Yes, it’s that time again…Not sure it is exactly that time again or if I’m stalling….yea, I’m stalling..although I did tell this one guy that I would do a West Post as he really likes them…so here goes..the news of the past week of West…
We are having meetings up and down I-35 about the Trans Texas Corridor that will effect Central Texas…If you google it you can see where it will really effect our area. As if it goes through it will wipe out the little town’s of Malone, Penelope, Birome, Hoen, Leroy, Mount Calm and Axtell. It will butt right up against Tours and Elm Mott. These are little farming communities that have been here for close to 150 years…Mount Calm is where the Branch Dividians were…I am pissed and it won’t even effect us…but it is pretty damn close…It’s not a done deal yet, so am hoping they will quietly remove their heads out of thier asses and rethink it..
There is a reward offered for information in an Elk dumping case out by Tours..Eight cow elk and one bull elk, with no bullet holes. They are thinking maybe some sort of contamination and then dumping…someone’s ass will be kicked.

West is being asked to conserve water..we have plenty of it, but if we use too much it takes alot of time for us to refill it from Lake Waco…but so far we are just being asked to water only in early am and late pm..
Oh goodie goodie! The Bold Spring Baptist Church Women’s Department will be selli
ng their hamburgers on the 21st and 24th…I can’t tell you just how great their hamburgers are…The Volunteer Fire Dept got some training classes in West…we have an excellent Fire Dept. The VFD had a tractor pull for yesterday and today…I saw the signs but I’m not sure that watching a bunch of guys pulling shit with tractors is down my alley…
Rodger turned 40, Maria turned 40,Jordyn Matus turned a year, and Landri Glover just turned 2.Joanna Wolf and Johathan Rogers were married on July 8th at St. Mary’s here in West. Man, she looks so beautiful…(the church at top is St. Mary’s..were I go to light candles for you all.)Two engagements..Kelli Rene Volcik is engaged to Alan Joseph Jones, and Candace Ann Herdman is engaged to Charles Edwin Badillo..
Babies ..we have babies…Wyatt Charles Sexton was born on July 5th, weighing in at 9lbs.3ozs. and 21 inches long..Claire Catherine Kubitza was born on July 4th and weighted 7lbs.3 ozs. and was 20inches long…ohh, a fourth of July baby…
There are 2 couples celebrating anniversaries..one for 59 years and Henry and Cressie Girard are celebrating their 60th anniversary..Oops, missed an engagement and marriage..Kimberly Outerbridge is engaged to Clay A Psencik, and Marvin Gerik,Jr. and Shelley Cvikel were married…
There were 9 garage sales and I hit 6 of them..Got lots of good stuff…Some one lost a gray and white cat.
Sunday July 30th there will be a deication of the New West Knights of Columbus Club Hall…they will have a polka mass at 10am, dedication begins at 1pm. There will be a dance from 2pm to 7pm-$7.00 per person with music provided by Vrazels Polka Band an Vaneks Band of West. Hoooooo, the Vaneks of West…
The W.E. Electric girls won the district championship at state tourney in Salado…The Knights of Columbus is having their annual BBQ Cookoff on July 28-29th..They are still renovatiing the stadium seats at the Trojan Field..I thought they were going to build new ones,but guess the voted that out…Well, that’s it..all the news that is fit to print…Yup folks…it’s still 1957 here…come see us at Westfest….labor day weekend…..I’ll buy you a sausage on a stick and a beer….


9 Responses to “…….WEST….BY GODDESS…..TEXAS…….”

  1. Babs Says:

    I missed the tractor pull???

  2. Galt-In-Da-Box Says:

    Oooooooooooooooooh! Sausage & beer!
    Makes me wish I was back in the Lone Star State.
    Of course, you live in REAL Texas as opposed to Amarillo.
    That accounts for the dif.
    If I can swing a Las Vegas junket, I’m gonna drop by.
    Best regards!

  3. Tina Says:

    Yummmm hope ya find good stuff! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    Here we go I made chicken fried rice for supper and now you have me craving cheeseburgers again.
    Missed the news from West lately even though the posts have been great.
    Now I have to get through the whole night craving cheeseburgers. Gee lots of fast food places close by. 🙂

  5. buddha_girl Says:

    Holy crap. Save one of those burgers for Buddha. He’s like his daddy…he loves eating meat from the cloven hoof animals.

    I’m such a dunce. I took a GOOD look at that fuckin rhino on your page. Shit shooting out of its ASS. Christ on a cross. Priceless!

  6. Junebugg Says:

    Be careful with you’re invites, I’m on vacation the last week of Aug & the first week of Sept. You’d be surprised to get up one day and find me camped out on your door step! I’m sure you’re not that hard to find. All I’d have to do is stop anyone and ask “Where the hell is Jackie Sue’s house?”

  7. apositivepessimist Says:

    I think early and late watering should be an all the time requirement. City Councils are the worst at it…watering the city gardens in the hottest part of the day, then sending out notices and adverts about water restrictions to be imposed. Fuckers.

    Heh. I been to a tractor pull…dammn them old Hillbilly boys can git loud with it.

    Hmmm a banger on a stick aye.

  8. cyberoutlaw Says:

    Well, there certainly is a hell of a lot more going on out there than here. We just keep getting more rain.

    And that Bush counter on the side is moving way too slow. Anything you might do to speed it up by about two years?

  9. leo myshkin Says:

    yeah but what’s gonna happen when T.O. shows up for training camp?

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