, any election even the local ones are nothing but mud slinging and who has the best spies/techs/goons. That’s one of the problems with out politics. The only people running are crooks, an honest man wouldn’t stand a chance.

  3. The Reverend Silvester Anfang Says:

    Junebugg is right. Honesty is close to nil in the political world. Hoping for decency in someone is like waiting to get rich from tax refunds: Very short lived hope. The only thing that’ll fix the problems at hand is for all of it to collapse, thus why I pray for all sorts of ecological and man-made catastrophes to unfold.

  4. Eurotrash Says:

    Yes indeed, how many of us knew? While I was reading, I was thinking; how come I never heard about this? If I didn’t happen to stumble on this site, I might have never known.

    Why, since we live in the information age, some or even the most relevant issues remain unknown to majority of us? What is the media doing? Maybe they just want to please their owners and share holders and make sure that they provide lots and lots of murder, rape, car crash etc. scenes and thus grab a biggest possible market share. Information age my ass!

  5. Joshua Says:

    It is much easier for me to simply assume the worst about Bush than to dig into information like this, because I know as soon as I start looking, I will see things that will both infuriate and sicken me… when karma strikes, I don’t want to be nearby.

  6. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I need to take notes on these political posts I swear. There is so much bushshit going on (my friend Enigma uses this term) Do you know about the electronic voting fraud? Like the guy in Colorado who owned the company that tabulated the electronic votes and he won the election. Do you read the Sun Literary Magazine? They have really good interviews. That is where I learned this stuff.

  7. apositivepessimist Says:

    i’m predicting india will get to build your fences.

  8. Nit Wit Says:

    I hear lots about this. I don’t watch the news on TV. I get all my news from the internet and comedy political shows.
    I find them more informative. They seem to have a better take on things than the talking heads who are paid millions and pretend to be investigative reporters.
    This guy will never even have to look for a job again. The companies supporting Gump will line up to give him his reward.
    This was just an old standby that has been used before. Another was calls to registered Democrats giving them wrong polling locations and even wrong dates to go and vote.
    Lots of games played and people wonder how bush got where he is today.

  9. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I admit to not having heard about that but it doesn’t surprise me either. This administration has the media in their back pockets. Yes, some individuals in the media have begun striking back but overall, they still take the conservative route everytime…except Vanity Fair thank Goddess!!! Yep, I am to a point where I would put NOTHING past the Republicans. They are so frighteningly power-hungry and crazed that they will stop at nothing to maintain what they have. These are dark days.

  10. Normy Says:

    Yeah… go figure… everything Bush has done during his term has either been for (a) his ego, or (b) the monetary gain of himself or bigwigs in corporations that support him. I saw on the news the other night they were interviewing a private party who has organized people to look for illegal immigrants in Texas hiding out in the brush around the border. He said this fence and military guards deal is going to be a drop in the bucket… it’s about the same as using a hairnet when one really needs a condom… if the fences aren’t covering every inch of the border, and there aren’t people guarding it every few feet, it won’t do any good because people will just dig underneath the fence or climb over it and get cut on the razor wire. It’s obviously a waste of money, but even worse it’s a waste of time…

  11. PJ Says:

    IN the dark? That is why we have the press which is currently under fire for revealing facts about Bushwacker’s buddies. Of course, Bushwacker blames the press on getting more Americans killed in Iraq everytime they expose this adimistrations tomfoolery.

    Are you trying to tell me this border fence is going to be a Republican? So all illegals that climb over it will be Republicans?

  12. Le Pixie Says:

    hahaa we are all mushrooms aren’t we- indeed.
    That is a good analogy.

  13. bradford Says:

    . since their debt-dealing is so bad for the health of the whole country (hell, world) just have the fence build around Washington D.C. and place guards around the biggest black-hole in the universe?

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