In the summer time….today is the first day of summer and also the longest day of the year…..or does it just seem like it because the Mav’s lost..? fiddle fuck!So close yet so far..Considering it is June and it’s Texas, the temperature should be in the 100’s..but it is only in the low 90’s..Nice breeze…and I am sitting at computer watching my wild birds eat and play..The male cardinals are chasing each other in loops through the porch…every now and then I see a red blur followed by another red blur…and then back they go..Here comes my blue jay..he walks like one of them old timey gunslingers..legs apart and wings cocked.. his head stuck up and out…making like jerky motions....like Gene Wilder in that movie with Richard Pryor…when they are going to jail…’yes, I’m bad…’..
Lots of stuff in the DAM NEWS (no paper this am…so had to go buy one..fuckers)..past couple of days..one that I find very funny although it is in a very sick article about that scum bag Brian Doyle who was in a department of Homeland Security …they caught him on line trying to have sex with a 14-year old girl…he also managed to slide in some person feelings about ole Forest..”nice guy but not a good president..he i
s not very bright and it is evident..bush is a liar..there were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, total lie to go to war.”
But then for however dumb he might think Forest is…at least the dumb ass didn’t get busted for trying to have sex with a 14-year old and have a computer full of tennage porn at his job..Ole Forest really knows how to hire good help…
Speaking of our dipshit president..he is in Vienna, Austria..and one of Austria’s widely read news magazine Profil featured dipshit on its cover this week, under the headline:”The Mad World of George Bush.”
“What makes the leader of the last superpower tick? Just how fanatical is he?” the magazine asked.It drew a very unflattering psychological profile of the president”Bush on the Couch.”
Ahhhh, aren’t we all proud of him…he is a joke…and no one knows it more that the rest of the world..here at home we are slowly but surely wising up..although some like me knew he was a fuckup from day one..
Since I had such great results with my nekked ass rain dance…I may try to use my nekked dancing to get rid of forest..Maybe if I shake my fat ass at the moon enough the Goddess will get riled up and bip him onto one of the rings around Jupiter..Hey, it’s worth a try..plus I am starting to like running around nekked in my yard.
To bad there is no pay in it..I may have found my niche in life…nekked ass dancer….nah….I have seen my ass nekked and it ain’t purty…
fuckme till forest is long gone…


12 Responses to “…….SUMMER SOLSTICE…….”

  1. leo myshkin Says:

    i find gump to be far less irritating than mark cuban. but then again, i find every life form on this planet to be less irritating than mark cuban.

    there’s just something about show off billionaires that bugs me.

  2. R. Rodgers Says:

    I like your posts, they crack me up make me smile (way).

  3. Joshua Says:

    I would bet anyone $100 that he asked for “authentic” Vienna sausages at some point during the trip.

  4. Joshua Says:

    Oh, I almost forgot… happy Midsummer! According to Google, now is the time to cut wands and divining rods, when the Goddess is mightily pregnant and the God is at the peak of his power.

  5. autumn Says:

    Happy Solstice to you. (Blessed Litha). I hope you enjoyed your day

  6. Nit Wit Says:

    You better make sure of your aim before you try the naked Bush bip dance. I’m afraid you might hit Chaney and get it reflected back by his evil shithead shield causing mighty devastation to wonderful West.
    I can’t believe how stupid and sick a lot of the people in the Bush administration have proven to be. It’s like the number one job requirement is that you make George look like the smart one.
    Maybe you ought to demand free access to the damn news online until they start delivering your paper again. That is if they have a web version.
    The trouble is when the Gump leaves Washington he will go back to Texas.
    Funny, my spell checker tried to get me to change shithead to hot head. I told it to add the word to the dictionary. 🙂

  7. Babs Says:

    Hey… still need rain here!! Shake that rain maker!

  8. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Are you the one responsible for the wicked storm that came through here yesterday on my drive home? Sheesh! Think you can ease off on the golf ball size hail next time?

  9. maritzia Says:

    You need to do your rain dance with your ass pointed at Arizona…nasty fires going on there at the moment.

    Although if it comes down to a nekkid dance to get rid of Shrub, I’m all over that one. The neighbors will just have to shut their eyes! And I’ll make the husband pick up the dog poop in the yard *laughs*.

  10. PJ Says:

    I am all for the nekked moonlight dance to get rid of Bushwacker.

    You can see what other countries think of the idiot and they put the Dixie Chicks down for saying the same thing. Really. I have bought their CDs ever since. Love em.

  11. Le Pixie Says:

    I guess you were pointing your ass this way, we had a brief thunderstorm this morning. It’s just muggy and moist here and I hate it. Chicago summers suck.

  12. aunt-t Says:

    i am aunt-t, ourladyofperpetualdrama’s aunt-t.
    i saw your post on her blog. the book you are reading, rebels of ireland, is a book i ordered for our library (i’m a librarian). my subject area for our library is literature, film, philosophy and a couple of other subjects. i try to stay open minded about what i order, but i will order books that i want to read, too. rebels is one. i also try to keep our collection as diverse as possible, ordering books by women and non-anglo authors. the head of the collection & development department is an white, pompous male, though i do like him most of the time. he’s always sending me suggestions for titles, usually dealing with white, anglo males/females, such as shakespeare, dickins and the sort. i love jane austen, but we have over 40 books by and about her. he did surprise me the other day by sending me a list of core literature covering ethnic groups that shaped america. he’s finally getting it!
    the series by alexander mccall smith, the no. 1 ladies detective agency- precious ramotswe are absolutely wonderful. his writing is simple, yet elegant.

    nice meeting you–i’m a granny, too.

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