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June 30, 2006

Asshole and I had been trying to have a baby from the beginning, and I either had miscarriages or had problems getting pregnat…so I went to Walker Air Force Base and got my tubes blown…sounds pretty sexy don’t it…come blow my tubes…well, let me be the first to tell you ….it hurt like a mother fucker..because #1A-hole had to work and I couldn’t drive yet(well I could drive but couldn’t drive that 1959 Bonneville, which was aproximately 37 feet long), so I had to take the bus out to the base and the bus back…and after they ‘blew’ my tubes they said be sure and lay down when you get out to the car and stay flat for about 24 hours as it is very painful if you don’t, because the air gets trapped and it really hurts…So, I’m riding home on the bus, sitting up of course and I’m thinking “no shit, sherlock, this really fucking hurts”….trip was the longest 40 minutes of my young life..But it worked…because I was knocked up, preggers, in the family way, and having his baby. Hooboy…ain’t that something…in the meantime I had a job working at the local cafeteria type resturant…Bob finally relented and let me go to work…In the meantime the USA and the USSR signed the neclear test bomb treaty and installed a hot line between White House and The Kremlin…speed them phone calls up of”oops, we pushed the button by accident”…Civil Rights was in the news almost every day..we had a tv by then and I followed it very close…Gov. George Wallace on the day he was elected Gov. of Alabama gave a speech where he said:”I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tryanny, and I say segergation now, segegation tomorrow, segegation forever.”…fucker…(I just noted that George Bush isn’t the first George I screamed ‘fuck you’ to on tv)The US and USSR, and Briton signed a treaty banning nuclear tests in the atmosphere, outer space, and underwater.
200,000 Civil Rights demonstra
tors marched in Washington,DC, to hear Martin Luther King, Jr. give his “I have a dream” speech…and Jackie got fired from her job because she said “gee, I wish I could be there.”...boss said: ‘Get the fuck out of here, I don’t want no nigger lover working for me.”..I had really hated the job, but we needed the money and I cried all the way home..By the time I got home I thought, “yea, well fuck you too.”..I hadn’t quite developed my snappy comebacks yet…
In Birm
ingham, Alabama a Black Church was bombed, killing 4 little girls.I remember just crying for hours over that.
Of course most of you know
that 1963 was also the year John F. Kennedy was assinated by Lee Harvey Oswald..and 2 days later live on tv, Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald..(did I ever tell you I met Jack Ruby? My 1/2 sister introduced us and he asked me if I wanted to be one of his sister said:’Fuck no, she’s only 14 years old..)
But the background music playing was some of the greatest music ever. If you ask me…’Cause we had the Beatles…man did we have them..they had 5 top hits:’Please, Please Me’,’She Loves Me’, ‘Love Me Do,”I Wanna Hold Your Hand’, and From Me To You’. Which were all big hits in my heart…but…you will not believe this shit..Roy Orbinson had 4 top hits too…’In Dreams’, ‘Blue Bayou’, ‘Mean Woman Blues’,and ‘Pretty Paper’.And to this day I think Blue Bayou is one of the greatest songs ever…ahhh, the good ole days…Buddy Holly was dead but still putting out hits. He had’Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley'( I saw Bo Diddley live and it was the best show ever.)and ‘Brown Eyed Handsome Man.’Oh man, we were a rocking and a reeling….Paul and Paula sang ‘Hey Paula.’ The Ronettes were singing ‘Be My, Be My Baby’.‘Only In America’ by Jay and the Americans, (love that song)…oh and who can ever forget…’It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry If I Want To’. and the song with the great title’Da Doo Ron Ron’ by the Crystals….oh yeah, the world was sucking and America was at war with some country we had never heard of, people were killing our leaders, the South wasn’t rising again, it was mired down in hate and prejudices..Maybe the Surfans knew something that we didn’t when they sang”Wipe Out”…..



June 29, 2006

Pretty hapn’ year 1962…Rachel Carson published her book Silent Spring which documents the damage caused by pesticides..Look how far we have come…pesticides are the least of our problems for the environment, no thanks to forest gump…the fucker…hey, even in 1962 I cussed the little weasel…Ok, what else, oh..the Supreme Court declares the use of a non-denominational praye in New York State schools violates the Constitution’s seperation of church and state…ah, so that’s when all this shit started..During the months of Oct. and Nov. we had the very very scary Cuban Missle Crises..The US and USSR came close to nuclear war when the US learns the Soviet Union is installing offensive nuclear weapons in Cuba. Crisis is ended when Moscow dismantles the launch sites in exchange for Kennedy’s pledge to not invade Cuba…That was a hairy time for America…and as Bob was a fireman on the largest SAC base in the country he was on duty almost full time…at one point they evacuated the entire base with the exception of the Fire men…He had to stay on the base while every one else was shipped off the base…the families stayed where we were…we weren’t important enough to move…if the base got bombed…we were expendable..along with the town of Roswell, New Mexico…But all those airplanes had to be moved..and none of the firemen were allowed to call their none of the wives knew where our husbands were or how long it would be…finally Kennedy and Krueshev(sp) bent over and kissed each other’s ass and it was over with…but not a good memory for me….’62 was also the year that John Glenn was the first American to orbit earth…3 times in 4 hours and 55 minutes.I remember that like it was yesterday..always interested in space travel..and James Meredith was escorted to University of Mississippi by the Federal Marshals so he could attend…that was probably scarrier for James Meredith than it was for John Glenn..
but the music…oh did we have some music…’The Peppermint Twist”, by Joey Dee and The Starliters, ‘Soldier Boy’ by The Shirelles, Little
Eva sang her little heart out with ‘Loco’Motion’..Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons had two major hits, ‘Sherry….Sherry baby’…and ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’…and they have come full cirlce by the Broadway play about their lives just won a few Tony’s..Jersey Boys..Brenda Lee was ‘All alone am I’, and the song from “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” by Gene Pitney was terrific…cause ‘he was the bravest of them all’….if you like Westerns and missed that one…go check it out..has Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne and Lee Marvin as the bad guy…man that was a great movie..Roy Orbison had two big hits also, with ‘Leah'(try singing along with that song…you’ll hurt yourself) and Dream Baby.Gene Chandler was ‘The Duke of Earl’, he wore top hat and cane and did most of the song on one knee…and rounding out the songs of ’62 is the Beatles..with Love Me Do…great song.Bob and I were struggling to make it on his military pay, but he wouldn’t let me work so I stayed home and listened to the radio..he worked 24 on 24 off and worked a part time job on his day off…say alot of things about ole asshole #1, but he was the hardest working guy you would ever want..and he didn’t hit me or cheat on me(knew I would cut something dear to him off)but he was one of those little guys with the little guy he made up his supposed failures by belittling me all the time..stupid…can’t do anything, shut up, no one cares what you think…that sort of thing..knowing me now you would not believe that I would ever take crap like that from anyone…but putting up with crap like that is what made me the mean bitch I am today..haha.The Crystals might have been singing about ‘He’s a Rebel’ but I grew up to be one….


June 28, 2006

It’s weird..but I actually thought that Bob didn’t go into the Air Force until ’62 but..I was wrong..But in the Air Force we were, Bob had gone to Fire Dept. School in Greenville, Mississippi. I had joined him and it was for caca…Sorry all you Mississippians…(is that a word?) but this was 1961 and I had never incountered ‘the south’ and their way of thinking..I was an Air Force kid, went to school with black kids, Mexican kids, Asian kids, and kids that had a mother born in Germany, France, Italy, etc…I never experienced the race problem…my parents raised me to think we was all God’s children..But also, I had never seen a black person till we were in Hawaii and I was about 8 years old…Not a lot of black people in Mesquite, Texas in the 50’ anyhow, we’re in Mississippi where I was called a ‘nigger lover’ because I wouln’t sit up front with a bunch of white GI’s..and wanted to sit in the back where all the women were…didn’t care that they were black..they were FEMALE and not hairy ole GI’s..the bus driver threw me off the bus and had to walk back to town..lucky for me it wasn’t that far..and after that, word spread and I was pushed off the curbs(which were really high( and called names and treated like I had a contagious the point where we were almost forced to move from the place where we were living with 3 other couples..they were all from the south and didn’t like me after they heard what I had done…I still didn’t get it..Bob had to sit down and explain about the seperation of blacks and whites…or as he called them coloreds…What a shock!
So now we’re in Roswell, New Mexico and Bob is stationed at Walker AFB. JFK was president and we all were in love with Jackie…hmmm. Maybe that is why Bob was so shitty to me..he got the wrong Jackie..
.We experienced the Bay of Pigs, which really effected us as we were military..First time I had heard anyone express such hate for the President…for not calling in air support for the guys that parachuted in and were left to fend for themselves…Guess the Mafia were a little unhappy with him too for losing Cuba for them…no more gambling casinos…byebye cigars and good rum…
But the music….we always h
ad the music…Patsy Cline had 2 huge hits that year with ‘I Fall to Pieces’ and ‘Crazy’….which in case you didn’t know was written by Willie Nelson…Connie Francis wanted to know ‘Where the Boys Are’…Roy Orbison was ‘Crying’,’The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ sung by the Tokens and we had ‘Blue Moon’ by The Marcels. There was ‘A Town Without Pity’ by Gene Pitney(this is the one Kevin) and was the song from a movie with Yvette Mimieux aboaut a bunch of GI”s who raped a local girl in Germany. Good movie..I was still in love with Rickie Nelson even if he was a ‘Traveling Man’…Judy Garland won best female vocalist and had the album of the year..’Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ by the Shirelles was one of my favorites. Born that year was Axl Rose,Vince Neil and Melissa Manchester. Groups that got their start that year were the Stones, the Temptations, Beach Boys and Bob Dylan…it was a great year for music..and I was still trying to get pregnant..Went back to school to get my high school diploma but after 6 weeks(I made straight a’s) Bob made me quit…the guys were to interested in me and he was jealous… that is pretty much 1961…wish you had been there…cause James Darren also sang “Goodbye Cruel world, I’m off to join the navy.”…..


June 28, 2006

Some how I managed to post the 60’s post under the post with the scorpion….fuck don’t ask me…


June 27, 2006

Sorry couldn’t resist the chance to whine like forest gump…Ok, here’s the deal…I am trying to do a really good job on the music of the each post will be for each year…will put in some personal stuff about me and the life I was living during the 60’ much of it as I can remember…it actually doesn’t get fuzzy until about 66-67-68-….er, there was a 1969 wasn’t there?..I mean I have read about a 1969..but not sure about how much I remember about it…ohhhhh purple is such a pretty color in pills…so’s the orange…and oh..yellowsunshine….you are my sunshine…my only..oh wait..where was I..oh, yeah ..the 60’s…so anyhow this is just a note to let you know it may take me the rest of the day to do justice to the 60’s..or at least the way I want to do it…sorry opos, you will have to read some of my old posts…like the one where I went nuts at the yard sale…that will keep you busy until I finish 1960…that will be a fun year…I got married to asshole #1 in 1960…damn…what a flash back THAT was…shudder…gag…( wonder I took drugs)
fuckme like you did last summer….oh no..that was the twist…

…….ME AND THE 60’S…….

June 27, 2006

March 5th,1960……E.P. came home....Elvis has left the Army..
July 9
th, 1960 I made one of the biggest mistakes in my young life…I married asshole number one…Robert Clarence B.I was sweet 16 and he was a stupid 19…We got married in Stockton, Calif at his grandmother’s house with all of his kin folk there..My mother was off, well, she was just off…and Daddy was in Texas trying to remember why he had given permission for his only daughter to marry someone he didn’t like and so far away…maybe because I was subborn and said either you give me permission or I will hitchhike to Calif and get married without your permission..(we were at Kelly Homes in San Antonion, Texas)…so the wedding was nice I supposed and I was happy I supposed..well, fuck I was 16 what did I know what happy was…Song’s that year were varied and reflected the times…Cathy’s Clown by the Everly Brothers, Corinna Corinna by Ray Peterson, Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles,and Only The Lonely By Roy Orbison. I had a red/white checkered bikini but the song was about An Itsi Bitsi Teeny Weenie, Yellow Polkadot Bikini. That summer wearing my red/white checkered bikini we were all at the lake and I lost my wedding ring…hmmmm…isn’t that something…and to show you that I never throw shit away..I picked up a small peice of driftwood and I still have it..I swear to the Goddess…
I may have been a teenager but I was no “Teen Angel”, sung by Mark Dinnin(spelling).I was a “Wild One” by Bobby Rydell and I loved Buddy Holly’s last maybe song of 1959, True Love Ways….and anyone remember the train wreck kid singing with his last breath:”Tell Laura I love Her.”…by Ray Peterson…
Bob was a mechcanic and had a good job and we had this huge house with a gifrantic yard, as Bob was a yard type person…I had only lived in base housing so I didn’t know Jack about flowers or taking ca
re of them..but thanks to Bob’s gentle teachings(weed the fucking yard Jackie)I learned..We didn’t stay there long as Bob found a smaller house with smaller yard…It was like a fairy tale house.It was a duplex and our landlords lived in the other half, but they were old, in their 70’s and liked us as I was a pie baking fool..Didn’t know what I was doing but had managed to learn how to make great pies…I made pies for every one in the neighbor hood..for the landlords, for the old retired navy guy who would sweep up the dirt into a corner and then paint over it..and the old old guy next door in a huge old house..he was basque and talked so funny to my ears…He would smell my pies and lean across fence and yell…”you for me..pies.…? I have red onions..”..Which was I will trade you red onions for one of your pies..We had a tv but when it would get hot after about 30 minutes the horizontal would go out..I remember sitting up at night while Bob slept and watched Thriller with Boris Karlof and would switch the tv off during the commericals so it could cool down…It was “Nice and Easy” with Frank and Mack The Knife with Ella Fitzgerald.Chubby Checker taught us how to Do The Twist, for all the good music, Bob Newhart won the best Album of the year..with the Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart..If you have never seen him do his comedy act you have missed some of the best humor ever..his bit on the phone when he is talking to Walter Reileigh and laughing when he is telling him how tobacco is going to be the next big thing…”so you take these leaves and roll them up and set them on fire and then you smoke them”….and he’s laughing his ass off…ahh, you should have been there…and if you had been there..would you “Save the last dance for me”…by the drifters…


June 26, 2006

If there is one song that I love more than all the songs of the 50s when i was 7-16…I think it would be “Wear My Ring” by Gene Vincent…Gene Vincent was the bad boy singer before Elvis…duck tail, white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pack of Lucky’s tucked in the roll…blue jeans with cuffs,leather belt and leather boots…yes, he was bad…and what did this BAD boy sing? ‘Wear my ring, around your neck and you’ll be mine I know by heck.’ that’s bad alright…’by heck’….But it was a different time...Connie Francis was a good Italian Catholic who sang about My Happiness, the Drifters sang “There goes my baby,”and Dion And The Belmon’ts sang about ‘A teenager in Love.’…man, were those sweeter and simpler days or what..I remember the first time I heard The Everly Brothers sing “Wake up Little Susie”(which was one of my family nicknames’susie’..) I was on one of my very few allowed dates and we went to the drive-in-movie and was supposed to be home by 10pm and we actually fell asleep during the movie(no, no sex…just pooped kids) and I woke up to hear The Everly Brothers singing ‘wake up little susie, ya gotta go home’…
Lets see there was The Cordettes singing ‘Lollypop’,oh and one of my favorites was ‘Little Star'(where are you ….little star?) by the
Elegants, and the song that my first asshole husband and I had chosen for ‘our song’ was “It’s All In The Game”.by Tommy Edwards…(many a tear will fall, but it’s all in the game)..if I had only known then…what I know now…although I did invent the frisbee with that 45..after one of our many fights I slung that sucker sideways at him and like to have took off his head…if only..remember dancing away at the ‘Teen Club’ at Bergstrom AFB, Austin, Texas to Danny and the Jrs. At The Hop….Johnny Mathis singing Teacher’s Pet, I just wanna be teachers pet..’..and doing the swing to Wilbert Harrison’s Kansas City…I was a really good dancer…and could ‘cut a rug’ with the best of them..remember crying to “Tears on My Pillow, pain in my heart, cause of you” by Little Anthony And the Imperials…and Lloyd Price singing Stagger Lee…As much as I loved all the rock and roll and pop songs..the first 45 that I bought with my own money was Scarlet Ribbons by Harry Belafonte…used to make me cry…Then came Elvis and Ricky Nelson….my favorite Elvis song was and is “I want you, I need you I love you…with all my heart..”….and Ricky….Hello, Mary lou…man..I am digging it..and it is swinging…Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, and then …....Buddy….oh he was so good…Buddy Holly and The Crickets…I will remember forever where I was when I heard that the plane carrying him, the Big Bopper and Ricky Valens went down…In Houston Texas living with my Aunt Leola and had been deathly ill…when I heard Buddy was gone, I had a relapse and nearly croaked…well, hell, i was only 14?15…Jackie Wison singing “lonely teardrops”…Had a huge crush on Fabian…Turn Me Loose…now that I look back on it..he was probably the worse singer ever, but damn..he was hot…I went thru a pretty boy stage there for awhile…DeDe Dinah by Paul Anka…oh oh…Diana…two great songs…he could really write them..also wrote the tonight show theme song..and did you know that Barry Manilow wrote the words to Bandstand?

ahh, the memories…didja’ know that Jerry Lee Lewis ‘Whole Lotta Shaking Going On, was the first song played on the Bandstand’s first national telev
ised show? and the first guests were Billy Williams and The Chordettes…
I loved
Bandstand..Remember rushing home from school so I could watch it and learn the latest dances…my mother and I would wage world war 3 over the tv…she wanted to watch Guiding Light and I wanted to watch Bandstand…I would promise to do all the dishes and laundry for a month each time she let me watch it…I never did..I was so spoilt…Well, I have stumbled, tripped and skipped thru the music of my 50’s..I left out many songs and artists but wanted to add a bunch of pictures…I am becoming slick with the pictures..oh, and just in case you think all the songs of the 50’s were sweet and lovely…there was the Hank Ballard songs about Annie…Work With Me Annie(we snuck a 45 of it into the Teen Club and almost got barred for life over it…)work with me annie…any ole place at all, on the wall in the hall…work with me annie..
the scandleless Annie Had A Baby, Can’t Work No More…oh yes, we were bad…
fuckme till I do the Dirty Bop...


June 25, 2006

It’s Howdy Doody Time….. I was only 4 years old when Howdy Doody(Puppet Playhouse) first came on TV…and sadly to say…I didn’t watch it..don’t think we had a tv and at 4 I was more interested in playing outside with my cousins.Think it became Howdy Doody Show in 1949. Back then there was nothing on tv during the day except a test pattern..which most of you don’t even know what that was a pattern that was on the screen alllll day long..until 5pm at night when for 5 days The Howdy Doody Show started off tv viewing…nope, no Oprah, no news, no soaps, not a damn thing…just a pattern..then..tada…Buffao Bob and Howdy Doody..The Buffalo Bill gang ran for 13 years…2,343 shows…Kowa-bonga…I don’t remember for sure when I actually started watching it but there was one year that Buffalo Bob wasn’t on(he had a heart attack and we were told he was vacationing in some village, forget where) but I do remember seeing Gabby Hayes playing Bison Bill while Buffalo Bob was gone, think that was in 1949 or 1950..But Buffalo Bob came back and intertained us with old movies, skits, the Peanut Gallery(oh, how I longed to be in the Peanut Gallery)…There were so many people on the show..There was the Story Princess, Chief Thundercloud, Tim Tremble(played by none other than Don Knotts),Princess SummerFall WinterSpring(and to this day I still can’t say it right ‘wintersummerfallspring’…),Bison Bill,(just read where he was only on during the year 1954), The Flub-a-Dub(made out of 8 parts of differnt animals), the Mayor of Doodyville, Phineas T. Bluster, Howdy’s sister Heidi Doody, Inspector John J. Fadoozle, Captain Windy Scuttlebutt, Hector Hamhock Bluster, Don Jose Bluster and Sandra Witch.
The H
owdy Doody show was the fist show to regularly broadcast in color..They ran Howdy for ‘President of all kids’ and ended up getting requests for 250,000 buttons…Some where around 1956-57 Mickey Mouse came on and the ratings started to slip, the audience that had watched for all those years were growing up(and like me, discovered Rock & Roll)…so they moved back to Saturday’s…and with a little help from “GUMBY”… they held on till 1957 when they were canceled…
So how many of you old farts out there remember starting your evening
off with ‘SAY KIDS!WHAT TIME IS IT?’………..
aaaahhh, skipping down memory lane is fun….I am enjoying this, but not sure anyone else is…should I stop now???? or go on to the music of the 50’s…tv shows of the 60’s??? What do you say kids???

ah fuckme till someone pulls my strings


June 24, 2006

I was skipping through my second childhood last night googling all my favorite movies, tv shows, actors, etc..and discovered something very interesting while googling HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, probably my favorite western of all tv shows..I thought Richard Boone was sooo hot..I like men with physical flaws and he was not exactly your Marlon Brando type…he was manly, rugged, scruffy looking..with the beard and the cigar…I also remember when he played in a tv show called ‘Medic’…where the operations were actual surgeries and that was really a big deal on tv back then…in the 50’s…My mother was at a complete loss to understand why I though he was so good looking…but then mother was in love with Tab Hunter and Rock what did she know..ha!I just know that I thought that Richard Boone as Paladin was the coolest most handsome man that was on tv…until Steve McQueen came on with Wanted:Dead or Alive…boy howdy….anyhow…see if you see the resemblence between our later day paladin and our hero of today…Kinky by God Friedman….


June 23, 2006

It has been a few weeks since I have posted a West,Texas update..mainly because there is not much going on…most of the folks are on vacation, or staying inside to keep cool..I venture out once in awhile to make a grocery store or library run…
Right now I am listening to the Little Willies…and damn I like them..they do covers of songs and their own works…I guess, they kind of remind me of Asleep at the Wheel…lots of fiddles, haunting chick singer a
nd two step mode…yehaw…
Ok, down to the West news, the whole news and nothing but the news…so help me Goddess.
The West Chamber of Commerce is finalizing the plans for the 4th of July celebration at the West Fair/Rodeo grounds..and adjacent Westfest grounds.there will be no admission charge for the event which will feature a children’s area, food booths, arts and
crafts area, bingo, West Business area, along with music provided by two bands.the event will go forward…rain or shine…The children’s area, which is to feature three inflatables, a train ride, dunking booth and stagecoach ride,is to be open from 4-8:45pm. Children will be able to purchase armbands for $3, which will allow the children to participate in all activities in the Children’s area.
There will be 5 food booths along with snowcones, soft drinks, tea and water.Those interesting in having a arts and crafts booth are to call the Chamber of Commerce. This is the kicker wh
ich will limit the number of people who attend..there will be no alcoholic beverages for sale and can’t bring in coolers with beer or alcoholic drinks….boy howdy…yeah, that will bring ’em out in droves…this is the biggest beer drinking town I have ever lived in…so I want to see how that works for them…
Bingo, will be 10 cents a game,a kolache walk is planned for 25 cents and a raffle drawing at 25 cents a ticket or 5 for $1.00.
There will be a horseshoe pitching tournament and dance music will be provided by Charles Nemec and friends along with Betty and the Country Echoes..
A fireworks display has been planned and unless a burn ban i
s in effect at that time, it will start at 9pm and last approximately 30 minutes…People are incouraged to bring thier own chairs for seating and to please use all the trash cans that are provided. The advice is to dress cool and there will be ‘water misters’ in one of the tents.So we got that going for us…
There is also going to be an accordian squeeze off this Saturday at the West Community Center….I just love saying that…’squeeze off’….don’t know why, but makes me think of Sooner.
My nekked ass rain dance brought us 2.9 inches of rain.But I flooded Houston…got to get my ass in gear before I wipe out South Texas.
Johnathan Wyne Weverka celebrated his 1st birthday and
Raymond Nemecek celebrated his 95th…
We have some great news about our West High School Football team …First of all we have been moved up to District12-AAA in Region II. The Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine has picked the Trojans to finish 2nd in our district and picked to be in the playoffs…from their mouth to the Goddess’s ears…
Lindsey Erin McAdams wed Joseph Frank Pustejovsky on June 3rd. in West at St.Mary’s Catholic Church of the Assumption, with Father Ed officiating.
The Manginos, Helen and James celebrated their 50th anniversary and Betty and Don celebrated their 40th.(no last names published)..and babies..we have babies..
Addyson Blaire Nors weighing in at 7lbs. 5ozs. was born
on May 22.
On June 9th, Hannah Marie Ivy at 8lbs. 2 ozs. was born and on May 30th Julia Estelle Hykel arrived at 6 lbs.12ozs. Wow, Estelle. You don’t hear that name anymore…I have an aunt Estelle, so that’s cool…
We had two deaths Johnnie C. Hanak was 17 and wasn’t from West, but had grandparents and cousins here..that’s sad..Plus Thomas C. Lyster, 56 died on Father’s Day..that sucks..
Did I tell you that West has an Auction Barn?..yupper we do…Every Thursday they sell cattle, pigs, goats, horses, etc. This week they will be closed because of something called a order buye
rs holiday..and the Stockyards Cafe will be closed over the 4th of July holiday also…yes, there is a huge resturant right in front of the stockyards…used to be called the barn…now it is the Stockyards Cafe….ya..that’s a big selling point..
The price of Dr.Pepper has gone up in West…Im so pissed my teeth hurt…hell, they make the stuff just right up the road..and I garantee that no one drinks more Dr. Pepper than the citizens of Waco, West, Bellmead, Hewitt, Tours, Tokio, Leroy, etc…all the towns around Waco…so why they don’t cut us a break on the prices I will never know..fuckers..
So that is the news from West…Wish you all were here, we would go to the Community Grocery Store, buy a couple of Dublin, Dr.Peppers, and go toss some horseshoes at the West Swimming Pool
and then jump in and get cooled off….Then go down to Strikly Country and play the 7-7-7 on line games..see if we can get Merle to turn up the jukebox so we can listen to James Hand wail about ‘over in the corner by the jukebox,that’s where I’ll be.’…see ya around the Gazebo….