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July 31, 2006

I love living on the ranch…I work at the Lodges as waitress, bartender, cook and pumper of gas..I got so good at this job, I could toss an egg on the grill, slam a beer down for a customer, run out on the docks, pump a bucks worth of gas in a ratty old boat and rush back in time to flip the egg…But I was looking for something more….don’t know what the more is..and I think I’m still looking for it..My boss also ran a construction company and he said he would recommend me to the boss at Calco Lumber company..Said cool..also said to myself(what the fuck?..I know jackshit about lumber, nails, and any of that other stuff they might sell)But I have never let that slow me down before and wasn’t about to start now..So off I went..and the boss was a very ambitious woman who liked to give a step up to other I lied like a mother fucker and said I could do it and she wouldn’t be sorry if she gave me a chance..and you know what? I didn’t lie…I took home every single pamplet on products they had in the store..I went home and in 3 days had memorized everything..I started off Monday with some knowledge but not enough..I was in love with the tool department..they had stud finders, studs, and bastard files. They had screws too.If someone asked for..lets say..indoor paint..I would run like a crazy person to the indoor paint and would start reading the the time they caught up with me I would have figured out what they needed..(knew my ability to speed read would pay off)During my breaks and my lunch hour I would go from dept to dept memorizing where everything was and what it did.. I checked books out of the library..I studied like I was in school…I won’t say that I was good at it…but in 6 months when the manager and her assistant moved to another store, they made me assistant manager.I was working with contractors and getting a commission from their sales..I rocked…I also loved the job..loved customer’s (yeah, even the assholes as they gave me great stories to tell)I had made some great friends, loved living on Lake Austin,was close enough to see my Daddy as often as I wanted and Lane and I were having a great time fucking with the neighbors, cowboys and deer hunters…But I had this itch on the bottom of my when Chuck called and said he was working at Paramount Studio in Hollywood and could get me a job making up to $17 an hour….I thought it might not be a bad deal(that is what I get for thinking) so the kids and I talked it over and they were all for we tossed our stuff in the back of the truck and off we went…
This turned out to be a big ass mistake…I worked at Paramount Studio as a prop maker..yes, I made great money..but the smog was making MJ ill, as she had asthma, and I couln’t find a house or apt that I would put my kids in so we lived in Mira Loma on a 15 acre farm which is down by Riverside..So I’m working in Hollywood and living damn half way down the state.Then my boss gave me a key one day with directions on a peice of paper with directions on it to his place.Said this job was over and if I wanted to keep my job… get the idea…I would have been able to take my choice between working on Popeye in Malta or Urban Cowboy in Houston…but to get the job some sex was involved…so…no more job..I stuck around long enough to start doing speed again, but finally knew I had to go back to Texas…and this time I didn’t need Daddy’s help…just moved to West…so another year pissed away…hey..I was getting really good at being a fuckup….While I was prefecting assholeism President Carter pardoned the draft evaders.Scientists were making insulin with bacteria,the Supreme Court ruled that states are not required to spend medicaid funds on elective abortions. South African Stephen Biko was savagely beaten and killed by police while in custody..bastids..Nuclear-prolification pact, curbing spread of nuclear weapons, was signed by 15 countries, including U.S. and USSR.While you all were rocking and rolling, I was country swinging to Willie, Waylon, Crystal Gayle and Emmylou Harris. I was cultivating my country roots by falling in love with Ernest Tubb, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Bob Wills(yes he is still the king),Jimmy Rogers, bluegrass and much more…(this process from rock and roller to country galm just cracked my Daddy up as he had been trying to convert me since I was 11)Rock was becoming something I was not all that fond of but some of it was pretty fucking’Lay Down Sally’ by Eric Clapton,’She’s Not There’by Santana, ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple and ‘Tumbling Dice’ by Linda Ronstadt.But some of this shit was not my thing… “Disco Inferno’ by The Trammps, ‘Do anything you Wanna Do’by Rods, ‘Don’t Belive a Word’by Thin Lizzy,’Smile’by Pussycat, ‘You and Me’by Alice Cooper, and ‘Sheena’s a Punk Rocker’by the Romones.’Fanfare for the Common Man’by Emerson Lake and Palmer,’First thing in the Morning’by Kiki Dee,’Give a Little Bit’by Supertramp, ‘Hereos by David Bowie, ‘High Rollin’by Sherbert, ‘Holidays in the Sun’by Sex Pistols, ‘In the City’by the Jam, and ‘It takes all night long’by Gary Glitter.Who could forget(???)Jamming/Punky Reggea Party by Bob Marley and the Wailers,’Let there be Rock’by AC/DC,and ‘Mary of the Fourth Form’by Boomtown Rats.I loved ‘Lay Down Sally’by Eric Clapton,’Live in the Fast Lane’by the Eagles, and ‘Margaretaville’by Jimmy Buffett.’We are the Champions’by Queen, ‘White Riot’by the Clash, ‘Tear Me Apart’by Susie Quatro,’Peg’by Steely Dan, ‘Pretty Vacant’by Sex Pistols. ‘No body does it Better’by Carley Simon. Oh and that great classic..’White Punks on Dope’by the Tubes..’Psycho Killers’by Talking Heads,’You’re in my Heart’by Rod Stewart,’American Gir’by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,’Darlin’Darlin’Baby’by the O’Jays, and one of my allllll time favorites “Black Betty(bamdebam) by Ram.and loved ‘Handy Man’by James Taylor, ‘Tonights the Night’by Rod Stewart,’You Don’t Have to be a Star(to be in my show)by Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis,jr.,’You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’by Leo Sayer, ‘Cat Scratch Fever’by Ted(asshole)Neugent,’Car Wash’by Rose Royce, ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’by Mary MacGregor,and two great songs by the Eagles…’Hotel California and New Kid in Town’..’Evergreen by Barbara Streisand, ‘Rich Girl’by Hall and Oates, ‘Dancing Queen,Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA.’Southern Lights’by Glen Campbell,’Going your own way and Don’t Stop’by Fleetwood Mac,’Gonna Fly Now(theme from Rocky)by Bill Conti, ‘Undercover Angel’by Alan O’day,’Do Da Ron Run’by Shaun Cassidy(I babysat for him one day when his nurse was sick..long story..I was 14).’Looks like we made it’by Barry Manilow, ‘I just want to be your everything’by Andy Gibb,’Best of my love’by The Emotions,and that song that still makes me want to go beserk and maim people’You light up my life’by Debby Boone.’How deep is your love’by the Bee Gees,’Boogie Nights’by Heatwave,’Carry on my wayward son’by Kansas,and another favorite by Commodores.’BrickHouse”Complete Control’by the Clash,and the anthem for rockandroll…’We Will Rock You’by Queen.’Chanson O’amour'(great sing along song)by The Manhattan Transfer, ‘Deacon Blue’by Steely Dan, ‘I Feel Love’by Donna Summer,’Way Down’by Elvis,and ole Kenny Rogers made enough to support 5 wives off of this song’Lucille’….and last but not least..a song that I not only love, but try to live each night by…”Dancing in the Moonlight’by Thin Lizzy…
I have gone from New Mexico to California, to Texas, to California, back to Texas…Why didn’t some one write a ‘traveling woman’song for me…
fuckme till I say you all, ya’ll……
Blogger is fucking with me..can’t down load (up load??) my will either do them later or just say fuck it and not put them in at all..take that ya bastids…



July 30, 2006





July 28, 2006

California is not for me..I missed long necked
Dr.Peppers.There were no bluebonnets.After
awhile the sea air starts to smell like dead fish, and I haven’t seen an armadillo dead or alive…All I have to show for my stay in California is an eight-ball tattoo on my left tit and the knowledge that no matter where I go..Jack D. is still in my dreams..So I kicked the sand off my feet, stuck the kids in the ltd and struck off for Texas with a u-haul on our ass..We got as far as Ozona, Texas before Jack’s curse(his ltd) blew it’s engine…On Father’s Day, I called my Daddy…”Happy Father’s Day Daddy…..can you come and get us?”(he lived in San Antonio)”Where are you?”…”Ozona, Texas.(north west Texas)”long sigh…..
We’re on our way…(with step mother number 2)and he rescued us once more.We stayed with Daddy and Ima(we called her Irma the wor
m)till they fixed the car and then we went on down the road to Austin…where it was happening… good music, hippies, Willie, long hairs, rednecks, The Armadillo World Headquarters, long neck Lone Star’ and a place to live on Lake Austin, on the Steiner Ranch(the XS Ranch)..where we lived at the end of a 6 mile ranch road with cattle guards,rodeo stock, rodeo schools,clown schools,drunk cowboys and a curve we refered to as ‘the hippy killer’….I met the fabulous Shady Lane, worked at the Lodges which was right on the lake and was once a nudest colony…and was right on hand when Willie, Waylon, Asleep at the Wheel, Leon Russell, Marcia Ball, Balcones Fault and a whole bunch more played at the Outlaw Concert on Steiner Ranch…The week-end before they had a huge rock and roll concert, and can’t remember who all was there..the kids went to it and Mojo got to watch it on the shoulders of one of my girlfriends… I worked at the lodges serving water, food, beer, etc to the hippies who came for the concert..because of my super duper smart ass..I had made boss order 24 cases of rolling papers and equal amount of bic lighters..we sold completely out and everyone thought I was a genius…But I was not going to miss Waylon…I loved(still do) Waylon…have driven all over Texas to go to his concerts..It was fantastic…Because I had made friends with Willie’s half brother Doyle, I had back stage pass and watched the entire show from right next to one of the speakers..which may explain why I am deaf now..’WHAT?’
So I am
liking the redneck lifestyle..I had never let my redneck out..I was a rock ‘n’ roller chick..not a honky tonk gal…but I learnt’ fast… We lived in a octogon shapped apartment and our bathroom was shaped like a slice of pie and I had a crosseyed black cat named ‘Ole Waylon’.and Lane and I would get in her jeep, get a few bottles of Boone’s Farm, some jelly reds,and a jar of italian peppers and go driving on the ranch and scare off the deer..screaming”Run, Bambi, run.”…Tommy Steiner would get so pissed at us..he was leasing deer blinds and making big bucks and we were scaring off all the deer, the hunters would take a pot shot at us every now and then….Once on one of our little trips out on the ranch we ended jeep nose down into this deep ditch…we were stapped in with our seat belts so we are just hanging almost upside down…it’s really quite..and then Lane says:”my smile keeps sliding off my face.”..I laughed so hard I almost fell out of jeep… so while I am learning the redneck life style from a Yankee..the world is going on as usual…
The Supre
me Court rules tha death penalty is not inherently cruel or unusual punishment and is a constitutionally acceptable form of punishment….yeah, how’s that working for us???
Our natio
n celebrates our bicentennial anniversay…
Israeli air borne commando’s attack Uganda’s Entebbe Airport
Air France plane. One Israeli and several Ugandan soldiers were killed in the raid.
Mysterious disease that eventually claimed 29 lives strikes Americ
an Legion convention in Philadelphia. Jimmy Carter is elected our president and Patty Hearst was found guilty of armed robery of San Francisco Bank.She was sentenced to 7 years but 22 months later President Carter pardoned her. She should never have been conviced or even charged with anything…Soweto riots in South Africa are the beginning of the end of apartheid…But we had the music…great music..I of course had discovered to the enjoyment of my Daddy…country music..but not pop country…outlaw country…The rest of you were probably listening to ‘Show Me the Way’by Peter Framton, ‘All By Myself’ by Eric Carmen, ‘Anarachy in the U. K.’ by The Sex Pistols, ‘Back in the USSR’ by the Beatles along with ‘Yesterday’…’Beautiful Noise’ by Neil Diamond, ‘Blinded by the Light’by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, ‘Born to be with You’by Dion and a song that got lots of play then and later ‘The Boys are Back In Thin Lizzy..’Candy Store Rock’ by Led Zeppelin, and some big ole dancing songs’Dancing Queen and Fernando’by ABBA.Some great songs by TMG, ‘Darktown Strutters Ball’ and ‘Devil Woman’ by Cliff Richard.’Don’t fear the Reaper’by Blue Oyster Cult, ‘Don’t Stop it now and You Sexy Think’by Hot Chocolate.A song I really liked’Dream Weaver’by Gary Wright and ‘Fly Like an Eagle’by Steve Miller Band.’Fool to Cry and Hot Stuff’ by the Rolling Stones.’Hasten Down the Wind’by Warren Zevon, ‘Hurricane’ by Bob Dylan, ‘Hurt’ by Manhattan ‘I Love to Boogie’by T. Rex.’I Want You’ by Marvin Gaye, ‘Take it to the Limit and I’d Really Like to See You Tonight’ by England Dan and John Ford Coley.
‘Still the One’by Orleans,’Somebody to Love’by Queen…’I’m your Puppet’ by Bobby Purity, and one of my favorite bands Dr. Hook had hits with ‘A Little big of Me, and If Not You.’
‘Last Child’ by Aerosmith, ‘Say You Love Me and Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.’Taking it to the
Stree’ by Doobie Brothers,”Let ’em in ‘by Paul and the Wings, ‘Misty Blue’ by Dorothy Moore,’Love so Right’by the Bee Gees, ‘My First Night Without You and Super Mama by Bonnie Raitt,’Pinball Wizzard’ by Elton John,’Rock me Gently’ by Sherbert and closing out with Hall and Oates ‘She’s Gone and Sara Smile’….and we rocked and rolled our way through another year….I have made another best friend…I have 3 now..Roxie, Brian, and Shady Lane…I plan on making 3 more as that is all I need to cart my ass to the grave…


July 28, 2006

Went to the library and Henrietta let me pick out some books. Iam sure she was feeling guilty for having them and not letting me read them…I have read so far the new Janet Evanovich book Twelve Sharp, which maybe the best yet..but then I say that about all her books after I read them…But I laughed so hard at her Granny in this book I had tears in my eyes…I love Granny, and even though I don’t believe in chipping, I would do Rangee in a New York City Second…and Morelli too…
Also read James
Lee Burke’s new one Pagasus Descending and it was the best yet…he scared me to death at one point because I thought he had killed off a main character and I was crying like a I get a little into my books…Also have Kill Me by Stephen White and so far I have had to put it down as I kept thinking:”what the fuck?”..James Patterson and Peter De Junge’s Beach Road and so far it is kick ass..Also have Michael Connelly’s Crime Beat and it is a series of articles he wrote when he was a crime beat reporter…pretty cool…but kind of a let down after Lincoln Lawyer..which was really good…I also have a bunch of paperbacks that I bought at garage sales this past weekend.. I swear to you I am not stalling about 1976 as I am almost done with it(on draft)..but I need to find out what the line up was for the Outlaw Concert in ’76 down on the Steiner Ranch where I lived at the time…I have written Lana Nelson hoping she might be able to help, but haven’t heard back from her..but she is a busy girl..taking those fabulous pictures of her Daddy and writing those great articles for the Perdenales Poo Poo..which if you are a Willie Nelson fan and have not checked out his website…well, you’re really missing something..I think I have him on my blog roll… I plan to post saturday on 1976 if I have the line up or will be fun….nothing but drinking and partying in redneck Austin city limits….and I meet Lane and live in a octagon shaped apartment building…with a bedet in the bathroom..boy howdy….


July 26, 2006

I decided we needed a change of scenery..I needed to get us as far away from the psycho family of Jack’s.(they admitted to MJ years later that yes, they had considered having a hit put on me, to get custody of her.)So I dragged my kids to sunny California to be close to Chuck and hopefully a new start… Chuck let me use his last name and the kids and I kept a low profile from the New Mexico nutjobs..
We mo
ved to Costa Mesa and were close to the beach,which the kids loved and I got a new job, helped along by the SS benefits for the kids and I. My only problem was no matter where I moved or how far I traveled..I still had the memories and the nightmares..I found that drinking myself to sleep was one way to deal with it..My kids have told me that they don’t remember ever seeing me drunk till they were in their late teens, as I was good at hiding it..They went to bed I drank till I fell asleep..during this year I made lots of new friends and took the kids to the beach often. Chuck and I took karate lessons,we rode his motorcycle and I realized that if we got married it wouldn’t work so we continued to carry on like we had been doing. We went to see Jaws and for weeks after wards MJ would run up and down the beach screaming’Jaws, jaws…sharks…dit ot ob de wudder..days shaks in dere…days sharks in dere..oh my dod…we’s all donna be kild…we’s all donna be kild..'(she was 2) Causing hysterical laughter on the beaches…Finally I had to keep her off the beaches until she forgot about it…
In t
he mean time Watergate was coming to an end with John N. Mitchell, H. R. Halderman an John D. Ehrlichman being found guilty of Watergate cover-up. They were sentenced from 30 months to 8 years in jail..(and Ford fucking let Nixon get off)
Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge take
over Cambodia..which became known as the ‘killing fields.’
American merchant ship Mayagreuy was seized by Cambodian forces and rescued by an operation of the U.S. Navy and Marines, 38 of whom are killed.
Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft take off for U.S. Soviet lock-up in space.

President Ford escapes from two assisination attempts, 17 days apart.(one by that crazy bitch Sqeeky Frome)
The beat goes on..we are still rockin’and a rollin’ even though it is becoming a little disco..cause we were dancing with K.C.and the Sunshine Band’s’Get Down Tonight,’Shining Star’ by Earth Wind and Fire,’At 17′ by Janis Ian,’Some Kind of Wonderful’ by Grand Funk, and ‘Thank God I’m A Country Boy.’by John Denver.Steely Dan had ‘Do it Again,and Black Friday.’Does everyone remember the first time you heard ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen? Or ‘Born to Run’ by the Boss. How about ‘Send in the Clowns’by Judy Collins, or’Boogie on Reggae Woman’ by Stevie Wonder..?’Only Women Bleed, Dept. of Youth and School’s Out For Summer.’by Alice Cooper,’Deamer’by Supertramp, ‘Young Americans and Fame’ by David Bowie.Oh and a song I really loved’Feel Like Making Love’ by Bad Company.
‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ by Little River Band, ‘Fly Robi
n Fly’ by Silver Connection,’Free Bird and Saturday Night Special’ by Lynyrd Skynyd,and a song that will stick in your head after you hear it’ Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song’…by B. J. Thomas…’How Long’ by Ace, ‘The Hustle’ by Van McCoy, ‘I’m Not In Love’ by 10cc, and ‘Jive Talking’by the Bee Gees.A great song by Eric Clapton…’Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,and a great Donna Summer hit’Love to Love You Baby.”Lyin’ Eyes’ by the Eagles,’Mamma Mia and SOS’by ABBA, ‘No Woman No Cry’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers.’You Sexy Thang’by Hot Chocolate, ‘Sweet Emotion’ by Aerosmith, and ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel.ohhhh and another disco favorite by K.C. and the Sunshine Band….’That’s the Way I Like it ..Uh huh…’…’Philedelphia Freedom’ by Elton John,’You’re So Beautiful’ by Joe Cocker, ‘Rock and Roll All Night’ by KISS,’Rocking All Over the World’ by John Fogerty,and one of my favorite all time songs…..’My Eyes Adored You’ by Frankie Valli. “How Sweet it is’ by James Taylor and ‘Low Rider’ by War.(I love to sing that song, with my deep voice)…and to round it off…’Pick up the Pieces’ by Average White Band…..Which I was trying to do…
see ya next year…..1976….


July 25, 2006

Bush Explains Medicare Drug Bill — Verbatim Quote
Submitted on 2005-12-13

WOMAN IN AUDIENCE: ‘I don’t really understand. How is it the new plan going to fix the problem?’

Verbatim response: PRESIDENT BUSH:

‘Because the — all which is on the table begins to address the big cost drivers. For example, how benefits are calculated, for example, is on the table. Whether or not benefits rise based upon wage increases or price increases There’s a series of parts of the formula that are being considered. And when you couple that, those different cost drivers, affecting those — changing those with personal accounts, the idea is to get what has been promised more likely to be — or closer delivered to that has been promised. Does that make any sense to you? It’s kind of muddled. Look, there’s a series of things that cause the — like, for example, benefits are calculated based upon the increase of wages, as opposed to the increase of prices. Some have suggested that we calculate — the benefits will rise based upon inflation, supposed to wage increases. There is a reform that would help solve the red if that were put into effect. In other words, how fast benefits grow, how fast the promised benefits grow, if those — if that growth is affected, it will help on the red.’



July 23, 2006

First off, I want to thank all of you for your kind, sweet words of comfort and encouragement…You have no idea how much it means to me.I don’t think I ever gave too much thought about what I was going through or what I had been through..I’m like a Niki commercial…I just did it…Don’t think I am all that special either..many women have been through worse.(The man who killed my mother got 8 years in prison) But I hate to tell you all,you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Jack had many many problems, without going into his home life or events that happened to him before he met me, he was a very troubled man. He needed fixing and I guess that is what drew me to him. He was 6′ and weighted about 230 or so…Loved his daughter as much as he knew how..He had many addictions, mainly alcohol but when he couldn’t drink he took any and all medications he could..I’m talking hand fulls of black beauties, and an equal amount of tuinals.On that July evening in Farminton, New Mexico he had enough of both to have killed any 2 normal sized men…He was out of control and had been experiencing petite mal seizures.He was for all practical senses..insane..He was going to kill me and my 17 month old daughter and to protect her life and mine, plus my sons, when he attepted to kill us I shot and killed him. I was first charged with murder but adventually after a grand jury it was dropped to voluntary manslaughter.On more than one occasion they were going to drop the charges completely to self defense, but Jack’s mother wouldn’t let it go and called everyone that held office in the state of New Mexico, so they told my attorney that I would surely be found not guilty but because of my mother-in-law, I would have to stand trial…The DA was furious…said it was a waste of money and time.
In Dec. of 1974 I was found not quilty..During the time from July to Dec. I had met a wonderful man, Chuck D. he has been my lover and always my’s been 33 years and he is still one of my best friends… He lives in Hawaii.and I can tell you he helped me in more ways than I can tell you..I moved to Calif. to be near him and it was the start of the rest of my new life…(the pictures above are the 4 of us taken at my Daddy’s about a week or so before the shooting, the other one is me the day before the trial..I know they said I would be found not guilty..but I don’t think I really believed them…By the way, it took the jury a little over an hour to come in with the verdict..they said they would have been in earlier but they wanted that last free meal on the state of New Mexico..When one of the jurist told my Daddy that, he said hell, I would have bought you all dinner if I had known.I know that I would never have made it with out my Daddy.I wonder what he would think of my blog and posting about this…oh well…
But I wasn’t the only one having a bad year….Richard M. Nixon got fired from being something good did come out of my less than stellar year.
Hearst had a bad year also…she got kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.I don’t remember some of the music from this year…was a little busy…but I sure love the ones I do remember…and think my favorite song of the year was ‘Midnight at the Oasis’ by Maria Muldaur.But there was ‘Counting out Time’ by Genesis, ‘Summer Breeze’by Isley Brothers, ‘Seasons of the Sun’by Terry Jacks,’Bungle in the Jungle’ by Jethro Tull,and Elton John had a great year with’Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, The Bitch is Back, and Benny and the Jets.’A great dance song…’the Bump’ by Kenny(didn’t they kill him on South Park????)’Jungle Boogie’ by Kool and the Gang.’Sweet home Alababma’by Lynyard Skynyrd.’Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black,’ by Mungo Jerry.
My oldest son David loved Olivia Newton-John’s ‘I honestly Love You.’ ‘Killer Queen’by Queen, ‘Money’ by Pink Floyd,and a couple of hits by the Stones,’Ain’t To Proud to Beg and It’s Only Rock and Roll.”Ricky Don’t Lose That Number’by Steely Dan, ‘Another Saturday Night’ by Cat Stevens and a Barry White song that is still one of my favorites’You’re the First the Last My Everything.’Plus a song that still makes my ass red…’You’re Having My Baby’by Paul Anka.ABBA had a bunch of hits,’Walter Leo, Honey, Honey and Ring Ring.”How Long’by Ace, ‘Midnight Rider’ by Greg Allman and ‘Jesica’by Allman Brothers Band.’James Dean’ by the Eagles, ‘the Joker’by Steve Miller Band, ‘Clap for the Wolfman’by Guess Who and’Tin Man’ by America.’Taking Care of Business and You Ain’t Seen Nothing yet’ by Bachman Turner Overdrive.’Can’t Get Enough’ by Bad company. David Bowie had a string of hits also, ‘Diamond Dogs, Rebel, Rebel, and Rock and Roll Suicide.’
‘Ride ’em Cowboy’by Paul Davis.Paul McCartney had hits with’Band on the Run and Get Junior’s Farm’ ‘Smoking in the Boys Room’by Provensville Station, and ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ by Eric Clapton.’Kung Fu Fighting’by Carl Douglas.’The Loco-motion’ by Grand Funk Railroad, ‘Roxette’ by Dr. Feelgood and ‘Kissing in the Back Row of the Movies’by the Drifters. ohhhh, and ‘the Piano Man’by Billy Joel.
‘Don’t Rock the Boat’by the Hues Corporation, ‘Ma-ma-ma-Belle’by Electric Light Orchestra,’Cat’s in the Cradle’ Harry Chapman, ‘Best of my Love’ by the Eagles,’Billy Don’t Be a Hero’by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods.Last but not least a song I have taken to my heart for these past years….’Haven’t Got Time for the Pain’ by Carly Simon…
Iam not sure how, or sometimes even why…..but I made it through it…all of it…some not I don’t want to make Jack out to be all bad…he was a sad man, who had many faults but he was a good son, brother and friend. He tried to be as good a father,son,and husband as he could….
I’m not posting any pictures besides the two up top…just kinda want to get this posted and out of me…


July 23, 2006


In Dec. of 1972 I was whisked away to Jaurez, Mexico for a surprise wedding..a surprise because I had insisted I didn’t want to get married and would NOT get married… When I found out why we were there(thought we were going for the gambling, as Jack was a gambler)I threw a hissy fit…and insisted I did not want to get married, take me fucking home….Jack quietly said:”You’re 4 months pregrant, it’s a little late to play hard to get.”….asshole….so we were married..I got even with him though….I waited till he was extremely hung over after staying up for about 3 days and nights in a marathon gambing soree with his fellow insulators from the power plants in 4 corners. We had a huge king size water bed…and he was snoozing away…I took off all my clothes, put on David and Thom’s snorkling gear, mask, huge fins and the snorkle. I am 8 months pregnant…huge..gifuckingfrantic.
I haul my big bellied, fat ass up on the bed by him…stood up and started moving back and forth until I had a nice s
well going …he opened one eye and looked at me in all my glory..I yelled at him at the top of my lungs…”SURF’S UP ASSHOLE”…Well, I thought it was funny…(Jack never gave cards for special occasions..ever..but one day right before I was ready to pop, he handed me a card…on the outside it had a picture of a very pregnant woman…opened up it said’See what you get for fucking around?’)
May 23rd, 1973..after 14 hours of hard labor,(quite a bit of difference from push,’s the baby, with David and Thom… at one point I stood up in the bed and said I was going home to take a nap, and when I felt better I would come back and finish this she is…all 9lbs.10ozs. 20 inches long….with the pinkest creamiest skin you have ever seen…and topped off with a hand full of bright fire engine red curls…she….you say she?……Fine, but you’re telling Jack…we had only boys names picked out…and are you ready for this? If it had been a boy he would have been Waylon Cash Denney…..That kid would have been in so many fights by the time he was in high school, he would have hated us both…So the nurses called her big red…she was a week old before I (the smart one) suggested we name her after the 2 grandmas…this is after almost knock down fights over names…She was less then 8 hours old when I took her home from the hospital…David called and said Jack had been watching them and was bbqing and needed bbq sauce and left to go get some and never came back and the chicken was in flames..(he got drunk, celebrating the baby’s birth and forgot…..yeah…ok…)So I had to go home and take care of the boys and ‘Big Red’…nice rest…The next day Jack had taken the boys to Alburqueque as David was in a Karate Tournament…My Daddy calls and asks me if I am alone and I said, well, me and the baby..he says call some one to come be with you and hung up…fuckity fuck fuck fuck….So I call one of my girlfriends and she comes over..Daddy calls me back and tells me my mother has been raped and killed…just the night before she had made accomadations to come to Farmington to help me with the kids..she went out to tell everyone about her new grandaughter and some one followed her home…
So events have gone from complete joy for the birth
of my beautiful daughter to total agony with the death of my mother.I will admit I was not close to her..but all the same..she was my mother..and since the baby would only be 4 days old at the funeral,I couldn’t fly to the funeral and in no condition to drive it…and in the mean time..the Vietnam war is ending, the Supreme Court rules on Roe vs Wade and Nixon is on national tv accepting responsibility, but not blame for watergate, and accepts the resignation of advisors H.R. Halderman and John D. Ehrlichman, and fires John W. Dean III, as counsel..Plus Spiro T. Agnew resigns as vice president and then goes to federal court in Baltimore pleading no contest on charges of tax evasion of income taxes on $29,000 he received in 1967, while Governor of Maryland. He is fined $10,000 and put on 3 years probation.
The fourth and biggest Arab/Israel conflict begins as Egyptian and Syrian forces atack Isreal as Jews mark Yom Kippur, holiest day in their calandar…
In what is to be called the Saturday Night Massacre, Nixon fires special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, and Deputy Attorney William D. Ruckershaus and Attorney General Elliot L. Richardson resigns..And Egypt and Isreal sign a U.S. sponsored cease-fire accord….and all of this is just background for the music…..sweet sweet music..
‘You Don’t Own Me’ by Ormsby Brothers, ‘Hello, Horay, Elected, and No More Mr. Nice Guy’ by Alice Cooper.’Love Isn’t Easy(But it Sure’s Hard Enough’by ABBA. David Bowie had ‘Life on Mars and Sorrow.’The Stones had some of my favorite songs;’Angie and You Can’t Always Get What You Want.’ Also one of the greatest scenes ever in The Big Chill, when it is played at the funeral…Paul Simon rocks them out ‘Love Me Like A Rock, Take Me To The Mardi Gras, and Kodachrome.’
Also a song I love..’The Cisco Kid’ by War. I decided after
hearing this…I could never have a relationship with a man if he didn’t know who the Cisco Kid is..’Whiskey In The Jar’ by Tin Lizzy. Stevie Wonder had ‘Superstition, You are the Sunshine of My Life and Higher Life.’..’Will it go Around In Circles’ by Billy Preston. Ike and Tina made a hit about ‘Nutbush City Limits’ which is Tina’s hometown.’Photograph’ by Ringo Starr, ‘Roll over Beethoven’ by the Electric Light Orchestra,’Bad Bad Leroy Brown,’ by Jim Croce and Focus had two hits with ‘Hocus Pocus and Slyvia.’Paul Macartney and Wings had ‘Live and Let Die, My Love, and Helen Wheels.’Elton John sang about ‘Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Step Into Christmas.’…
‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree’ by Tony Orlando and Dawn.Ohhh, another great song’Why Me’ by Kris Kristofferson and ‘Lets Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye.’Touch me in The Morning’by Diana Ross.’I’m the Leader of the Gang(I am) by Gary Glitter,and ‘All the Way From Mephis’ by Mott the Hoople.’I’m Just A Singer In A Rock and Roll Band’ by Moody Blues.’Blockbuster, Hellraiser,Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. ‘5:15 and Relay’ by The Who.’Keep yourself Alive’ by Queen.’Get Down’ by Gilbert O’Sullivan, ‘Kiling Me Softly With His Song’by Roberta Flack, ‘Delta Dawn’ by Helen Reddy, ‘Keep on Trucking’by Eddie Kendricks, and ‘Ramblin’ Man’ by Allman Brothers Band.The tear jerker ‘Jolene’by Dolly Parton, ‘The Entertainer’by Scott Joplin, and ‘Top of the World’by the Carpenters.Led Zeppelin had ‘Over the Hills and Far Away, and D’yer Make’er.’Last but not least’The Morning After’ by Maureen McGovern…
Well, I did it…You have no idea how hard that was…I will do 74 and 75 and then seriously…I quit…the rest is all a blur…now I can do it and do just the music and the news..but no more jackiesue news..too hard…74 is going to kick my ass as it is…so if you want to get music and news without me.I can do that..but that’s all..up to you…let me know…cause the morning after isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be….


July 22, 2006

Yes, it’s that time again…Not sure it is exactly that time again or if I’m stalling….yea, I’m stalling..although I did tell this one guy that I would do a West Post as he really likes them…so here goes..the news of the past week of West…
We are having meetings up and down I-35 about the Trans Texas Corridor that will effect Central Texas…If you google it you can see where it will really effect our area. As if it goes through it will wipe out the little town’s of Malone, Penelope, Birome, Hoen, Leroy, Mount Calm and Axtell. It will butt right up against Tours and Elm Mott. These are little farming communities that have been here for close to 150 years…Mount Calm is where the Branch Dividians were…I am pissed and it won’t even effect us…but it is pretty damn close…It’s not a done deal yet, so am hoping they will quietly remove their heads out of thier asses and rethink it..
There is a reward offered for information in an Elk dumping case out by Tours..Eight cow elk and one bull elk, with no bullet holes. They are thinking maybe some sort of contamination and then dumping…someone’s ass will be kicked.

West is being asked to conserve water..we have plenty of it, but if we use too much it takes alot of time for us to refill it from Lake Waco…but so far we are just being asked to water only in early am and late pm..
Oh goodie goodie! The Bold Spring Baptist Church Women’s Department will be selli
ng their hamburgers on the 21st and 24th…I can’t tell you just how great their hamburgers are…The Volunteer Fire Dept got some training classes in West…we have an excellent Fire Dept. The VFD had a tractor pull for yesterday and today…I saw the signs but I’m not sure that watching a bunch of guys pulling shit with tractors is down my alley…
Rodger turned 40, Maria turned 40,Jordyn Matus turned a year, and Landri Glover just turned 2.Joanna Wolf and Johathan Rogers were married on July 8th at St. Mary’s here in West. Man, she looks so beautiful…(the church at top is St. Mary’s..were I go to light candles for you all.)Two engagements..Kelli Rene Volcik is engaged to Alan Joseph Jones, and Candace Ann Herdman is engaged to Charles Edwin Badillo..
Babies ..we have babies…Wyatt Charles Sexton was born on July 5th, weighing in at 9lbs.3ozs. and 21 inches long..Claire Catherine Kubitza was born on July 4th and weighted 7lbs.3 ozs. and was 20inches long…ohh, a fourth of July baby…
There are 2 couples celebrating for 59 years and Henry and Cressie Girard are celebrating their 60th anniversary..Oops, missed an engagement and marriage..Kimberly Outerbridge is engaged to Clay A Psencik, and Marvin Gerik,Jr. and Shelley Cvikel were married…
There were 9 garage sales and I hit 6 of them..Got lots of good stuff…Some one lost a gray and white cat.
Sunday July 30th there will be a deication of the New West Knights of Columbus Club Hall…they will have a polka mass at 10am, dedication begins at 1pm. There will be a dance from 2pm to 7pm-$7.00 per person with music provided by Vrazels Polka Band an Vaneks Band of West. Hoooooo, the Vaneks of West…
The W.E. Electric girls won the district championship at state tourney in Salado…The Knights of Columbus is having their annual BBQ Cookoff on July 28-29th..They are still renovatiing the stadium seats at the Trojan Field..I thought they were going to build new ones,but guess the voted that out…Well, that’s it..all the news that is fit to print…Yup folks…it’s still 1957 here…come see us at Westfest….labor day weekend…..I’ll buy you a sausage on a stick and a beer….


July 20, 2006

This is the year that is the beginning of three years of trials and tribulations..mostly….trial…
I knew t
his was going to be difficult, but I didn’t know how difficult till I woke up this morning fresh from a hellish you will see me be doing a little dodging and evading for this year, 73 and 74…but I hope to dazzle you with bullshit and funny stuff….if not?..well, tought shit..
I got my divorce from Bill C. in ’72..and I know I have told this story before, but alot of you are new and haven’t heard me tell here ’tis..
I told you Brian B. was my best friend..well, he and I would go
out and drink, raise hell and shoot pool..I am good…Or at least I was good, don’t play much any more..But back in the day I supported my drug and most of my drinking habit with my winnings from playing pool…I used to go to the pool hall after I had taken the boys to school and would play golf and 3-ball…look it up..they are tough games.. I played every day with all of the judges, lawyers, clerks, etc. in Roswell…I took all their money…might have had a lot to do with the see through blouses I would wear, but I like to think I was just better than them…so one of the lawyers that I knew became a Judge..and when I went to court to get my divorce he was the Judge…he was in a panic..he knew full well what I was capable of …We were supposed to be there at Brian and I started drinking Bloody Mary’s at remember I am a bartender and it’s ’72, so my outfits were just that..outfits..I had my black micro mini skirt, a see through blouse, no bra, boots(made for walking)and my bells…I still had my string of bells I wore around my waist…I told everyone that I wore them because no matter how fucked up I got, as long as I could hear my bells, I would know where I was…it actually made perfect sense at the I can see some flaws in the theory…
So Brian and I show up for court and we’re both drunk…The Judge takes one look at me and tells my attorney to make me go home and change that what I had on was not appropiate for court…So I went home and changed clothes..came back with a bra on, turtle neck and purple hot pants with flap that made it look like a skirt…they sent me home again…each time I had to go home I stopped and had another Bloody Mary…when I got back after the 3rd trip the Judge realized he was fucked…At this rate we would be there until midnight or till I passed out which ever came first…since I could handle my booze pretty good back then..I think it would have been court is in session…on the way to sit by the Judge I goosed my attorney…every lawyer in Roswell, New Mexico was in the court room that day…(my skirts had brought them out of every room in the court house)every time I moved the bells rang…so in order to just get this thing on the road and out of his court room, the Judge says:”so, Mrs. C. can you tell me why you don’t think this marriage can’t be saved?”…I said:”Yes, I don’t think this marriage can be saved because the only thing we ever did in bed was read, and the only thing we had in common was we both liked the Cookie Monster on Sesame Stree.”….he banged his gavel said ‘Divorce granted.….now get her out of here.”…the court room erupted in applause and laughter…I strutted out of there, with bells a jangling…My attorney said he would do my next divorce for free…said no thanks…should have took him up on it…I also found out that the entire transcript of my divorce was hung in the hallway of the court house with a note by it saying ‘ typical divorce in state of New Mexico’..’
I also met Jack D. who was to become my third and last
husband and father of Maryjo…
My life may have been on the way to wreck and ruin, but
so was the Presidents…He started out the year by going to communist China to meet Mao Zedong.
Great Britain took over direct rule of Northern Ireland in a bid for peace..yeah, and how did that work out for you??
The governor of Alabama, George C. Wallace was shot at a political rally in Laurel, Md. by Authur H. Bremers.
Five men are apprehended
by the police in an attempt to bug the Democratic National Committe, headquartered in Washington D.C.’s Watergate Complex…heehee..which begins the down fall of Tricky Dick and his buddies…we should only hope the same happens for Forest Gump and his bidness cronies.
The Supreme Court rules that the death penalty is
Eleven Israeli athletes at the Olympics in Munich, Germany are killed after eight members of an Arab terrorist group invade Olympian Villiage. Five of the guerrilas and one policeman are also killed.
We bomb the shit out of North Vietnam on Christmas…Way to
go Dick.
But the music..oh yes, always saved by the music..’I gotcha
by Joe Tex,’Rock Me Baby’ by Johnny Farnham(love that
song),Abba’s ‘People Heed Love and He Is Your Brother.’
‘Take it Easy’by the Eagles,’Jealous Guy’ by John Lennon,’All the Young Dudes’by Mott the Goople and ‘You’re So Vain’ by Carly Simon…Oh…kay…! Who IS she singing about?
‘Me and Julio Down By the School yard and Mother and Child Reunion, America,and Domican by Paul Simon.Who can forget the ode to a rat? ‘Ben’by Michael Jackson.Another
favorite of mine’Baby Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me’ by Mac Davis, ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean, a song we have discussed, ‘Horse With No Name’by America, ‘Crocodile Rock and Rocket Man’ by Elton John.’Layla’ by Derek and the Dominoes.’You don’t mess around with Jim’ by Jim Croce and the ‘Candyman’ by Sammy Davis Jr..
‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers, ‘Lets Stay Together’ by Al Green, and a couple of hidden meaning songs’Brand New Key’
by Melanie and ‘My Ding-a-ling’by Chuck Berry.’Morning Has Broken’ by Cat Stevens, ‘I can see Clearly’by Johnny Nash, and two songs that I love, and don’t care how hokey the second one is..’The First Time I ever Saw His Face’ by Roberta Flack and ‘Brandy’ by Looking Glass…’’re a fine girl…”Long Cool Woman(in a black dress) by the Hollies, ‘Papa was a Rolling Stone’by the Temptations, ‘Heart of Gold’by Neil Young, and ‘Song Song Blue’ by Neil Diamond.
The Rolling Stones had ‘Tumbling Dice and Happy.”Alone again Naturally’ by Gilbert O’Sullivan,and of course’I am Woman’ by Helen Reddy. Also one of the greatest ‘head’songs…’Knights in
White Satin’by Moody Blues…Can’t even begin to tell you how many times I listened to the Moody Blues while tripping..the one where you go thru the doors…hooboy…
‘Starman’ by David Bowie,’The Lion Sleeps Tonight’by Robert John, ‘Rock and Roll’ by Led Zeppelin and ‘Oh Girl’ by the Chi-lites…’Black and White’ by 3-Dog Night, and ‘Me and Mrs. Jones.Such great music…don’t think they will ever be able to top the music of the 60’s and 70’s….
Deaths for ’72 Mahalia Jackson and Oscar Levant…If you don’t know who these two people are…shame on them…Oscar Levant was one of the funniest mad men ever…and Mahalia Jackson was one of the greatest female singers ever…I forgot to include this when I was doing 1970…Jimi Hendrix died On Sept. 18th and Janis Joplin died on Oct.4th..I always said one of the reason’s I didn’t over does like they did, is they had better drugs..and more of them…
Births..Rob Thomas from Match Box 20 and Clef Jean from the Fugees…What was in? Afro’s, bell bottoms, poncho’s, platform shoes, prairie skirts, leisrue suits, wedge boots and wrangler jeans…. Jackie survived another year and rid her self of another husband…So far……… good…