Yes, this is the year of the acid marriage…I met Bill C. at Charlie’s bar. The place I went to work for after I decided to leave the Palm Gardens. Before I kicked my boss’S new wife’s ass. I had already insulted her while drunk several times…and although ‘Boss’ had thought it was funny, I could see the handwriting on the wall of the women’s bathroom..it would end up being me or her having to go and since I had no plans of giving him a blowjob I was pretty sure it would be me..I hated to go, as I am so loyal, and ‘boss’ had given me a job when I had no experince and was so ‘green’ I don’t know how the bartenders put up with me..other than for laughs… knew it was for the best..so off I went to Charlie’s where most of the customers were the Staff of the DA..and other assorted lawyers, clerks, etc..they found me really different from the other bartenders they had run across and I doubled charlie’s business in less than 2 weeks…Plus I made the best Hot Buttered Rum’s in Portland..They thought I was so ‘kinky’ that all of the DA’s staff came into the bar wearing black masks, black gloves and carrying whips in tribute to me..The DA would come in every now and then just to see if what they were saying about me was true…he’d have one or two martini’s, check me out and then leave shaking his head…They even had a plaque made for me that said TO JACKIE BROWN, SHE HAS THE FASTEST FUCK YOU’S IN TOWN..so sweet..
While working at Charlie’s I discovered acid…ohhh, I loved it.
I met
Bill while on a acid trip and he fell in love. He was a merchant marine, 2nd electrician on a victory boat that went to Vietnam..he was funny and weird…but nothing to write home about.(oh, did I mention he was 15 years older than me???)but he decided I was the one he was going to settle down with..He didn’t want any more kids and thought my ready made family of 2 boys was perfect..he asked me to marry him that day..I said yea, yea….have another beer…I was tripping at work..I had actually taken it the night before, but I was still going strong(chocolate chip was the name)and that night when I got off work I decided that maybe it would be better if Pat my babysitter kept the boys for the entire night and she said they were going to zoo next day and just let the boys stay and go with them and spend the weekend..said cool…she had boys same age as mine and they were best friends…so I went home and next morning Bill called and asked me if I wanted to go to Reno…duh sure…had started to mellow out so took some orange sunshine…by the time he picked me up I was on the 3rd star next to the planet “wheeeeeeee”…so off we go to Reno with 2 of his friends. The next morning I wake up in hotel room in Reno married to Bill…no memory of anything.. I do remember being someplace where I yelled “stop, these fucking shoes are killing my feet.”..he said yea, that was in middle of ceremony…So…I’m married..Big….big big..mistake..Not that he wasn’t a nice guy cause he was..and he was great with my boys..He bought me anything I wanted, took me through Canada all the way to Alaska in a 16 foot camper, with a gold panning machine and 75 books…It was beautiful country and one of the most horrible experiences of my life…many many miles from my sons, friends, and civilization with a guy I really didn’t know. He had neglected to tell me that I was either his 11th or 12th wife..he wasn’t sure…That was comforting…We had sex twice…one cause I thought well hell, we are married..and the second time just to make sure he was as bad as I thought and it wasen’t a fluke..no fluke…it was awfull…lucky for me he didn’t like to have sex so it worked out for me as I didn’t want to have sex with him either…Only reason we stayed married as long as we did (about 18 months) was because he shipped out to Vietnam for 6-8 weeks at a time..
I had worked my way up from bennies, to acid to meth… plus I coul
d really drink…but I never missed a day’s work or missed spening my free time with my sons..no matter what..but it was getting harder and harder..while I was falling apart and not keeping an eye on things…the country elected Richard M. Nixon as the president..fuckity fuck fuck fuck…Apollo 11 went to the moon and Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins got to walk on it..I was the only one with a color tv(thanks to Bill) so everyone came to my house and we watched it..Wow…it was amazing..just like Buck Rogers..(only you old farts will get the reference)and not to long after a bunch of my hippy friends came over and we dropped acid and watched Bob Dylan on the Johnny Cash show…wow…that was cool…then we watched an old black and white western and we got so freaked out from all the shooting we hid behind the couch..popping out every now and then to shout’behind you cowboy..it’s the bad guy’…
Edward Kennedy pleads guilty to leaving the scene of fatal accident
at Chappaquiddick, Mass. in which Mary Jo Kopechne was drowned. He got a 2 months suspended sentence.
Sesame made it’s debut on tv….and the greatest rock festival ever was held.WOODSTOCK
if I could have I would have gone..my girlfriend Shady Lane went and said it was mud and dope smoking hippies having sex out in the open..no big deal…but still to see Janis, Jimi, Country Joe, Richie Havens,The Who, and many many more..well…Only two regrets…didn’t get to make the peace march with Martin Luther King Jr. and didn’t get to go to Woodstock…
OHHHH the music..5th Diminsion sang ‘Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine
IN’..Elvis was still in there singing ‘In the Getto,’ Tony James and the Shondells sang Crimson and clover…(I loved that song)
‘Dont Give In To HIm’and ‘This Girl Is A Woman Now’ by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.’Every Day People’ by Sly and the Family Stone.The Beatles were pumping them out…’The Ballad of John and Yoko,’ ‘Get Back’, ‘Something’,and ‘Come Together…..right now….over me….’….damn..the were good.oh, and another favorite..’Get Ready’ by Rare Earth.John Lennon had a single….’Give Peace A Chance’…yeah, like that is going to happen..’Whole Lotta Love and Good Time, Bad Time’ by Led Zeppelin.
First time I heard whole lotta love I freaked fucking out…There’s you a rock and roll song..Stones had ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ and Marvin Gaye ‘Heard it Through The Grapevine’…and a song that for some reason struck a cord with me and is still one of my very favorite songs..’In The Year 2525’….by Zager and Evans…
Bob Dylan rocked our world with ‘Lay Lady Lay’…and ‘My Cherie
Amour’ by Stevie Wonder…Does anyone remember when he first started out he was “Little Stevie Wonder”?….’Pinball Wizzard’ by The Who..’Proud Mary’ by CCR, and another great song’Rain drops Keep Falling On My Head’, by B.J.Thomas…Crosby Stills and Nash(no Young yet) sang about ‘Judy Blue Eyes'(judy collins)..’Sugar Sugar’ by the Archies… and another favorite’Marrakesh Express’ by Graham Nash.During all of this I was dealing with my drinking, drugging and trying to hold it all together..finally at the end of December I made a call to my Daddy back in Roswell, New Mexico…I said:”I’m sick and I need help.”..Daddy said:”There will be 3 tickets at the airport first thing in the morning…”..Daddy’s are like that…


  1. Reg Says:

    Jeez Jackie, you have lived quite the life. Just when i think I’ve heard it all, you top it. You really should consider that book.

  2. maritzia Says:

    Daddies are indeed like that. Mine may have spent most of his time in a bottle, but we all knew that if we ever needed *anything*, all we had to do was get to a phone and call Daddy, and he’d do his best to make everything okay.

    *sighs* It’ll be 17 years next week and I still miss him.

  3. leo myshkin Says:

    “if you believe they put a man on the moon….”

    i still don’t know if i believe it or not. finding our rasslin was fake destroyed my innocence.

  4. Lauren Says:

    Wow! 1969. . . I almost remember it like it was yesterday. .LOL!! I turned 16, smoked pot for the first time and discovered “Acid Rock” Zeplin, Janis, Jimi, Grand Funk Railroad (they grew up in the next town over from me). Yes, I remember Little Stevie Wonder. He was from Saginaw, about 50 miles from where I grew up.

    That was a year to remember. . . If I could LOL!!

    I’m lovin’ this!! Guess I killed off a few more brain cells than you did, `cause I hadn’t thought about some of this stuff in years.


  5. Babs Says:

    I’m glad I never did acid!!! Who knows how many times I would have been married. Eeeeeek!!!
    This is great getting to see a chronological lay out of your life with history! You’re doing good!

  6. Debbie Says:

    I have to admit, the post keep me coming back to read what you have to say next. Where you went next… I’m on the edge of my seat.

    1969 brought my parents an acid trip as well as this is the year I was born.

    I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat for the next year.

  7. apositivepessimist Says:

    The year the Little Fat Bastid one is born…I am four.

    It is probably the only thing that I wish I had done…acid. Just to see what it was like. Would have to try it with people I trust tho. Heh.

    Funny how loyalty is earned by giving somebody/anybody a go. I like it.

    Heh I donโ€™t fucken doubt you doubled his business. You have always struck me as a goldmine in customer relations JackieSue. Depending on the business, most people love down to earth, straight up and bloody funny about it character, especially in their barkeep. You know that as a compliment.

    Maan I barked out a laugh at the inscription on the plaque, that is just tops.

    This first part of this post is definitely another one for that book of yours that I would buy. Excellent.

  8. jafabrit Says:

    I was 14 and struggling to survive an abusive father. Other than that I loved living in London, remember all the music you mention. It was also the beginning of the skinhead fashion (before it changed into a racist movement) I either wanted to shave my head or cut it like Julie Driscoll.

    Great post.

  9. apositivepessimist Says:

    Heh JS. Well I figure my…Oh My Gods and Good Lords will fool some of them into believing I am a follower…but my GeezuzfuckingChrists might get me some flak.

    But I figure oh well fuckem…canโ€™t be friends with everyone aye ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously I do believe I may be able to become part of the flock of the Antisocial-Luddites. Heh hell might even get up and lead โ€™em in a sermon or two.

    Dunno about Nascar but hey tractor pulls and shit like that I am so there Baby!

    Hell by the time I get there ole โ€œWest Wingโ€ Martin Sheen might be El Presidentay. Iโ€™d vote for him going by his role of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Nit Wit Says:

    Now Jackiesue your distroying my image of you as an inocent Grandmther.
    You have also messed up my routine. I usally am sleeping at this time but I couldn’t go to bed without getting my Jackiesue fix. Besides your waking up some of my old brain cells that I thought died years ago.
    69 was a year of change for me and now I am remembering the music as being listened to when it first came out now.
    Cape Cod was an interesting place to live between 69 and 73.
    Good old Otis AFB.

  11. Junebugg Says:

    I was 14 and really getting into the music and drinking but hadn’t tried drugs yet. That came a few years later and I LOVED ACID! Never had a bad trip, no flashbacks. Man, I miss those days. Being a grown-up sucks sometimes…….

  12. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Geez woman, you WERE the 1960’s! I was but a wee kindergartner in this year. No booze or dope for me yet. lol. But thank you for mentioning the GREATEST song ever, “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies. Loved it then, still love it! Even have it on CD.

  13. Reg Says:

    BTW – another great thing happened in 1969…. I was born!

  14. Momb Says:

    My son was born in ’69 and I was somewhat of a hippie, living on the beach of North Shore (1/4 mi. from Sunset Beach), Oahu, Hawaii, but because I had a child, never tried anything heavy — only a little pot in my home at night (of course, now I realize that wasn’t very smart — should I have to drive in the middle of the night for an emergency, etc., etc., all the things that can happen with children). Real claim to hippiedom: made whole wheat honey bread at home and sold it to the North Shore surfer dudes; my husband was a surfer, that’s why we were way out there … ended up staying 20 years…”those were the days, my friend”!

    Yellowdog Granny, I’m missing your spice, wit, common sense over at “Mindful Musing of a Bedrock Girl (Tina).” You and I think along the same lines, politically, and I always enjoyed your visits as I sensed we were like-minded in that sense (guess it was when you said “WTF” when one of the freepers was spewing something outrageous! You were the only one to speak up, tell it like it is. Some of Tina’s regulars (except Tina) seem to worship GWB. As John Dean said last night on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown, 23% of Americans, no matter what Bush does, regardless of how unlawful or bad for the country, are always going to be into “authoritism” — needing authortative figures to tell them what to think, do, in otherwords, followers who don’t think for themselves. Dean’s new book “Conservatives Without Conscience” is out today and it sounds like it really doesn’t hold back on confronting the frightening, almost surreal state American is currently experiencing under the Bush administration — according to Dean, American has never experienced anything like it and it’s getting dangerously close to facism, like the historical regimes of fear, destruction. If this is too much political opinion for this venue, please forgive me … my original purpose to come here was to enjoy your blog, let you know I miss seeing you over at Tina’s place, honest! Be well ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    wow… i had no idea sesame street was started in ’69… i should have figured though.

    what the hell is a snuffelupagus?

  16. Autumn Says:

    I was 15 in 69. Still innocent and just starting to seriously date. Wow did those song you mentioned bring back some memories. I think I still have most of them on 45’s stuck in the storage shed at my parents house.

  17. Tina Says:

    F’in awesome ๐Ÿ˜› you should write a book, chick. Man, I was born in the wrong era, always thought that hehe

  18. Tina Says:

    Oh hey there is my mom in law above LOL

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ Grannie visited me on the first day I believe

  19. Carina Says:

    Wow, memories.
    I adored acid, back when it was still sweet mystical stuff and glad I did it, glad I quit all that after a few years.
    Sid Barrett died today. RIP Sid.

  20. Jezebelle Says:

    Wow what a life you have had! I would pay money to have seen you all behind the couch watching that movie! But I don’t get why a man who was not that into sex would get married so many times.

  21. Big Pissy Says:

    I love to read your trips down memory lane!

    You have had the most interesting, exciting, weird, fun, scary, crazy shit happen to you!

    You really should write a book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Donna Says:

    Wow…you actually got married while all fcked up. That’s crazy, but funny. Thank you for sharing these stories about your life, politics, and the music from those days.

  23. Joshua Says:

    Oh man, sounds like you spent most of your time tripping balls…

    Did you read about the recent study that showed the benefits of using magic mushrooms?

  24. buddha_girl Says:

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee do 1971! I was born in February of that year, woman! I’m begging…*grin*

    Your last couple of lines cut me close to the heart. I know without a doubt that my Daddy would have done the very same thing yours did when you called him. I was lucky. So are you.

    Thank you for sharing these snippets of your soul…truly.

  25. Granny Says:

    Sorry for being late. I had a busy day.

    What a story so far. I missed the drug scene by blind luck; not by anything I did right.

    Basically, I was chicken. I was so sure back then that I was hanging onto sanity by my fingernails and that if I ever lost control it would be gone completely.

    I just left most of it completely alone. Never felt that way about alcohol though – at least not back then. I should have.

    Not all my memories of that time were that great either.

  26. Winston Says:

    I’m late to the party on this one, but OH MY GOD you brought back some memories. Tickled some things I had forgotten long ago.


  27. JuBlu Says:

    Yg, I’m late here, too, but I wanted to comment anyway. What a life, girlfriend! I’m hooked on this blog now.

    LOVE The Ballad of John and Yoko.

  28. Anonymous Says:

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  29. Anonymous Says:

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  30. cyberoutlaw Says:

    Your blog really is a “trip” down memory lane! I never did acid, but a friend of mine did it and got stuck under a fence. I have no idea how he got there (he said someone was chasing him), but the fire department had to come and cut the thing in order to get him out. I suppose it could have been worse. He could have ended up getting married without realizing it.

    More great music in those days too!

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