I have been up since about 5am…had my breakfast with 3 glasses of water and then took my energy drink that Shady Lane sent me…not too bad..so will see how it works….I have been cooking and freezing…So far I have made sausage/eggs breakfast burrito’s and shoved them in the freezer…Going to make a meatloaf so I can make sandwiches…will freeze individual slabs. Then I am going to make some sausage/refried bean burrito’s and freeze them…Also will make another batch of bbq sauce..and freeze it..and to top it off will make a big batch of chinese style salad to munch on…Just need to go get some fresh mushrooms …Anyone hungry yet?
I was going to post about something I had read in the DAM NEWS this morning..but was sorta depressing and after the story about Anthony Benesh’s untimely death yesterday I had better post something less gruesome…So….food…everybody loves food…So if you were going to croak and could have anything in the world as your last meal what would it be? Who would you have at your last supper? We all know you would want your family, kids etc. there..but forget about them..they are already going to be there..who would you pick for your last supper..living or dead…pick as many as you want..I hate it when you are limited to a set number…so…your last meal and your last guests…I will tell you what I would have and who I would like there after you all have posted on this…you can either post on your blog or you can just leave a comment…what ever bakes your cake…
fuckme till I’m crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle


18 Responses to “…….CHEF….JACKIESUE…….”

  1. Jezebelle Says:

    Lots of Lobster, A shit load of King crab legs, those Red Lobster biscuits, buttery cheesey mash potatoes, and moist rich chocolate cake, Fountain Coca Cola

    Damn I am hungry and I just had lunch!

  2. Babs Says:

    I’m not sure, but I think I’d have you cook it. If my car would start, I’d drive down there now!!

  3. Danno Says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ..I will think on this and call you this week!

  4. Galt-In-Da-Box Says:

    I like your diet plan. Gotta get on one, somewhere/time.
    Sounds like you’re stocking up for Armageddon.
    Not such a bad idea, considering.

  5. Autumn Says:

    ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh what Jezebelle said..I want that!! Throw in a nice juicy medium rare steak and I am ready.

  6. PJ Says:

    My last meal would be seafood of every kind. Salads, fried, baked etc. Lots of shrimp cocktail. I would love to have JC and his boys join me for dinner. I sure have a lot of questions for them and who knows, maybe when they leave they will take me with them.

  7. Eurotrash Says:

    Last meal for me would be the one I had roughly 15 yrs. ago for my fiftieth birth day. That feast is engraved to my memory, with some details missing, possibly for the rest of my life.

    It consisted on top of the variety of good drinks:
    Wiener Schnitzels, Chicken Catchatore (the best ever), Finnish Cabbage Rolls, Indian Fish Curry, Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves and Tabouli, Meat and also Cheese Stuffed Manicotties, French Provencal Quiche, German Cucumber and Tomato Salads, Red Cabbage Salad, Greek Salad, Dilled Boiled Potatos, Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Yogurt Dressing, Gran Marnier Chocolate Torte, Hand made Liquer Truffels etc. There were others which I remember right after I push the publish button. 🙂 This all was lovingly prepared by my beautiful Canadian wife who is the best natural cook that I have ever come across. She usually follows no recepies and experiments a lot and her success rate is 99,99%. Lets put it this way; she could make a shit on a stick taste devine. And who the hell needs company when you have all that glorious chow for yourself?

  8. apositivepessimist Says:

    hmmm this needs some thought…

  9. Nit Wit Says:

    No. like Apos I’ll have to noodle this one awhile. I am in the process of moveing right now so my blogging may become spotty for a few days. You Know just like it has been lately.
    No, The move isn’t to West, Our Jobs are here and so’s a lot of family. Besides I’m a damn Yankee, sorta. 🙂

  10. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I’d probably eat whatever was put in front of me. Can’t imagine who I’d want there, maybe Deborah Harry since I love her and can’t think of anyone else I’ve liked for as long as I’ve liked her. Okay, maybe also Marilyn Monroe since I think she was lonely and fascinating. Oh and Audrey Hepburn too. That’s it. I prefer small and intimate. You can come too though JS!

  11. Super Woman Says:

    Macaroni and cheese, steak (medium, honey dinner rolls, this rasberry pastry thingy I used to eat all the time in Monterey, and strawberry-rhubarb pie. Maybe some fried chicken as well. Oh, and lemon pie too- yummmmm. Now do I have to share my food? Cause if I do, no fucking way. My food. But if they just have to sit there and watch me eat, I would go with: Janet (my best friend in High School), Carey Grant, my mother, my first grade teacher, Mike Meyers, Antonio Banderas, Gene Wilder, Jonny Depp, Patrick Stewart, Jude Law, and Albert Einstein.

  12. leo myshkin Says:

    it could be a can of tomato soup as long as i could have all my dead dogs with me for one meal.

    it’s a nice dream but it would probably end up in a huge dog fight.

  13. leo myshkin Says:

    it could be a can of tomato soup as long as i could have all my dead dogs with me for one meal.

    it’s a nice dream but it would probably end up in a huge dog fight.

  14. Tara's World Says:

    Hell if its my last meal then I dont want to eat… that means that I can put off death! lol. Seriously shrimp. crab legs. Lobster . Mint choco chip ice cream. hmmm I know ill think of more

  15. PJ Says:

    OOOOH and lime sherbert with German Chocolate cake for dessert. Yea baby.

  16. Joshua Says:

    I’d have bread and water with my relatives and close friends.

  17. Donna Says:

    Well done steak, crab legs, lobster, lotsa shrimp, my mom’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs, my friends homemade beef stroganoff, and my SIL’s fried rice and spicy wontons!!
    Who I’d have there? Hmm Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Jewel, My grandfather (R.I.P.)And Bush just so I could taunt him with the good food and not let him have any..then personally tell him what a F**KUP HE IS!

  18. Nancy Says:

    I’m so behind in reading your blog but slab of meat sounds really good to me. 🙂

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