Holy shit…Prince was on american idol….I love Prince…Prince is cool…Dionne Warwick was on it too…she has so much botox shot into her face, you can bounce quarters off her cheeks…woman is older than dirt and doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face..that and the fact that you can put a roll of half dollars up each nostril..damn…what ever happened to aging gracefully? Meat Loaf was on too..the older and fatter he gets the more he looks like Michael Moore..Lost .it gets any more confusing,am running away from home…I don’t know what the fuck is going on now..and they keep bringing in new people, places and damn…Im confused…Don’t know what I am going to do this summer ….just Jackshit till next season…
ok, the West news…thanks to Babs going on about damn cheeseburgers I had to make a run to Food Mart to get ground beef, buns, and stuff to make cheeseburgers…also got some fresh green beans and fresh red potatoes. Will cook them up tomorrow…and for my panic over the cheeseburgers I have to wait till tomorrow as I had chicken thawed out..fucking chicken..Judas Priest, I still have about 8 chicken breast left..cluck…cluck..
West graduation is this Friday. David O’s daughter Jessica is graduating and I am so proud of her..120 kids are graduating this year, and since it is still 1957 here there was one Hispanic kid and 3 African-American kids..But damn they are all so sweet faced and have the rest of their lives in front of them…All of the kids have their pictures in the paper, with parents buying special ads to wish their kids congradulations…Pretty cool..
The West Haven Rest Home(old farts home) is having a memorial eventFriday too.They will have a little parade of the old farts in their wheel chairs, although most are walking…Then they will have the blessing of the flag by the Rev. Ed Karasek.A 21-gun salute is going to be preformed,and Taps will be played..They will have a choir sing songs and a memorialspeech, plus plaques will be given out to West Veterans and a military band will play. The old farts will have a great time..
the Longhorn Club plans horse show June 3rd.(and we won’t be eating them Kevin…heehe)..It will be held at the West Fair and Rodeo Grounds.We don’t have a catholic high school, so St. Mary’s 8th graders will graduate and then go to West High School next year.
Two couples are engaged..Rebecca Ann Laubert is engaged to Lawrence Kudelka. Krystal Renee is engaged to Michael Edward McMahon.I have to tell you these are the most wholesome 4 kids I have ever seen..Could be in commericals for milk.We had one marriage with Michele Leigh Hurtt marring Larry Michael Sykora. No babies ….none..but Zachary Kinkule celebrated his 3rd bithday.Mr.and Mrs.Robert Urbanovsky celebrated their 35th anniversary.Donna Beckham is still playing in the bars around town touting her new CD.
The Sykora family are having a family reunion..and let me tell you there are a whole mess of Sykora’s….I mean A LOT of them…oodles, scads…a bunch..Damn. Jerry’s Chicken Shack is selling shrimp dinners…hooyboy…
Oh, missed a birthday…Eric turned 13….happy birthday Eric…
The Mashek’s are having family reunion also…Czech’s…every where Czech’s..what the hell is a Irish Viking doing in a town of Czech’s???? a story for another post.
While I was at Food Mart I took advantage of their sales..ground beef on sale for $1.49 lb…fat juicy tomatoes for .79c lb. and briskets on sale $1.19lb. but I am thinking about that..between the 3 lbs of gr. beef and the fucking chicken…will hold off on the brisket..plus I am hoping it will go down by next weeks sale…(fuck the mav’s lost)
Ok, I have saved the best for last…The Trojans beat Lake Worth and will play Abilene Wylie tomorrow.I talked to one of the players Adam M. and he said they had better pitchers, fielders and hitters but they were worried about getting over confident and having a big head, so they were trying to down play it…Adam works at Food Mart and is one of those ‘yes,mamm, no mamm’ kinda kids…The kind you hope will date your daughter or in my case granddaughter..But Jamie is probably to wild for him…plus she is still dating that loser Zach…dipshit.Oh the scores were 5-4 against Lake Worth, and 8-7.There is a great picture of Adam M. sliding safely into home plate.He scored the first run of the game.Leading hitters were Boyd, Adam, Harris, Hanzlicek, Morrison and Taylor with a single each.(first game)Leading hitters for second game were Harris,3 singles, Adam 2 doubles, Hanzlicek, 2 singles, Orler, a double, Boyd, Neil and Morrison with a single each…They will be playing semifinal playoff series. If they keep this up they will be going to state…I cannot tell you how excited and proud we are of these kids….go big red…..
well, that’s all the good news from my little home town…and for all of you that havent’t czeched us out….go to westfest.com…and see what all the fuss is about…

6 Responses to “…….MISC.AND WEST NEWS”

  1. Babs Says:

    Hmmmm…. brisket… Yah, I have chicken too, but it freezes. I put 1 pound out to thaw. Figured I’d go back and forth between beef and chicken. Can freeze part of the beef too. Chub o’ beef freezes well. 🙂

    Wait, you watch American Idol? I feel like I don’t know who you are anymore.

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    mmmm i’m having bacon, fried taties, onion and fritters…ooer i can’t waaait.

    P is your letter js.

  3. Eurotrash Says:

    Yeah, I have a problem not knowing you, too. First I figured that you and West both were fictional. Today, after surfing westfest.com, it became clear that; yes West exists. There is thus a possibility that even you exist the way you come axross on your postings.

    If you really exist and what I see is what you are, boy, that would be just great! But then again, how is it possible that you could be the way you are in a little place like West? Take for instance Zach, the dipshit fame. He possibly knows how to read and he also knows where you live. Thus,to me, there is only two posibilities; you are either so feared that you can be what the hell ever you want to be, or you have become sort of “national treasure” that will get away even with a murder. Any which way, granny, you are either the best fraud I have seen in a long time or an original that should be treasured. So, I suppose that I just keep treasuring you and waiting for another installment of West report.

  4. yellowdog granny Says:

    is not eurotrash just the sweetest damn thing ever?..well, if you come back thru my friend, I have to admit I do have a reputation of old that does put the fear of the Goddess in most residents of West’s hearts…as for being a national treasure that can get away with murder…well, that is closer to the truth than you know…and I don’t worry about Zack, because I don’t think he can read…plus he’s really afraid of me…told him if he hurt my granddaughter I would hurt him…I have been saving the perfect place to bury a body….and would love to let him be the first to find out about it…come back and see us again eurotrash….ya’hea…?

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    I don’t knoe if I would want to be called a treasure. I always think about that newborn baby joke,
    Mother: Oh! What a treasure!
    Father: Yea, Let’s bury it!
    I do know that you have exerted a novel form of mind control to make everyone in West put up, opps I mean love your little ways.

  6. Scottish Toodler Says:

    The wheelchair parade sounds so sweet!!! Have you seen the movie BUBBA HOTEP, it is cheesy, but I think it might be a “YAFTA” a Toodler yafta…

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