It’s weird..but I actually thought that Bob didn’t go into the Air Force until ’62 but..I was wrong..But in the Air Force we were, Bob had gone to Fire Dept. School in Greenville, Mississippi. I had joined him and it was for caca…Sorry all you Mississippians…(is that a word?) but this was 1961 and I had never incountered ‘the south’ and their way of thinking..I was an Air Force kid, went to school with black kids, Mexican kids, Asian kids, and kids that had a mother born in Germany, France, Italy, etc…I never experienced the race problem…my parents raised me to think we was all God’s children..But also, I had never seen a black person till we were in Hawaii and I was about 8 years old…Not a lot of black people in Mesquite, Texas in the 50’ anyhow, we’re in Mississippi where I was called a ‘nigger lover’ because I wouln’t sit up front with a bunch of white GI’s..and wanted to sit in the back where all the women were…didn’t care that they were black..they were FEMALE and not hairy ole GI’s..the bus driver threw me off the bus and had to walk back to town..lucky for me it wasn’t that far..and after that, word spread and I was pushed off the curbs(which were really high( and called names and treated like I had a contagious the point where we were almost forced to move from the place where we were living with 3 other couples..they were all from the south and didn’t like me after they heard what I had done…I still didn’t get it..Bob had to sit down and explain about the seperation of blacks and whites…or as he called them coloreds…What a shock!
So now we’re in Roswell, New Mexico and Bob is stationed at Walker AFB. JFK was president and we all were in love with Jackie…hmmm. Maybe that is why Bob was so shitty to me..he got the wrong Jackie..
.We experienced the Bay of Pigs, which really effected us as we were military..First time I had heard anyone express such hate for the President…for not calling in air support for the guys that parachuted in and were left to fend for themselves…Guess the Mafia were a little unhappy with him too for losing Cuba for them…no more gambling casinos…byebye cigars and good rum…
But the music….we always h
ad the music…Patsy Cline had 2 huge hits that year with ‘I Fall to Pieces’ and ‘Crazy’….which in case you didn’t know was written by Willie Nelson…Connie Francis wanted to know ‘Where the Boys Are’…Roy Orbison was ‘Crying’,’The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ sung by the Tokens and we had ‘Blue Moon’ by The Marcels. There was ‘A Town Without Pity’ by Gene Pitney(this is the one Kevin) and was the song from a movie with Yvette Mimieux aboaut a bunch of GI”s who raped a local girl in Germany. Good movie..I was still in love with Rickie Nelson even if he was a ‘Traveling Man’…Judy Garland won best female vocalist and had the album of the year..’Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ by the Shirelles was one of my favorites. Born that year was Axl Rose,Vince Neil and Melissa Manchester. Groups that got their start that year were the Stones, the Temptations, Beach Boys and Bob Dylan…it was a great year for music..and I was still trying to get pregnant..Went back to school to get my high school diploma but after 6 weeks(I made straight a’s) Bob made me quit…the guys were to interested in me and he was jealous… that is pretty much 1961…wish you had been there…cause James Darren also sang “Goodbye Cruel world, I’m off to join the navy.”…..


10 Responses to “IT’S 1961 AND WE’RE IN THE AIR FORCE”

  1. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    i can not even go into how many of those songs i know and love…

    by the way- movie choices- though i know you have already been to the video place because it is late as fuck–

    kiss kiss bang bang bang.
    fucking hillarius!

    running scared- a plot twist every 5 minutes after it gets started…

    that is about it… i wish i had more, but there has not been shit coming out lately…

    stay tuned for ‘brick’ which is set to be released on my birthday- (go me!!) august 8th…

  2. Worried Says:

    Thank you for your comment on Is America Burning. Granny and I appreciate visitors, especially those who comment. We value the input of visitors.

    I like the position you are taking on this blog. Revisiting the music, movies, bits of life during the posted years is a great idea and wonderful to stroll down memory lane.

  3. Nit Wit Says:

    Shouldn’t that be scroll down memory lane as were on computers?
    I think 1961 was the year that I got run over by my neabor lady as she was backing out of the driveway and I was rideing my bike. She paneced and stopped with my foot stuck under her tire. Nothing hurt except my bike though.
    I remember all the songs you listed but I didn’t relize the Beach Boys got started that early.
    I need sleep!

  4. Anonymous Says:

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  5. leo myshkin Says:

    and who was jfk fucking in 1961 besides the lovely ms bouvier.

  6. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I love Patsy Cline! People think I hate Country music but that’s not true…I only hate the “modern” stuff. The old, REAL country music from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and a little from the early 70’s before it started to try to become rock music, is still awesome stuff.

    You were like a white Rosa Parks!
    Kudos to you!

  7. Maritzia Says:

    Wow, I had the same experiences with race. I was raised in army housing, which was a very mixed community. You didn’t dare be racist or you’d get kicked off of base. My best friends were black kids. When Daddy went to Germany and we were waiting for our travel orders to join him, we went and stayed with my grandparents in a little town in east Texas. The first day, after recess, the teacher took me aside and explained to me the I need to play with “my own kind”. I didn’t understand what she was talking about. When I got home, my poor mother had to try and explain racism and segregation to a 7 year old with no experience of either.

    Daddy retired from the army when I was 9 and we moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. That was in 1971 when bussing was started, and some redneck PTA’er actually approached my mother with a petition to stop bussing. *laughs* That woman probably still remembers the chewing out she got from my mom to this day! My extended family may have been poor white trash, but they weren’t prejudiced. Well, not for the time anyway *laughs*. My mother did have a tendency, anytime there was an articulate black person, to comment on how well-spoken they were, like that was such an accomplishment for a black person.

    Ahhhh…Patsy Cline….I still love her music. I was just a baby when she put out most of her songs, but I heard them from the cradle.

  8. Autumn Says:

    I never had any black friends growing up. I did have a few Mexican because we were in San Diego, but mama and daddy were from the south so we didn’t know many families other than white. I don’t think I had a black child in my school until I was in high school
    Sad huh that people were seperated back then because of color. Oh well that is what makes the world go around

  9. Donna Says:

    Wow, it’s crazy how things have changed for the good since those years, and other things have gone down the drain. I really loved this post!

  10. Big Pissy Says:

    I loved the movie “Town Without Pity”!

    Great movie, great song.

    I know all about racism…..

    I am Mexican-American from San Antonio…it wasn’t as bad as being black in the South….but it existed none the less.

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