…….ME AND THE 60’S…….

March 5th,1960……E.P. came home....Elvis has left the Army..
July 9
th, 1960 I made one of the biggest mistakes in my young life…I married asshole number one…Robert Clarence B.I was sweet 16 and he was a stupid 19…We got married in Stockton, Calif at his grandmother’s house with all of his kin folk there..My mother was off, well, she was just off…and Daddy was in Texas trying to remember why he had given permission for his only daughter to marry someone he didn’t like and so far away…maybe because I was subborn and said either you give me permission or I will hitchhike to Calif and get married without your permission..(we were at Kelly Homes in San Antonion, Texas)…so the wedding was nice I supposed and I was happy I supposed..well, fuck I was 16 what did I know what happy was…Song’s that year were varied and reflected the times…Cathy’s Clown by the Everly Brothers, Corinna Corinna by Ray Peterson, Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles,and Only The Lonely By Roy Orbison. I had a red/white checkered bikini but the song was about An Itsi Bitsi Teeny Weenie, Yellow Polkadot Bikini. That summer wearing my red/white checkered bikini we were all at the lake and I lost my wedding ring…hmmmm…isn’t that something…and to show you that I never throw shit away..I picked up a small peice of driftwood and I still have it..I swear to the Goddess…
I may have been a teenager but I was no “Teen Angel”, sung by Mark Dinnin(spelling).I was a “Wild One” by Bobby Rydell and I loved Buddy Holly’s last maybe song of 1959, True Love Ways….and anyone remember the train wreck kid singing with his last breath:”Tell Laura I love Her.”…by Ray Peterson…
Bob was a mechcanic and had a good job and we had this huge house with a gifrantic yard, as Bob was a yard type person…I had only lived in base housing so I didn’t know Jack about flowers or taking ca
re of them..but thanks to Bob’s gentle teachings(weed the fucking yard Jackie)I learned..We didn’t stay there long as Bob found a smaller house with smaller yard…It was like a fairy tale house.It was a duplex and our landlords lived in the other half, but they were old, in their 70’s and liked us as I was a pie baking fool..Didn’t know what I was doing but had managed to learn how to make great pies…I made pies for every one in the neighbor hood..for the landlords, for the old retired navy guy who would sweep up the dirt into a corner and then paint over it..and the old old guy next door in a huge old house..he was basque and talked so funny to my ears…He would smell my pies and lean across fence and yell…”you for me..pies.…? I have red onions..”..Which was I will trade you red onions for one of your pies..We had a tv but when it would get hot after about 30 minutes the horizontal would go out..I remember sitting up at night while Bob slept and watched Thriller with Boris Karlof and would switch the tv off during the commericals so it could cool down…It was “Nice and Easy” with Frank and Mack The Knife with Ella Fitzgerald.Chubby Checker taught us how to Do The Twist, for all the good music, Bob Newhart won the best Album of the year..with the Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart..If you have never seen him do his comedy act you have missed some of the best humor ever..his bit on the phone when he is talking to Walter Reileigh and laughing when he is telling him how tobacco is going to be the next big thing…”so you take these leaves and roll them up and set them on fire and then you smoke them”….and he’s laughing his ass off…ahh, you should have been there…and if you had been there..would you “Save the last dance for me”…by the drifters…

9 Responses to “…….ME AND THE 60’S…….”

  1. yellowdog granny Says:

    i dont know what the fuck happened on this post..the font is fucked up, the color is fucked up….the pictures were not where i put them….sorry folks..but i will get better at this…i promise…huh huh…

  2. Nancy Says:

    There is not a thing wrong with this post. I could read it and I enjoyed the pictures and it made me smile and thing about how dumb we are at 16 or 17. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    I got married at 17. My parents had to sign for me. I was in the eleventh grade. He was older, 22 and he was gay. He thought getting married would straighten him up. It ended two weeks later and we had it annulled.

    I still love him but in a different way. He could always make me smile.

  3. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Love your dress! And how about making some pies for me? I love cherry! Apple is always good too. Not crazy for blueberry but blackberry and raspberry are always a winning combination!

  4. Maritzia Says:

    HAHAHAHA…I wasn’t even born then, but the way you tell it, it’s like I was there. I was conceived about a year later in Army housing in El Paso!

    God, the things we do when we’re young and hormone drunk.

  5. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    i love that song ‘kathy’s clown’
    i don’t know where i might have heard it… but i did, and i like it. i remember hearing it when i was really young.

  6. Autumn Says:

    Love the dress you had on in this post. You were young. I didn’t marry for the first time until I was 19, but I’d lost my virginity to him when I was 17. Stayed married over a year but only lived together for three months. Just goes to show you how dumb we are as kids.

  7. PJ Says:

    Everyone needs at least one ex. lol

  8. Granny Says:

    Just saw you at Autumn’s Meadow and was intrigued by “yellowdog granny”.

    Is that I’d vote for a yellow dog before I’d vote Republican?

    I’m reading my way backward through your music lists. I think I’m about five years older than you (I was 12 in 1950) but we remember many of the same things.

    (aka granny)

  9. Anonymous Says:

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