…(Dec. 1969)David and Thom deplaned about 8pm at the Roswell, New Mexico airport…I circled for awhile and crashed about 30 minutes later…Hepatitis has a way of zapping you no matter how hard you try to be alert…Be alert I always say…the world needs more lerts…
You have
to know that my Daddy was the Flight Chief at the airport that we had just landed at and when the 3 of us came tumbling off the plane I am sure that my Daddy wished he had bought us Grayhound tickets instead of airplane tickets..David and Thom were 5 and 3 1/2.They both were dressed in bell bottoms, turtle neck sweaters,cowboy boots and parka type coats..They both had hair down to the middle of their back with beaded head bands.. I had on a red turtle neck, red/black/white plaid bell bottoms, barefoot(carrying my apache style fringed boots)my naturally blond hair was dyed black, had it in braids with head band,rings on every finger and several toes, a belt of tiny bells around my waist, a fringed leather vest and dragging a full length fake fur coat behind me on the tarmack…Daddy took one look at us, walked up ..gave the boys long hard hugs, gave me ‘the look’ and said:”get in the car.” Remeber folks this is the retired Master Sargent, new boss of the Airport…he da man…I think he was more upset with the long hair on the boys than the fact that his daughter looked like a cross between Cher and Pocahontas…We went home and I went to sleep and when I woke up the next morning the boys had military haircuts.(they were still crying, but Daddy had bought them each a string of lolly pops and they were so high on sugar they were bouncing off the walls….they had never had any candy before except for milk chocolate..so they thought their Grandpa was a pretty cool dude, except for this thing he had about long hair)
I won’t go into any details of the ups and downs of recovery, getting
well, getting a job, getting my own place and adjusting to life in New Mexico after Portland, Oregon cause it wasn’t a bowl of cherries..I will say that my Daddy was the best...he was soooooo square….so out of touch..so not able to deal with me but did everything he could and bounced back after each little smack up side his head..Like sitting on the porch watching his grandsons play ‘narks and heads’.….or sitting on the toilet while they took baths and sang their favorite song to him…’Marihuana, marihuana LSD,LSD, college kids make it, high school kids take it…why can’t we…why can’t we…”I thought Daddy was going to faint right on the spot..Poor Daddy, he would give me this long lecture on the evils of drugs…my responsiblities to me and my kids, changing my ways, yada yada yada….pop a valium and trot off to work..but we got through it…
and mean while..back at the White House …Tricky Dicky and ole Spiro were in charge of the country….Yeah, that worked out so
well…hell I thought I was the one fucked up, but even I couldn’t fuck up as bad as them yahoo’s…
The U.S.
forces invaded Cambodia on May 1st..A Palestinian revolt erupted in Jordan. Forces loyal to King Hussein suppresssed the revolt and expelled the PLO from the country.
Earthquake in Peru kill 50,000. Egyptian President Nassar dies and is repla
ced by Anwar el-Sadat.
Four stud
ents at Kent State University in Ohio are slain by National Guards at demonstration, protesting the invasion into Cambodia.
The only redeeming part of 1970 is the rocking ass music..St
ill a little hippy shit, some goofy pop by the Jackson 5, and The Osmonds…
But no
w we are starting to rock and roll…we’re starting to ‘tighten up.’….get down, get groovy, get it on..faaaaar out…and outa’ sight…Ok, lets get the pop shit out of the way first…we had the Jackson 5 with ABC, I Found That Girl, I Want You Back and I’ll Be There.’They Long to be, Close to you and We’ve only Just Begun.’by the Carpenters.’Fancy’ by Bobby Gentry,’Patches’ by Clarence Carter and’A Little Bit of Soap’ by Paul Davis.Eric Clapton sang ‘After Midnight’, Diana Ross said “Aint’ No Mountain High Enough’,and R.B. Greaves said‘Always Something There To Remind Me.’oh, oh oh…..!! The Guess Who’s ‘American Woman,‘And When I Die’ by Blood Sweat and Tears…I think David Thomas has one of the greatest voices ever…’Are you Ready?’ by Pacific Gas & Electric, ‘Arizona,’ by Mark Lindsay, ‘Band Of Gold’ by Freda Payne and one of my all time favorites then and now..’Black Magic Woman’ by Santana..’Bridge over Troubled Water’by Simon and Garfunkle, ‘Call Me’ by Aretha, ‘Candida’ by Tony Orlando and Dawn,plus one of the greatest songs ever ever ever….’Closer to Home’by Grand Funk Railroad….damn I love that song..
‘Come and Get It’ by Badfinger,Neil Diamond had ‘Cracklin Rosie’, Joe Cocker wanted to ‘Cry Me A River.’Who could forget ‘Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time’by the Delfonics.
Van Morrison sang about ‘Domino’ and 4 Flights Up sang ‘Do What You
Wanna Do.’….CCR rocked the house with a bunch of songs...’Up Around The Bend, Down On the Corner, Looking out My Back Door and Who’ll Stop the Rain……damn I love CCR…Simon and Garfunkle sang such a great song’El Condor Pasa’….’Woodstock, Treat Your Children Well,and Ohio by Crosby Stills Nash and Young.Can you get any better? TAKE THAT, YOUR HIP HOP RAPPING ASSHOLES…And can you belive….that’s not the half of them?….’See Me Feel Me’ by the Who, The Nity Grity Dirt Band sang the hell out of Jerry Jeff Walker’s song ‘MR. Bojangles’…I saw Jerry Jeff in Austin one time knock the shit out of a cowboy who kept razzing him about how he spent the $50 he got for that song...Like Willie Nelson who sold Family Bible, and Night Life for $50 each..song writers were so poor they sold their songs for what ever they could get…It doesn’t bother Willie, but it sure does piss ole Jerry Jeff off…
Less Bell To Answer’ by the 5th Dimension,’My Sweet Lord’ by George Harrison, ‘Ride Captain Ride’ by Blues Image, ‘Na Na-Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ by Stream and another favorite of mine ‘No Time’ by the Guess Who.oooooooohoooooh, and ‘Ohhh Child’ by the 5 Stairsteps…love that song..
Dog Night had’Out in the Country,Eli’s Coming,and Mama Told Me Not To Go’ ….I have a special place in my heart for 3 Dog Night…my best friend Roxie and I were working one night at the Palm Garden and they were playing some place in the city (PORTLAND) and they came in to see our band, which was an absolutely excellent band, they went on to play Vegas(they did a show bedsides just playing)a lot…( I actually saw them in Vegas and dammd if they didn’t remember me..actually when they saw me…they all started in saying’those tits, those legs that smile..it’s gotta be…..’JackieBaby’..)(my nickname)Made me feel pretty fucking good..ha..anyhow…2 of the 3 dogs came in…stayed till closing then the 2 ‘stars’of our band, Roxie,me and the 2 dogs went out and partied…oh my goodness….drugs and rock and roll…sorry ya’ll, but no sex…hard to have sex with someone when he is counting your freckles and your discovering a planet on his forhead…ahh, the good ole days….
‘Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours’ by Stevie Wonder
,”Somethings Burning’ by Kenny Rogers and the 1St Edition, and another favorite of mine’Spirit In The Sky’by Norman Greenbaum, ‘Sugar Sugar’ by Wilson Pickett, ‘Up On Cripple Creek’ by The Band,‘War’ by Edwin Starr, and ‘The Wonder of You’ by ole Elvis…..’The Thrill is Gone’ by B.B. King, ‘The Rapper’ by Jaggerz, ‘The Letter’ by Joe Cocker and Leon Russell, and oh mymymy…….’Whole Lotta Love’ by Led Zeppelin….hooboy…’She Came In Through The Bathroom Window’ by Joe Cocker,’Everybody’s Out of Town’ by B.J.Thomas.Santana’s ‘Evil Ways’….’Evil Woman Don’t Play your Game With Me’ by Crow…’Get Ready’ by Rare Earth,’Give Me Just A Little Bit More Time’ by Chairman of the Board and ‘Green-eyed Lady’ by Sugarloaf…James Taylor sang about’Fire and Rain'(I love that song….alot)’Gypsy Woman’ by Brian Hyland, ‘Hey Lawdy, MaMa’ by steppenwolf, ‘Make me Smile’ by Chicago and Neil Diamonds ‘Shilo and Solitary Man’..Yes, boys and girls …there is still more…’Hey There Lonely Girl’by Eddie Holdman,’Hitching a Ride’ by Vanity Fair, ‘If I Could Read Your Mind’ by Gordon Lightfoot and…’Iron Maiden’ by Black Sabbath…’It Don’t Matter To Me’ by George Harrison, ‘Ma Belle Amie’ by the Tee Set(love that song)..’Kentucky Rain’ by Elvis, ‘Knock 3 Times’ by Tony Orlando and Dawn, and a song that has a special place in my heart when I left all my friends in Portland to fly to New Mexico…’Leaving on a Jet Plane’ by Peter, Paul and Mary..The Beatles had a bunch of hits..’Let it Be, and Long and Winding Road,’and another rock and rock special…’Lola’ by the Kinks….’Lonely Days’ by the Bee Gees, ‘Love Goes Where My Rosemary Goes’ by Edison Lighthouse, ‘Love the one Your With’ by Stephen Sills and last but not least………………’Lucretia MacEvil’ by Blood Sweat And Tears…..
Im on a slippery slope….but I have my boys and I have my Daddy…
love …peace…and harmony grits…


17 Responses to “1970..DADDY TO THE RESCUE”

  1. PJ Says:

    I love Creedence Clearwater Revival. “CCR rocked the house with a bunch of songs…’Up Around The Bend, Down On the Corner, Looking out My Back Door and Who’ll Stop the Rain”
    I have all those songs and more. A year or so ago I found a series of CDs with all their songs. I play it often. Loved them.

    It has been a along time since I heard the joke about the lerts. I used to use it on my ex and he would get really mad because he didn’t get it. He always looked bewildered and asked me what was so funny about that, that made me laugh more. Ha.

  2. JuBlu Says:

    I don’t know what this blog is, but I think I like it. What a post! You’ve got some personal history, some politics, lots of music…. It sucked me right in. Now I’m curious about life with Daddy/Grandpa and the boys. You could write a novel about that…. Memoirs?

  3. Babs Says:

    ya’ hippie!! πŸ™‚
    Awwww… some good ol’ rock! hehehe, discovering a planet on his forehead.
    Your Dad sounds like he was a good man.

  4. cyberoutlaw Says:

    The boys got hugs and you got “the look,” followed by “get in the car.” That’s a great description. I can see it. I think I did see it in my neighborhood, several times, in fact.

    I probably still have about 80% of the records you mentioned. It was a great time for music, and I’m never getting rid of my album collection no matter how small the apartment gets. My favorite Creedence songs have to be Ramble Tamble and Born on the Bayou. I think James Lee Burke should use the latter whenever he comes out for a book signing.

    Thanks again for ALL of your comments. You’re hilarious, and really appreciate it that you took the time to read them.

  5. Nancy Says:

    I am blowin in the wind by your colorful words. Felt like a flash back.

  6. Maritzia Says:

    HAHAHAHA…I can just imagine my Daddy’s response if I’d come in with two boys with hair down their back *giggles*.

    Still, I have a feeling that year was a lot harder than you’re telling. Yep, I still think you’re some kind of impressive woman, Jackiesue!

  7. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I went to Kent State for awhile but nobody shot at me…I don’t think.

  8. leo myshkin Says:

    i was 15 in 1970 and got a job at a snooty french restaurant. that’s where i met mr wine for the first time. then we used to trade wine for pot in the alley behind the restaurant.

    the funny part is i think us young fools in the kitchen used to get pissed on real expensive stuff. we’d drink it as fast as we could so the owners wouldn’t catch us. fucking frenchmen!

    your 1970 was way more exciting than mine but i was still growing.

  9. Joshua Says:

    By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about Bush saying the word “shit” when he thought the mic was turned off. What’s your take on that?

  10. Jezebelle Says:

    I miss the days when a lollipop was a fair trade!

  11. Big Pissy Says:

    Great, great music…*sigh*

    ‘Didn’t I blow your mind this time?’

    Loved that song….

    great post, as usual!

  12. Nit Wit Says:

    It’s hard to believe that all those songs and more came out in 70. I remember there was some new hit on the radio every day. Used to buy bootleg 8 track tapes around then. My boys had never seen an 8 track until they saw my old player at my Stepfather’s house a few years ago. He still listened to music with it. I don’t think they have ever seen a record player in real life.
    Got a local radio station here now that plays nothing but 70s and 80s music. It’s funny but about 30% of the music they play is on your 70 list.
    Major changes in the whole culture sure do make that generation gap wider. I sometimes wish I had a time machine and then I remember what it was like other than the music and say nevermind.

  13. apositivepessimist Says:

    I think I was too busy playing down the creek and riding my scooter to take much notice of any of these the “first” time around. Isn’t it wonderful that good music never dies out. I have a “best of’ CCR and it do get a thrashing.

  14. john Says:

    What a time . I’m surprised you don’t have JT in your post. I love James Taylor. Love that flowing hair . Where is it , Sweet Baby James ?

  15. dom Says:

    JS why do I keep getting a Blogmad pop-up warning when I come here ? It’s annoying ! Says you’re running an old exploit w/e that is and to report you .. so expect a call from the BM police πŸ™‚

    I was 4 in 1969 , but love CCR and ‘If I Could Read Your Mind’ by Gordon Lightfoot and a whole bunch of 60’s songs I am way to young for HA!

    I started downloading EVERY UK No.1 since the charts began in 1952 ( Al Martino) and am up to the 60’s now , so I’ll bop along to these tunes as they come up πŸ™‚

  16. Pixie Says:

    Nice nickname YD =)

  17. Galt-In-Da-Box Says:

    Do you remember an obscure little singer/songwriter from around this time name of Paul Williams?
    Short. Cute. Blond hair. Had a voice that echoes through all eternity like Gordon Lightfoot and Anne Murray?
    Yeah, dat da mo-fo.
    Absolutely cherish “Remember” and “One Love”.

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