Lots of happenings with the new president..Johnson who as a Texas made a lot of southerners hated him as he signed the Civil Rights Act into action…Most of them felt he had betrayed the ‘southern sensebilites’…As the bill integrated public accomodations and prohibiting discrimination.
Jack Ruby was convicted of murder in the slaying of Lee Harvey Oswald. He was sentenced to death by a Dallas jury.Three civil rights workers Schwerner, Goodman and Cheney were murdered in Mississippi.Nelson Mandella was sentenced to life in prison.President Johnson’s commission on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone..I actually have a copy of the warren commission…and after reading it in it’s intireity…it is bullshit…
The Beatl
es appeared on the Ed Sullivan show…and remember watching it…but I had seen them way before that…On Jack Paar’s show..He had gone to London for some shows and went to that hole in the wall that the Beatles played in and did a home film of them singing and the fans screaming..He said remember their names..cause they are going to be really big…
I spent most of the year walking, reading, working in the garden and getting fat…remember when I said the baby was due Sept. 23rd? Well, on that date I went to the movie theater and watched Richard Burton doing Hamlet…it was broadcast on film all over the country…it was fantastic..I was in love…Burton rocked…I kept waiting for the baby to be born…and nothing..I did everything from going to the dump in #1’s old truck and it was unpaved and so bumpy I just knew it would bring about the birth..nothing…took laxatives…nothing…had sex alot…nothing…(these were all things we were told would bring about delivery)…finally 19 days later…I felt a pain in my back…got up in middle of the night, swept, moped and waxed the floors(by hand, on my hands and knees)..did 4 loads of laundry, made breakfast for #1 and his buddies and then about 10am said…I think it’s time..we went to the hospital and after about 45 minutes in labor room, they said ok, your ready…took me to delivery room and said push..I did, and they said push…and I did and David Michael Allen B. was born..8 lbs. 4 oz.24 inches long..he was covered with fur…on his back, shoulders, and on his ears..first thing I said was Oh shit, he looks like a monkey…but he morphed..into the prettiest little baby ever…people would stop us on the street and comment on how pretty he was…so now….I’m a mama…cool…and while I was nursing, changing diapers and learning how to care for this new life…there was music going on…’Baby Love’ (fitting) by the Supremes. The Beatles were racking up top tens again this year with “Can’t Buy Me Love, Twist and Shout, Hard Day’s Night, I Feel Fine, and She’s a Woman.”…..We were ‘Dancing in the Street’, with Martha and the Vandella’s. Frankie Vallie and the 4 Seasons sany about “Dawn and Rag Doll.”…”Chug-alug” by Roger Miller was a big favorite with all the gi’s…”Fun Fun Fun” by the Beach Boys, ‘Glad all Over’ by Dave Clark 5.Oh, man…the Moody Blues with “Go Now”, was a big favorite of mine..The Moody Blues are still one of my very favorite bands…it was the music I tripped to later on in the 60’s…Eric Burton and the Animals…ooh, the bad boys..sang about ‘The House of the Rising Sun’.’It’s All Over Now’ by the Rolling Stones…’She’s Not There’ by the Zombies…’Under the Boardwalk’, by the Drifters…still a great song…’Needles and Pins”, by the Searchers, and the granddaddy of all songs..:”Oh, Pretty Woman”, by Roy Orbison..which is reported to be the fasting selling single in history….I sang all of these songs to David..we watched Another World and Days of our Lives…We got a puppy for David..yeah, like I needed 2 crapping peeing babies in the house…we got rid of the puppy..I had already gotten to attached to the baby to get rid of him..The lion at the zoo had 3 cubs and couldn’t feed them for some reason, so we were allowed to take one in and feed it for about 3 weeks. That is until the cub was licking David just a little too eagerly…so we had them come get the lion…I was keeping that kid…so there goes another be bopping year from the sixties…all that music and a poopy kid..what more could I ask for..


  1. apositivepessimist Says:

    I been waiting for The Supremes to come along, about ten years back I bought a “best of” cd of theirs…buggered if I know where it is now.

    Whoa a lion cub…wow.

  2. Nit Wit Says:

    When I worked in a Disco bar before we remodeled it for that we had live show bands. The Drifters were one of the most popular. We had them there at least 2 times in the 1 1/2 years I bartended there. I can’t remember how many originals there were but I think it was 2 or 3.
    I keep thinking some of that music was earlier but I only remember highlights of that part of my infancy.
    I always thought it strange that Gerald Ford was on the Warren Commission and then became the President who pardoned Nixon. 🙂

  3. Nancy Says:

    I remember my doctor made me drink 3oz of caster oil in orange juice to induce my labor. Caster Oil does not mix with anything, it just sorta sits there on top. I did that for the first two. The last two they induced me at the hospital.

    I skipped school the day Kennedy was shot, I was walking home listening to my transistor radio when the news came on.

    I remember my older sister Lee screaming when the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show, I was sitting next to her wondering if she lost her mind. I was not much of a fan of the fab 4.

    Great post JS!

  4. leo myshkin Says:

    right on with pretty woman. that black and white concert with bruce springsteen on guitar is my all time favorite music video. it’s 1,000,000,000 times better than any of the shit that comes out these days.

    i know it came later but in search of the lost chord by the moody blues is also ultra cosmic.

  5. Babs Says:

    Good job JS!

  6. PJ Says:

    Please don’t stop your posts on the 60s etc. I love them. Actually, that is the first time in years that I have been able to talk about him. My kids don’t even know unless they read this. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t, but if they do I think they will understand.

    Wowza. You had one easy labor and delivery. I labored 37 hours with my first. You lucky woman.

    I loved Roy Orbison, The House of the Rising Sun by Rolling Stones and Under the Bordwalk by the Drifters. You have me digging out all my old records. Too bad I don’t have a turntable anymore.

  7. Big Pissy Says:

    I love these posts of your’s!

    Great, great music….I’ve always been a Beatles fan 🙂

  8. Granny Says:

    I’m having a great time over here despite the tragedies interwoven with the music.

  9. Nit Wit Says:

    so where’s 65? just kidding take your time but don’t stop. This is good shit.
    I always thought good padding was an ass et. It would probibly relieve a lot of the stress on the lower back and make the bazooms stick right out there and cause all sorts of goofy things to happen. 🙂

  10. EuroYank Says:

    Wow is this post a mouthful. Can you repeat it please?

  11. Reg Says:

    They let you take in a baby lion? How cool is that!?!?!? Do you have pictures of that? I’d love to see them.

  12. Donna Says:

    Wow..what a life you led. Damn woman, just reading these posts is like going back in time and seeing and hearing things you saw and heard.

  13. BriteYellowGun Says:


    I was born in 1964 but July. Sorry. Just think, you could have had me if you’d been a few months earlier!

  14. texlahoma Says:

    Very intresting, please continue.

  15. Carina Says:

    I am loving these 60’s posts! House of The Rising Sun is one of the all time best rock songe, ever. Anyone ever heard the Frigid Pink version? Anyone even remember Frigid Pink….
    aaahhh, memories. Yellowdog granny, you rock.
    (A lion cub?!)–>

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