That’s the name of the little newsletter that I receive 3-4 times a year from Trixie, the Golden Retriever that Dean Koontz belongs to ..She say’s:Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Bliss To You. Is Me, Trixie Koontz, Who is Dog…She gives a run down on Daddy’s new book which happens to be called “The Husband.” and sounds like a good one..
She has a list of Dog Wisdom,(for the summer) some of which are:Encourage beer drinking at summer picnics. Drunks drop more food.
Probably picnic cooler does NOT contain dog-eating lizard. Dad trying to keep me away from frankfurters. Probably.
Before swimming in pool, eat tacos and beans. Extra gas makes you buoyant. Eat grass, throw up. Doesn’t sound like fun, but is.If Dad catches you driving convertible, claim cat made you do it at gunpoint.
My favorite little tid bit from Trixie is that”Dog is my species, profession, and hobby.I am dog 24/7. Once wanted to be cow until discovered how limited is cow diet, mostly grass, hay, and weeds. Cows can’t eat ice cream because ice cream is made from milk, so would be like one step from cannibalism or something.Not to mention hamburgers. As dog, my duties are make people feel loved, receive belly rubs and treats, be cute, be funny, write bulk of dad’s newsletter, and continue research on time machine in which have already sent neighbor boy back to Jurassic era, scaring pee out of him, left time machine a reeking mess.
This is why I love Dean Koontz, not just the great books, but his great dog, Trixie.If you are also a Dean Koontz fan and would like Trixie’s newsletter write:Dean Koontz
Post Office Box 9529
Newport Beach, Calif. 92658-5929
Trixie will be glad to add you to their mailing list..

Along with that I also received a package from Shady Lane. She sent me the free Austin,Texas paper The Austin Chronicle, because there is an article on the shooting death of a friend of ours..Actually she knows him better than I did, as he was about 14-15 the last time I saw him. Seems like Anthony Benesh had decided to be even more of an asshole than his regular dayly activities.He tried to open up a Hell’s Angels chapter in Austin, Texas. Which if anyone knows anything about The Bandido’s…they own Texas…there is only one BMC in Texas, other than their sister clubs. The Hell’s Angels don’t want to fuck with the Bandido’s…So Anthony was riding around on his motorcycle sporting Hell’s Angels colors and a fake Angels flaming head logo…naughty naughty Anthony. This is the sad and scary part..Tony had been inside a New Jersey style Pizza place in Austin, with his 2 sons..he walks outside to take the kids home and some one uses a high power rifle to shoot him right in the head, blowing brain matter over both his sons…drops dead right at their feet…Everyone including the cops think it was the Bandido’s that put the hit on him..but they (Bandido’s) said it would have brought too much heat down on them, as it has and they would have probably kicked the shit out of him, but would not have killed him like he was killed and not in front of his kids…(yeah, them bikers are so considerate)and say the Hell’s Angels did it, knowing it would throw the heat on them..Well, who ever did it, will have to live with the knowledge that they killed a guy right in front of his 2 sons..ages 9 and 11.
Shady Lane said no one was surprised that someone killed him, just surprised the way it happened and in front of his kids. Tony was just a shade off normal…very very smart guy(44 years old) but just about as whacko as they come…
Lane also sent me a new book by a good author…Elizabeth Lowell..called Running Scared…and $35….she said: pretend we went and had lunch, what did you order? I probably had Thai Salad. She is just the best…Going to tell her I had beef, noodles and broccoli…She also sent me a couple of packages of A-Advocare, v-16 energy drink.A vitamin and herbal supplement drink…She takes Sparks which is a pill form of energy supplement..but caffine in it and with my inability to sleep as it is..don’t need more caffine.
Will take it first thing in the am…if I take it now, will be up all night ….yeah, like that would be the first time…
Well, we have had thunder and dark clouds since yesterday..but so far..now rain…which sucks, blows, and bites…We need rain….lots of rain…
Seems like everyone had a great holiday weekend, but I would have to say it sounds like Kevin had the best time…although that t-bone Junebugg had sounded pretty good…It was too hot for me to do alot of cooking so I made easy, mostly heat free meals. Tuna salad, Spagatti, corn on cobs, greenbeans with red potatoes, and did cook up one chicken breast so I could have an excuse to make homemade bbq sauce…which if I do say so ……was pretty fucking good..But now I am off to the library..If I am finished with my “The Jesus Papers”…I will do a recap for you…as it is very interesting and I recommend it highly…unless you are big into Jesus, and then maybe not..
It’s going to take me 2 trips….but I am hauling ass……


10 Responses to “…….USELESS NEWS…….”

  1. Jezebelle Says:

    That story is just awful. Those poor kids.

    That newsletter sounds pretty interesting!

    All the food mentioned made me hungry!

  2. PJ Says:

    I feel so sorry for those young kids seeing their dad killed. Their little minds will be tormented for life, but I doubt they will ever forget who did it.

    We are getting some rain also. It did help cool things off. Went from 90 to 70 tonight. Hopefully I can turn all the a/c off and open up the house again.

    Jesus papers? OK.

  3. Tina Says:

    sad story…

    so what does *bip* mean beside my blog name hehe im ‘blogroll’ illiterate …also what happened to jax!?!! I cant find em 😦

    Hope you are having an awesome week! 🙂

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    That sucks. All the macho assholes who do anything to try to seem tough when all they really are is spoiled brats with their little gangs.
    I need to get Trixie’s newsletter after I move. I heard about it before but I’m the king of procastinators.
    Lets see… I had cheeseburgers Sunday with beans,and cheeseburgers Monday with potato salad. I also had a meatloaf TV dinner this morning and hope to unkink my colon somehow, sometime soon. The letter S is starting to dominate. 🙂

  5. Donna Says:

    Damn..violence sucks..but shit there is no excuse at all for someone gunning him down right in front of his kids. That’s just WRONG!

  6. Le Pixie Says:

    All I know is that I believe in karma and not just because I occasionally watch “My Name is Earl” (I counted once and the guy said the word Karma at least 75 times.)
    I pity that fool because he will get what he deserves. My only thing is that I wish there were such a thing as instant karma, then we wouldn’t have to wait to see his horrible demise.
    Homemade BBQ sauce??!!! OH man…I am kinda picky about BBQ sauce even though I have no idea how to make it- but my fave brand is Sweet Baby Ray’s..mmmm..the spicy kind. Fuck Open pit.

  7. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I guess I’ll just NEVER in a million, trillion years understand the mentality behind being in these stupid “gangs” or clubs or whatever the hell they are. Just insane. Who cares what emblem is on your clothes? Who cares what illegal stuff you’re doing that might encroach on someone else’s illegal behavior? If they weren’t wearing that emblem, they could still do it and you’d probably never even know. It’s like an elementary school playground mentality. I don’t get it.

  8. Danno Says:

    So sad, so stupid and so senseless. Nothing really has changed about human behavior since the start….. so “shocked” I am not. Sad for the kids and for you but fucking violence is everywhere. On a lighter note….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…food!

  9. Danno Says:

    What papers DID Jesus subscribe to? Inquiering minds want to know. I imagine the usual local rags…..

  10. Nancy Says:

    I would like to meet Trixie the dog.

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