Pretty hapn’ year 1962…Rachel Carson published her book Silent Spring which documents the damage caused by pesticides..Look how far we have come…pesticides are the least of our problems for the environment, no thanks to forest gump…the fucker…hey, even in 1962 I cussed the little weasel…Ok, what else, oh..the Supreme Court declares the use of a non-denominational praye in New York State schools violates the Constitution’s seperation of church and state…ah, so that’s when all this shit started..During the months of Oct. and Nov. we had the very very scary Cuban Missle Crises..The US and USSR came close to nuclear war when the US learns the Soviet Union is installing offensive nuclear weapons in Cuba. Crisis is ended when Moscow dismantles the launch sites in exchange for Kennedy’s pledge to not invade Cuba…That was a hairy time for America…and as Bob was a fireman on the largest SAC base in the country he was on duty almost full time…at one point they evacuated the entire base with the exception of the Fire men…He had to stay on the base while every one else was shipped off the base…the families stayed where we were…we weren’t important enough to move…if the base got bombed…we were expendable..along with the town of Roswell, New Mexico…But all those airplanes had to be moved..and none of the firemen were allowed to call their families..so none of the wives knew where our husbands were or how long it would be…finally Kennedy and Krueshev(sp) bent over and kissed each other’s ass and it was over with…but not a good memory for me….’62 was also the year that John Glenn was the first American to orbit earth…3 times in 4 hours and 55 minutes.I remember that like it was yesterday..always interested in space travel..and James Meredith was escorted to University of Mississippi by the Federal Marshals so he could attend…that was probably scarrier for James Meredith than it was for John Glenn..
but the music…oh did we have some music…’The Peppermint Twist”, by Joey Dee and The Starliters, ‘Soldier Boy’ by The Shirelles, Little
Eva sang her little heart out with ‘Loco’Motion’..Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons had two major hits, ‘Sherry….Sherry baby’…and ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’…and they have come full cirlce by the Broadway play about their lives just won a few Tony’s..Jersey Boys..Brenda Lee was ‘All alone am I’, and the song from “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” by Gene Pitney was terrific…cause ‘he was the bravest of them all’….if you like Westerns and missed that one…go check it out..has Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne and Lee Marvin as the bad guy…man that was a great movie..Roy Orbison had two big hits also, with ‘Leah'(try singing along with that song…you’ll hurt yourself) and Dream Baby.Gene Chandler was ‘The Duke of Earl’, he wore top hat and cane and did most of the song on one knee…and rounding out the songs of ’62 is the Beatles..with Love Me Do…great song.Bob and I were struggling to make it on his military pay, but he wouldn’t let me work so I stayed home and listened to the radio..he worked 24 on 24 off and worked a part time job on his day off…say alot of things about ole asshole #1, but he was the hardest working guy you would ever want..and he didn’t hit me or cheat on me(knew I would cut something dear to him off)but he was one of those little guys with the little guy ego..so he made up his supposed failures by belittling me all the time..stupid…can’t do anything, shut up, no one cares what you think…that sort of thing..knowing me now you would not believe that I would ever take crap like that from anyone…but putting up with crap like that is what made me the mean bitch I am today..haha.The Crystals might have been singing about ‘He’s a Rebel’ but I grew up to be one….


14 Responses to “1962 AND YA CAN’T PRAY IN SCHOOL ANY MORE”

  1. Big Pissy Says:

    Now THAT was some good music!

    I’d love to see ‘Jersey Boys’.

    The tickets are like $200.00…so I guess I won’t. 😉

    Your first husband sounds like my first husband with the putting-you-down shit.

  2. Babs Says:

    So, this is were the bitch came to be, eh? hehehehe
    Somehow, I missed yesterday’s post too. So, just caught up on both of them. I can’t imagine living in that culture of where you would be hated for wanting to sit in black section of the bus. Crazy. But I had an step-uncle that called them “niggers” to his dying day and to him he didn’t think of it as an insult. That was just what he called them. I didn’t meet him till I was 16 and the first time I heard him say it was at the dinner table and I nearly choked on my damn food. WTF did he just say?

  3. PJ Says:

    I watched John Glenn on TV on his orbital flight.
    Your husband was on the base during the Cuban Missle Crisis? Scary stuff there. I remember we all were looking for the closest bomb shelters just in case. How stupid were we? If a nuclear missle ever hits here we are gone and no time to get to a shelter. I look for another missle crisis or two coming up. History repeats itself.

    So Bob had Nepolian syndrome? Ha.

  4. Lauren Says:

    Whatever happened to that wierd guy that used to do the commercials for the company that made those devices that were supposed to stop the annoying affects of the condition that caused your dog to act like he was in one of those commecials with that wierd guy. . . .

    Happy OTT!

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    Lee Marven really played an asshole in that movie. It’s one of my favorites and I have it on DVD. Maybe I’ll watch that and El Derado and The Shootest. I picked the last two up earlier this week.
    El Derado is the version with Robert Mitchem and James Caan.
    My first wife was like that with the constant put downs. Don’t much miss it.

  6. EuroYank Says:

    Great Blog! Easy to read. Well written. Great colors!

  7. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I think you need to include important information in these memories that you have been leaving out up till now. And that would be…

    How high was your hair?

  8. leo myshkin Says:

    roy orbison was the man! i don’t even change channels when the fund raisers come on during his black and white concert on pbs.

  9. Donna Says:

    What hurts you only makes you stronger. And aren’t you glad that you’re a mean ol bitch now? Haha it’s ok…you know we all loves ya!

  10. Le Pixie Says:

    Hey I know all those songs. I was actually a Beatles fan at age 8. Weird kid.
    I think that verbal abuse sticks with you the longest.

  11. maritzia Says:

    *nods* I took a lot of shit in my live, then, somewhere in my 20s I woke up and thought, “What the hell? They can’t talk to me like that!”, and I started fighting back. Discovering my backbone was an awesome day for me!

  12. maritzia Says:

    Oh, and did I mention this was the year I was born!

  13. Granny Says:

    I can still rattle off that so called prayer. And at some point they stuck “under God” into the Pledge.

    The Cold War was in full swing, we were learning “duck and cover” (and kiss your butt goodbye). Scary times when I was in high school.

  14. Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) Says:

    Oh duh, now I see that you’re doing a series of posts based on the year. Cool idea!

    Moody Blues are one of my all time fave bands. “Knights in White Satin”, “Tuesday Afternoon”
    and recently I was dancing in my den alone to exercise to “Under the Boardwalk”- Lovvvvvvvve that song and so many others you listed here. Will read your blog more carefully when I come back another day! MMMMMM!

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