that was going to be the title of my post this evening and was going to be on LAUGH IN… one of my all time favorite tv shows…but something happened and it will have to be tomorrow’s post..as today I’m going to jump up on my soap box…jeez I hate this..Some one commented on one of my post..I usually don’t remove or delete comments…and if I knew how to delete this one I wouldn’t be posting on this at all..would just delete it and move on..but I can’t and so I find myself having to make a big fucking deal out of it..and it bothers me as I really like the person that made the comment…This person was talking about one of my thumps on forest and in making his statement this person used the term ‘fag’….where do I start without coming off like an asshole…(yeah, like that would be a new experience)…..I don’t like the fact that someone that I like thought it would be ok to make a statement like that on my blog and think it would be ok with me…well……it’s not…you want to put someone down..fine..call them an asshole, a dickhead, a dickwad, a fucktard..anything you would like…but please on my blog ..do not use words that are discriminatory to my friends…thank you very much..as as I have said before… if this is not ok with you….well, read my profile again…you can email me and call ME names if it makes you feel better…but don’t mess with my friends…



  1. Babs Says:

    Jeez… you and me having to put our foot down on people lately. What’s up with that?

  2. Granny Says:

    When you read the comments, you should see a little trashcan underneath each one. Click on it.

    It’s there for each individual commenter as well. For example, I could delete this comment but not anyone else’s.

    Very handy device.

  3. dom Says:

    In Britain a fag is slang for cigarette ,My first time in the US ,I got some very strange looks when announcing I was gonna light up a fag.
    Please don’t click the lil dustbin on me! (oops trashcan)

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    You tell um Jackiesue Your Blog , your rules. 🙂

  5. Carina Says:

    Dom – I moved here many years ago from the UK and had to stop saying things like “let’s go out for a fag” in a hurry!
    Yes, the little trashcan removes comments. I *think* there’s a way to edit them too, go to the Blogger help page.
    And what’s with the teenage thing of using “gay as a perjorative? As in “Oh, that’s SO gay.” Damn, if I had a kid who said that he’d get slapped upside the head in a hurry.

  6. apositivepessimist Says:

    okay not wanting to be the one that looks like condoning the nasty intention behind some words…but sometimes words are written in the heat and flow of the comment not as a word with the inflammatory/derogatory connotations behind them.

    Perhaps just a case of poor usage from your mate [did you ask him if that was the case JS?]…lord knows I am guilty of poorly put words at times.

    Am I making any sense? ‘cause fuck knows I’m trying to.

  7. leo myshkin Says:

    look on the bright side, me and ruby have someone to tease. this dickhead can be the new tony and ed. maybe he’s really tony in disguise.

  8. apositivepessimist Says:

    i love leo’s comments on tony and ed.

    he cracks me up.

  9. Maritzia Says:

    I’m with you, Jackiesue. This is something that just makes me crazy. And the teenagers calling anything they don’t like “gay”? Don’t get me started on that. Because I’m a gamer, it’s something I run into a *lot* and it sets my teeth on edge and drives my bloodpressure through the roof.

  10. Lauren Says:

    I looked at enough of the afore-mentioned party’s blog to say with certainty, I’ll never go there agin. . . Much less ever comment. . .

    Great post JS!!!

  11. Debbie Says:

    You know I had to check to see if it was me, lol…. JS.. much like a black person talks about niggers… all that is said is not racial but just slang… Your commenter may not have meant anything… seriously. 🙂

  12. yellowdog granny Says:

    it took me one school year and one entire summer to keep telling my granddaughers jenny and jamie…gay is not a good way to discribe someone when it is meant as a put down..like oh, he is so gay when they mean something else intirely..now, years later they may say he’s a dickhead or a asshole, but they dont say oh, he’s gay..when they mean he’s an asshole..and dont care if they meant anything by it or not…like i have said..and some people get it and some dont…it’s my blog and it stands for what I THINK AND WHAT I WANT TO SAY OR BE SAID…i dont want anyone here to think it is ok to say fag or to call someone a nigger…kay?

  13. Granny Says:

    I finally found the comment. I’d gotten a couple of days behind.

    Read it again. Gays weren’t the only people he insulted.

    I went over to his blog. He’s very fond of coke bottle glasses, etc.

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