Some time during this year, not sure when I got my divorce…Paid for by me..Bob said he didn’t want the divorce and if I wanted it I would have to pay for it..fucker…I was so anxious to get rid of the little Napoleonic asshole, that I didn’t ask for child support..which when I look back on, was just one of many mistakes I made..but I was so intent on not being dependent on him…I would have done anything to rid myself of him..He came and got David for the occasional weekends, but wouldn’t take Thom as he said he didn’t change diapers and when he was potty trained he mighttake him too…big hearted of him…The boys grandparents rarely saw the boys..it’s like when I divorced Bob I divorced all of them too…and they were kinda wishy washy about seeing the boys…for year after I left Oregon, Bob’s mom would send cards with money for Christmas, birthdays etc…but they never made an effort to keep in touch with them…I am still working my ass off, but Sunday’s were my day, I would work sat night at Palm Garden’s and then my girlfriend Roxanne and I and a bunch of people would go to this blues after hours place and listen to the blues, take speed and wash it down with hot tea..or at least I did..(plus I didn’t heed Roxie’s warning about sitting on the toilet and got crabs, oh lord she never let me hear the end of it…we worked together and she would look at me and yawn and then scratch her crotch,and I would crack up and give her the finger))with all the hours I was working I found myself depending more on more on speed to keep me going…when we would get out of there about 6am or so I would go pick up David and Thom and we would go to the parks, to the zoo, where ever they wanted to go..Sunday was their day..was officially my only day off and spent every minute of it with them..then Monday I would start it all over again…but was making enough money by now that I could quit dancing and the nude modeling…they paid the most but also the hardest for me to do…So adventually I worked full time nights((6) at the Palms and part time days at the tavern…plus I was the catcher for the taverns ‘mushball’ team..don’t know if you know what mushball is or not…but if not, it is exactly like softball, except the ball was a tad bigger and after about the 3rd inning it was a ‘mushball’…we all were either employees of taverns or customers of the taverns..we had a league and we were pretty damn good..the last 4-5 games of the season our pitcher got hurt and I took over, and I some how had learned an underhanded over hand pitch that was impossible to hit and if you did..it went straight up in the air and was easy out..we won all of our games and won the tournament…I was a hero..I actually got carried off the field on their shoulders…and remember thinking…’fuckyoubob’….
1967 had
a lot of racial riots and wars in Israel…
3 Appolo Astronauts, Col. Virgil Grissom, Col. Edward WhiteII, and Lt.Cmdr. Roger B. Chaffee were killed in spacecraft fire during simul
ated launch…that was hard for all of us..Israel and Arab Forces fight the ‘6-day war’ and ended up with Israel occupying Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, and east bank of Suez Canal. Red China announced the explosion of its first Hydrogen bomb.
Racial violence in Detroit, 7,000 National Guards were called in to aid the police after a night of rioting. Similar out breaks of violence
occured in New York City, Spanish Harlem, Rochester,N.Y., Birmingham, Ala., and New Britain, Conn.Black people wanted their’s and didn’t mind kicking a few asses to get it…don’t blame them.
Marshall was sworn in as first black U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
Dr. Christian A. Barnard and a team of South African surgeon’s perform the world’s first successful human heart transplant….patient died 18 days later…kind of takes the glory out of the successful part don’t it..
But oh w
e had some great music to push and pull us through the year…
‘Words of Love’ by the Mama’s and Papa’s…’The Beat Goes On’ by Sonny and
Cher, ‘Gimme Some Loving’ by the Spenser Davis Group.
Springtime brought us ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by the Beatles, ‘Don’t You Care’, by the Buckinghams, and ‘I’m a Man’ by the Spenser Davis Group.Aretha belted out ‘Respect’ and ‘Windy’ by the Association. One of my favorites ‘Little Bit o’Soul’ by Music Explosion.
Then it was summer of ’67………….good times
were had by all. If you were going to San Francisco Be Sure To Wear a Flower in Your Hair,’ by Scott Mac Kinzie.
Take My Eyes Off Of You’ by Frankie Valli was one of and still is one of my favorites..’Sunday Will Never be the Same’ by Spanky and Our Gang. ohh, and ‘Up up and Away, in my beautiful, balloon.’ by 5th Diminsion…Johnny Rivers sang about the ‘Tracks of My Tears‘.and OH…MY…..GOD…..THE FUCKING DOORS…Well, that’s not their name..but Jim Morrison, holy shit..he not only lit my fire…he lit every females fire in america…damn he was hot..Then things were a little trippy..’A Whiter Shade of Pale’ by Procol Harum and ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane. The Beatles reminded us that ‘All We Need is Love’…and another favorite’San Francisco Nights, by Eric Burton and the Animals.Jackie Wilson wow, Jackie Wilson, for those who never got to see him sing..you have missed something very special..Elvis Presley stole everything he did on stage from Jackie Wilson..and admitted to it..Jackie sang ‘Higher and Higher’ and our Jackie was trying trying…Mama’s and Papa’s sang’I Dig Rock and Roll Music’….don’t we all..
Autumn came and so did Jackie…well, that’s one way of putting it..but I had my first date and sex after over a year…when I got my divorce I said yes to a guy who we couldn’t take our eyes off each other…and all we needed was love…or at least a motel room and a condom…think you regular readers will remember my post about this date…so won’t go into details again…but needless to say’Y
ou Made Me Feel Like a Natual Woman’ by Aretha Franklin was a fitting song for me…huhu..Also ‘Woman Woman’ by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, ‘Bend Me Shape Me’ by American Breed, and the cheesiest song ever written and sang’It Must Be Him’ by Vickie Carr….and Cher came out with her own song written by Sonny..’You Better Sit Down Kids’…so it all comes down to the music…I was becoming a growdup…still fucking up and making mistakes left and right…but I had my sons and life was good….



  1. Junebugg Says:

    WOW! Your life would make a great novel. Drama, sex, everything is there.

    Damn, I’m first to comment!!!

  2. Granny Says:

    I’m second. I was reading slowly.

    And backwards. To 1966.

  3. dom Says:

    I’m fifth.
    In ’67 I was wearing flowers in my hair and my mum used to sit me on the potty against the washing machine ,where the rumbling would make me fall asleep.

  4. yellowdog granny Says:

    u bloody brits cant count..dufus..
    i can see you sitting on the pot vibrating away…nodding out..dom’s drug of choice? washing machine

  5. jafabrit Says:

    Your post is effing brilliant LOL!

  6. BriteYellowGun Says:

    but I wear flowers in my hair everyday! And I sure as hell ain’t going to San Francisco! I just feel that hair should be prettied-up whenever possible.

  7. Babs Says:

    I got lost at the cool picture of Jim.
    I don’t think I was conceived yet.

  8. R. Rodgers Says:

    Good post…in 1967 I was being kicked out of High School for doin dumb stuff..

  9. Jezebelle Says:

    I agree with Junebugg. You could write one hell of a novel. It would make a good movie too.

  10. maritzia Says:

    *sighs* 1967…the year we came back from Germany. I was five years old, and despite the fact that I’d been in school for almost two years over seas, they wouldn’t let me start school in Oklahoma because I wasn’t 5 yet.

    Jackie Sue,you are one out and out amazing woman, do you know that? You’re what I want to be when I finally grow up!

  11. Reg Says:

    Yeah yg, why not write a book? I bet it would sell. The movie idea is good too. You should look into it…

  12. leo myshkin Says:

    maybe i read it and forgot, but what’s good old bob up to these days. did you or the goddess ever kill him?

  13. texlahoma Says:

    I remember listening to a transistor radio under my pillow and hearing “Light my fire” for the first time, I liked it.

  14. Nit Wit Says:

    In 67 I was delivering a paper route in the Black section of Blytheville Ark. and tring to decide if I should try to be invisable. We also had fun chaseing the bug spray truck and getting lost in that great cloud of DDT.
    I don’t have a radio and we are still eating a lot of hot dogs and beans. At least they were still all beef wienees then. I’m with everyone else write the book. Well you are really just put the blog posts together and call it a bestseller. Get Torentino to do the movie. Could be bigger than the Harry Potter franchise.

  15. PJ Says:

    I got my divorce in ’69. I had to pay for mine also and no child support. He never came to see his son or have anything to do with him. My son went to see him about 2 years ago and thanked him for being….well I won’t repeat it here but it was not good. Kids grow up and they don’t forget.

    I remember the astronauts killed in the fire. We were devasted that such a thing could happen.

    I loved the Mamas and the Papas, Sonny and Cher and Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles. I was not a Beatle fan, but I loved some of their music and even went to see The Yellow Submarine when the movie came out.

    Jim Morrison is still with us. My youngest son, 30, loves the guy and his music. I think he owns everything the Doors and Morrison did including the movie that came out about them.

    It is ironic how we lived in two different places and experience many of the same things. Just so ironic. But I never got crabs, never sat, silly woman!

  16. Joshua Says:

    Great post, and a great picture of the Lizard King.

  17. Lauren Says:

    By all means JS, write the book. . . It would be a great read!!

    ’67 was a big year in my young life too. I was 14 and entering high school.

    The Detroit riots brought new fears to our Lily-white little farm town. There was fear that riots would also happen in nearby Flint. That was the year I learned first-hand what bigotry was. People I had always respected suddenly became hateful and ugly.

    Some days I’m not sure we’ve much, if any, progress in that respect. Sad. . .

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