I am posting again, cause I am bored but mainly because I did something so stupid today that I had to share it with you..as I am not one of those weak sisters who is afraid to expose my stupidity to the masses…for when I do something really fucking stupid…well, it just makes me proud..
So, I am in town doing my 4th Wed. of the month, shopping, bill paying and general fucking around..as you know the town of West is split by the railroad tracks…the court house, judge, drs.office’s, my bank, tiger shop, me..etc.are on one side and the main shopping area of West is on the other…so I am on the shopping side, just leaving Marty’s and I see a train coming..now I am like a kid about trains. I like to wave to the engineer..sometimes they wave back..it’s cool and I enjoy it…so I am in the truck heading the same direction as the train and I wave at the engineer….he waves back..then I notice that the engine is painted in red white and blue and says George Bush Presidential Library on it…. Oh fuck, I fucking lost it…drove down Main street beeping the horn, giving the finger and screaming obscenties at a man in a train who can’t hear a word I’m saying, but is pretty sure I’m not happy about something..I actually ran a stop sign(thank God the cars were stopped for the train)and when I finally ran out of road and the train was nearly out of sight, I got out of truck and continued to scream at it as it disappeared in the direction of Dallas..fuckity fuck fuck fuck…After a few minutes I realized I must have looked like a total idiot and looked around and no one..not a soul would even look in my direction…it was like they took a silent head count and decided there weren’t enough of them to control me if I was really off my rocker and needed to be subdued or maybe tazered…I looked up and at Nemecek’s Meat market there were about 3 people that I know and they really know me…just standing there laughing their asses off…fuckers…when they saw that I had noticed them, they went back in side, back to beating their meat..
So I think I may have anger managment problems..whad’ya think?
I called David o.. and told him they were advertising the new movie about the old movie The Omen, and it was coming out on his birthday …which is 6-6-6…and that I was not going to have anything to do with him a week prior to his birthday and a week after his birthday…his reply???”I don’t give a fuck.”…and you wonder how he became my best friend.
When I was at Food Mart getting my cheeseburger stuff and was taking to Adam M…I was just so proud of that kid…he is such a sweet kid…and so are the other kids that work there. Jeff who has been there forever..and isn’t really a kid is my favorite..He is always wearing some heavy metal tshirt, and hair is either orange, purple or shaved….or all three..It is hard to be a heavy metal kid in a town of redneck’s and preps…
Oh, speaking of David..he called me earlier and said that Tina his exgirlfriend is coming to Jessica’s graduation and David’s current girlfriend(not really a girlfriend, she is his fuck of the week) is going to..I wasn’t going to go as it will be at football field and those benches are really hard on my back.but think I will go just to see what kind of shit I can get started with them…hu hu…I told David I couldn’t remember his current fuck’s name and that was a sign that I didn’t like her…he said “good, cause you’re not fucking her, Iam…..” I guess he has a point…
ok, I have rambled on long enough…going to go finish my book…Babs said thanks to her I am on top of the blogs for today on Bogmad…told her that made me happy as I liked being on top..
fuckme till I(do you know how hard it is to keep coming up with weird, funny, stange, or relavent things here????hard..)
so fuckme till it’s easy…


15 Responses to “…….IN NEED OF ANGER MANAGMENT????…….”

  1. Jezebelle Says:

    LMFAO! You are a riot! I would love to know you!

  2. leo myshkin Says:

    wow, a whole train to carry one book. that must be some book. i wonder if they ever let gump steer the train?

  3. BriteYellowGun Says:

    So I think I may have anger managment problems..whad’ya think?

    I think I want to live in your town! Crazies like you make small town life worth living! LOL

    Honey we can dine on fresh horse every night! We’ll go to France and kill em there.

    Happy Sympathy & Pity Day! Stop by my blog for decorations, a mint julep (non-alcoholic for you) and special guest stars. I’m so sorry! And I feel sorry for you! There’s yours, now share the sorrow and sadness!

  4. PJ Says:


    I only wish Bushwacker had been on the train. Hehehe. He would have gotten the point, I think.

    Ready for that vote in the Senate today? I am making a list of who I vote for and who I don’t in the next election.

  5. Babs Says:

    LMFAO!!!! You wild and crazy woman! You rock!

  6. Le Pixie Says:

    Damnit here we are with the cheeseburgers again!! LOL.
    I wish I could’ve seen you screaming at that train. I would have laughed my ass off. I agree with Babs, you rock.

  7. dom Says:

    LOL, you nutter ! I’d have loved to have witnessed that.Did anyone in town video it ? are you gonna make them $250 ?

    Must have been a short train to carry Dubya’s library?

    LOL @ the Meat shop … beating the meat means something completely different in England 😉

  8. Eurotrash Says:

    Yup, I always kind of admired those heavy metal kids, like Jeff, in small towns. I am first to admitt that I wouldn’t have the balls to stick out like that and take all the crap that goes with it. Hey, maybe with him there is the future Yellowdog Gramp in making… sort of your successor.

  9. lostinthetriangle Says:

    I love trains too, but this sounds like the scene from a very bad B movie or a late night Rock Video. Thanks for the laugh though, I needed it.

  10. Babs Says:

    Hey- you did get blog of the day yesterday on Blog Mad….

    Daily recognition
    Member of the day
    Blog of the day: Yellowdog Granny

  11. Pud Says:

    Love your work, u r crazy!

  12. Nit Wit Says:

    I told you, mind control. That accounts for all the people staying back and letting you rant on.
    That sounds like a train running into a big derailing.

  13. Donna Says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! Oh gosh If I am ever in your town and I see some crazy lady in a truck chasing after a train screaming obscenities I will not be afraid to walk up and say hi *snort* Gosh that whole post just cracked me up. You are definitely one of a kind!

  14. Nancy Says:

    I fought the train and the train won…JackieSue you are truly wonderfully crazy and I love you.:)

    I wish you were my neighbor.

  15. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I am all road raging all the time too. But at other drivers. I flipped someone off just this morning… asshole talking on a cell phone driving like an asshole… At least everyone in West already thinks you are nuts anyhow!!! And you made some people laugh!! out here they call the police on their cell phones and the police shoot you… just kidding… but it’s a different world..

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