Actually not much going on in West this past week, but since I’m too depressed over losing Rocky that I am not powered up for a full steam rant over the bullshit the bushshitites have perpertrated..so I will do a low key catch up on West.
The color barrier has been broken on the West School Board..Crystal Anthony won a seat on the board among all them Czech’s…oh this is going to be fun to watch…I am sure that Mrs. Anthony is a perfectly nice lady, but her skin color is a deeper richer tone than the Czech’s already on the board..all I can say is..it’s about time..and I will be waiting to see what kind of excitement this will bring…oh my..this could be fun.
Two members of a Central Texas motorcycle club were in West last week to help kick off Motorcycle safety awareness Month during May in the city..The two lady’s that are representing the motorcycle club are…not your typical biker chicks..One of them is older than me and the other is ….masculine..They also alerted people to the fact that there are more women on the road on bikes and manufacturees are building their bikes to fit women more and more every year.(So keep an eye out for them)
We had 2 sweet sixteen birthdays..and Callie Hutyra celebrated her 4th..Lindsey Buice married Travis Volcik on May 13th. We had one birth ..Emma Renee Hutyra weighed 8lbs, 8oz. and not to be unkind..but she is not…cute…Sure hope she outgrows that nose..
We had two go to meet their maker…I wish that I had started keeping count of the sexes of the people that die here..but I think there are more men croaking than women..and the men are youger than the women..the men are usually 60-70’s…the women are 80-90 and in the 100’s….
50 years ago they broke ground on the West Czech-Movarian Brethren Church.It is now called the West Brethern Church and is at the same location.
Does anyone know who Donna Beckham is?..She is releasing her new cd and having a CD release party at West Fraternal on June 2nd, then at the Shadowland on Memorial Day weekend. She was at Mynar’s Bar tonight…she’s a busy girl.
Jennifer’s Academy of Dance is having their 14th dance recital and will be showing “Jungle Boogie”….and the best news of the week and rest of the summer is….the Playdium Pool opened up yesterday. They will be open from 10am to 8pm..season passes are 17-under $100, 18 and over $125. Our pool is the 2nd largest pool in the state of Texas…and the most amazing thing is when they built it over 50 years ago the guy that poured the cement for the pool gave each batch the taste test…and if it didn’t taste right, it didn’t get poured..and there has not been one patch or repair in the pool. Not too shabby…I want to go there and see if he will cut me a rate for 1 hour swimming every morning before the crowd comes in..But the guy that owns the pool is the largest asshole in the city of West…He is also the biggest racist asshole in the city too. Which means that I will probably get pissed over something he says or does and get thrown out of the pool…but is worth a shot…it’s good exercise for me..and early enough in the morning that the sun won’t kill me…
Good news/bad news for the West Trojans and the Lady Trojans..The Lady’s lost but the boys won and will play Lake Worth in quarterfinal this weekend..They played one game Friday and one game Saturday..Damn, I wonder if they won..well, find out next week..The West Track and Relay kids did really well, we won medals in every event..
Mynar’s Bar is looking for a bartender….I wonder if……nah….better not.
New listing on a 3 bedroom brick house on 1 acre land for $98,900.
that’s about all the new from West.
Even though I am 99% sure Rocky is gone, I am thinking about putting an ad in the paper and see if anyone has tried to adopt him…Everyone seems to think he got picked up by someone who has adopted him…First of all he won’t let me touch him most of the time, and the chances of him letting anyone pick him up is pretty slim…and if some how they got him to their house?…well, they wouldn’t have him in there for long…He will rip the door off..he doesn’t like to use a liter box and if they keep him from going outside to go to the bathroom, he will shit in their shoes..He is like The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers fat cat…he will shit in their sleeping bag, shoes, or down the back of their shirt..so he would be home by now for sure..The only time he ever stayed away this long was when a pack of dogs were killing cats..they got him pretty bad, and came home over a month later, but he was short 2 fangs and alot of claws and tore up pretty bad..now he dosen’t have ANY fang teeth and I don’t know how much damage he could do anymore..gum them maybe…
well, it’s almost 6am..should think about going to sleep..somehow I can’t play games on pogo anymore…not sure why or what is wrong, but still waiting for tech support to get in touch with me..
have a great Weekend…we will here in West, by the Goddess,Texas.


7 Responses to “…….WEST STATION WEEK IN REVIEW…….”

  1. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Thanks for the West round-up, I wish Rocky was home already, but cats are survivors. Before I came to the States I had a cat named Rianna (well Rhiannon, but Rianna ended up being what she was called) She was an outside cat just like your Rocky and came and went as she pleased. She never was fat because she ate lizards all the time and they make cats skinny for some reason. My father had a stroke, came home and made my mother’s life hell. She moved out and a guy moved in to look after him (I still feel guilty I wasn’t there to take care of him) When that fell thru my father went into a nursing home and the house went empty. Rianna had disappeared (I felt terrible guilty asbout this too) Come to find out years later the neighbour over the wall was looking after her. After my father passed on and my mother moved back home, she was suprised as hell to see this scraggly black and white cat in the yard. End of the story: Rianna, tho she was an outside cat and had been thru many, many changes, lived for 22 years. In the end tho, she was so full of arthritis and suffering, they took her to the vets. I am telling you this story to say, don’t give up. Cats know they are #1 and they look out for #1 and they have 9 lives and are favoured by the Goddess….love&hugs, Linda

  2. Nit Wit Says:

    I’ll still picture Rocky my way no matter what happens.
    I was glad to see the west news this morning and the number of losses and gains in the town seem to be getting closer to even.
    Boy if your school board is anything like ours here just having someone new elected comes close to causing the long time members to have collective strokes, but they always seem to survive to think up some new foolishness to impose on the younger generations for their own good.
    It’s been my experience that little baby girls always grow into their noses.

  3. texlahoma Says:

    Motorcycle saftey, sounds like an oxymoron. Sometimes I feel like an oxymoron minus the oxy.

  4. Donna Says:

    Hey I’m sorry to hear about Rocky, but like Chatty says cats are survivors…hold onto hope. I’ve had cats run off for a month then come home.

  5. leo myshkin Says:

    cats are always on the look out for a better offer. maybe someone with a mouse farm and barn full of birds with their wings clipped recognized the nobleness of rocky’s character and made him a better offer.

  6. Eurotrash Says:

    Why on earth am interested in what’s going on in West? But I am and some how you manage to paint such a vivid picure that I almost feel like being there, and I thank you for that!

    As a pet lover, I regret that Rocky has pulled a dissapearing act. Mine (a dog) happened over 50 yrs. ago and the stupid pain, if not as strong as it used to be, is still there. Here’s hoping that Goddes is on your side and Rocky comes back home to deposit a fresh one in your slippers!

  7. Babs Says:

    Maybe you could put up signs somewhere… I don’t know. Does everyone in West read the paper? An ad might be good if so.
    Come home Rocky…

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