I was skipping through my second childhood last night googling all my favorite movies, tv shows, actors, etc..and discovered something very interesting while googling HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, probably my favorite western of all tv shows..I thought Richard Boone was sooo hot..I like men with physical flaws and he was not exactly your Marlon Brando type…he was manly, rugged, scruffy looking..with the beard and the cigar…I also remember when he played in a tv show called ‘Medic’…where the operations were actual surgeries and that was really a big deal on tv back then…in the 50’s…My mother was at a complete loss to understand why I though he was so good looking…but then mother was in love with Tab Hunter and Rock Hudson..so what did she know..ha!I just know that I thought that Richard Boone as Paladin was the coolest most handsome man that was on tv…until Steve McQueen came on with Wanted:Dead or Alive…boy howdy….anyhow…see if you see the resemblence between our later day paladin and our hero of today…Kinky by God Friedman….


19 Responses to “…….KINKY/PALADIN?PALADIN/KINKY?…….”

  1. ariadneK, Ph.D. Says:

    LOL…great post, and I can see the resemblance! 🙂

    DAMN wouldn’t it be great to see Kinky kick some ass in Texas?

    THANK YOU by the way for all of your supportive comments…I’m kinda crawling out of my funk now.


  2. Lauren Says:

    OH YES!!! I knew Kinky looked like someone, just couldn’t come up with the name. Richard Boone was HOT, HOT. . . HOT!!!

    Tab and Rock were always too pretty. . . Not my type either. . .

    Time to get dinner going. . .


  3. texlahoma Says:

    I remember Paladin? Was that the same thing? BTW, they look a lot alike.

  4. Dr.John Says:

    I loved Have Gun Will Travel but I don’t think I would watch it now. Our tastes change with age.

  5. Tina Says:

    Ha, great catch – i see the resemblance 😉

  6. PJ Says:

    They sure do look alike. I used to watch Have Gun Will Travel all the time and another one was Rifleman with Chuck Connors. Thos westerns were amazing and always had a moral, a good one.

    I hope you are watching Open Range tonight on AMC. Good movie. It is in two parts with the other part tomorrow night.

  7. Aurelius Says:


    Kinky’s getting some national coverage now. Good luck to him!

  8. Junebugg Says:

    I never went for the pretty boys, either. I’ve got no use for a man who takes longer to get ready than I do. I’ve always had a thing for Sam Elliot. That deep voice makes shivers go down my spine!

  9. c4n3p Says:

    I think you are on to something. I read this interview with Kinky where he discussed his idea of the “honorable cowboy”:

    SM: How do you think “cowboy” has been used pejoratively?

    KF: By Europeans, by some Americans . . . maybe it’s because of George W., maybe not. It’s been used that way to mean a loose cannon or a bully. But a cowboy has never been that. A cowboy has always stood up for the little people. He’s always been a knight out of time, beloved by all the children of the world. I want to preserve the cowboy as he really is. I want to take us back to a time when the cowboys all sang and the horses were smart. I’m gonna beat this wussification, if I’ve got to do it one wuss at a time.

    SM: As a spiritual leader of Texas, restoring the faith in the way things ought to be?

    KF: That’s right, I’m looking to do spiritual lifting instead of heavy lifting. That’s what I’d do as governor.

    SM: So does this idea of the honorable cowboy have anything to do with why you threw your support behind President Bush in this last election? You did, didn’t you?

    KF: Yes.

    (here’s a link to the interview, which you should REALLY check out: http://www.ruminator.com/content/040501.html).

    I can’t go along with Kinky’s love for Bush (and especially Kinky’s specific support for Bush’s Middle East foreign policy), but I like his “honorable cowboy” idea even if I can’t see how a right-thinking person whold apply that term to Bush.

  10. Nit Wit Says:

    Wow! I think you found his twin. I loved that show and The Rifleman and Bat Masterson. Clint Eastwood was too pretty in Rawhide. Boy that sure has changed now. I just picked up The Shootest on DVD He’s in it and trying to kill The Duke.
    I remember Dobbie Gilis too. The Thinker statue always takes me back to it.

  11. Lady Rose Says:

    OH I love Kinky!!!! Wish I lived in Texas so I could vote for him. Have you seen his action figure — it even says several of Kinky’s favorite sayings.

    ***Kinky for President***


  12. Nancy Says:

    Willie loves kinky. In his book he talks a lot about growing up in Texas.

    The black and white picture, isn’t that Paladin? I had the biggest crush on him. I would day dream about riding…horses with him.

  13. Donna Says:

    Oh it’s definitely the hat…the other dude has a more rugged face! Cool resemblance though.

  14. leo myshkin Says:

    kinky needs some cool business cards like paladin had. paladin, dog rescues, willie’s endorsements. kinky better be careful or he might get elected and then the fun will be over.

  15. JDaaris Says:

    Gosh, I loved all those westerns (does anybody but me remember Sugar Foot? That was a hoot)… I was going down memory lane this morning after seeing a piece on TV about Superman (George Reeve as Superman, he always looked like he was flying flat enuff to be on top of an invisible table, but I still thought it was a great show)…. 🙂

  16. Maritzia Says:

    Dang…I saw paladin, and thought you were going to talk about EverQuest *laughs*.

    Yeah, I always liked the rugged looking men. John Wayne, Tom Sellek, Kirk Douglas. My one exception was Cary Grant. There was just something about that little sideways grin that always got to me…but then, all those rugged guys had that same kind of grin. *laughs* It’ll melt me every time.

    I never had much going on for the pretty boys. They just weren’t my type. My dad was a cross between the rugged and the pretty boy *shrugs* so I don’t know where I get if from. Mom loved the Tab Hunter types, too. But I’ll stay with the rugged looking guys.

  17. Galt-In-Da-Box Says:

    Richard Boone’s prolly the pick of the litter for the time: Tab Hunter was a no-talent and Rock Hudson was banging little boys.
    First look at the pics, I thought it was Charles “You stupid sonofabitch!” Bronson…THERE was the original bad-ass.

  18. Maritzia Says:

    You know, Galt…just because someone is homosexual doesn’t mean they’re pedophiles.

    *sighs* Sorry, that’s just one of those comments that sets me off every time.

  19. Granny Says:

    This is fun and I’m sorry I got here so late.

    Do you remember Kukla, Fran, & Ollie or was that a little before your time?

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