In Dec. of 1972 I was whisked away to Jaurez, Mexico for a surprise wedding..a surprise because I had insisted I didn’t want to get married and would NOT get married… When I found out why we were there(thought we were going for the gambling, as Jack was a gambler)I threw a hissy fit…and insisted I did not want to get married, take me fucking home….Jack quietly said:”You’re 4 months pregrant, it’s a little late to play hard to get.”….asshole….so we were married..I got even with him though….I waited till he was extremely hung over after staying up for about 3 days and nights in a marathon gambing soree with his fellow insulators from the power plants in 4 corners. We had a huge king size water bed…and he was snoozing away…I took off all my clothes, put on David and Thom’s snorkling gear, mask, huge fins and the snorkle. I am 8 months pregnant…huge..gifuckingfrantic.
I haul my big bellied, fat ass up on the bed by him…stood up and started moving back and forth until I had a nice s
well going …he opened one eye and looked at me in all my glory..I yelled at him at the top of my lungs…”SURF’S UP ASSHOLE”…Well, I thought it was funny…(Jack never gave cards for special occasions..ever..but one day right before I was ready to pop, he handed me a card…on the outside it had a picture of a very pregnant woman…opened up it said’See what you get for fucking around?’)
May 23rd, 1973..after 14 hours of hard labor,(quite a bit of difference from push, push..here’s the baby, with David and Thom… at one point I stood up in the bed and said I was going home to take a nap, and when I felt better I would come back and finish this up..Finally..here she is…all 9lbs.10ozs. 20 inches long….with the pinkest creamiest skin you have ever seen…and topped off with a hand full of bright fire engine red curls…she….you say she?……Fine, but you’re telling Jack…we had only boys names picked out…and are you ready for this? If it had been a boy he would have been Waylon Cash Denney…..That kid would have been in so many fights by the time he was in high school, he would have hated us both…So the nurses called her big red…she was a week old before I (the smart one) suggested we name her after the 2 grandmas…this is after almost knock down fights over names…She was less then 8 hours old when I took her home from the hospital…David called and said Jack had been watching them and was bbqing and needed bbq sauce and left to go get some and never came back and the chicken was in flames..(he got drunk, celebrating the baby’s birth and forgot…..yeah…ok…)So I had to go home and take care of the boys and ‘Big Red’…nice rest…The next day Jack had taken the boys to Alburqueque as David was in a Karate Tournament…My Daddy calls and asks me if I am alone and I said, well, me and the baby..he says call some one to come be with you and hung up…fuckity fuck fuck fuck….So I call one of my girlfriends and she comes over..Daddy calls me back and tells me my mother has been raped and killed…just the night before she had made accomadations to come to Farmington to help me with the kids..she went out to tell everyone about her new grandaughter and some one followed her home…
So events have gone from complete joy for the birth
of my beautiful daughter to total agony with the death of my mother.I will admit I was not close to her..but all the same..she was my mother..and since the baby would only be 4 days old at the funeral,I couldn’t fly to the funeral and in no condition to drive it…and in the mean time..the Vietnam war is ending, the Supreme Court rules on Roe vs Wade and Nixon is on national tv accepting responsibility, but not blame for watergate, and accepts the resignation of advisors H.R. Halderman and John D. Ehrlichman, and fires John W. Dean III, as counsel..Plus Spiro T. Agnew resigns as vice president and then goes to federal court in Baltimore pleading no contest on charges of tax evasion of income taxes on $29,000 he received in 1967, while Governor of Maryland. He is fined $10,000 and put on 3 years probation.
The fourth and biggest Arab/Israel conflict begins as Egyptian and Syrian forces atack Isreal as Jews mark Yom Kippur, holiest day in their calandar…
In what is to be called the Saturday Night Massacre, Nixon fires special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, and Deputy Attorney William D. Ruckershaus and Attorney General Elliot L. Richardson resigns..And Egypt and Isreal sign a U.S. sponsored cease-fire accord….and all of this is just background for the music…..sweet sweet music..
‘You Don’t Own Me’ by Ormsby Brothers, ‘Hello, Horay, Elected, and No More Mr. Nice Guy’ by Alice Cooper.’Love Isn’t Easy(But it Sure’s Hard Enough’by ABBA. David Bowie had ‘Life on Mars and Sorrow.’The Stones had some of my favorite songs;’Angie and You Can’t Always Get What You Want.’ Also one of the greatest scenes ever in The Big Chill, when it is played at the funeral…Paul Simon rocks them out ‘Love Me Like A Rock, Take Me To The Mardi Gras, and Kodachrome.’
Also a song I love..’The Cisco Kid’ by War. I decided after
hearing this…I could never have a relationship with a man if he didn’t know who the Cisco Kid is..’Whiskey In The Jar’ by Tin Lizzy. Stevie Wonder had ‘Superstition, You are the Sunshine of My Life and Higher Life.’..’Will it go Around In Circles’ by Billy Preston. Ike and Tina made a hit about ‘Nutbush City Limits’ which is Tina’s hometown.’Photograph’ by Ringo Starr, ‘Roll over Beethoven’ by the Electric Light Orchestra,’Bad Bad Leroy Brown,’ by Jim Croce and Focus had two hits with ‘Hocus Pocus and Slyvia.’Paul Macartney and Wings had ‘Live and Let Die, My Love, and Helen Wheels.’Elton John sang about ‘Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Step Into Christmas.’…
‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree’ by Tony Orlando and Dawn.Ohhh, another great song’Why Me’ by Kris Kristofferson and ‘Lets Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye.’Touch me in The Morning’by Diana Ross.’I’m the Leader of the Gang(I am) by Gary Glitter,and ‘All the Way From Mephis’ by Mott the Hoople.’I’m Just A Singer In A Rock and Roll Band’ by Moody Blues.’Blockbuster, Hellraiser,Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. ‘5:15 and Relay’ by The Who.’Keep yourself Alive’ by Queen.’Get Down’ by Gilbert O’Sullivan, ‘Kiling Me Softly With His Song’by Roberta Flack, ‘Delta Dawn’ by Helen Reddy, ‘Keep on Trucking’by Eddie Kendricks, and ‘Ramblin’ Man’ by Allman Brothers Band.The tear jerker ‘Jolene’by Dolly Parton, ‘The Entertainer’by Scott Joplin, and ‘Top of the World’by the Carpenters.Led Zeppelin had ‘Over the Hills and Far Away, and D’yer Make’er.’Last but not least’The Morning After’ by Maureen McGovern…
Well, I did it…You have no idea how hard that was…I will do 74 and 75 and then seriously…I quit…the rest is all a blur…now I can do it and do just the music and the news..but no more jackiesue news..too hard…74 is going to kick my ass as it is…so if you want to get music and news without me.I can do that..but that’s all..up to you…let me know…cause the morning after isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be….


25 Responses to “…….1973…….THE PRINCESS COMMETH…….”

  1. Babs Says:

    Hon, you do what you want to do. It’s your blog.

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    you don’t have to be close to still see her death as horrific. I’m sorry about that JS.

    ditto to what Babs said.

  3. buddha_girl Says:

    I want the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as the music and news. I know you have it in you.

    I have to say that this post made me sit up in awed silence. I’m so sorry about your mom. Close or not, she was your mother. Period. Nothing changes something like that.

    I admire you so much…you’ve been able to put your life into sequential order while linking it to the news and times we’re all familiar with these days. Just amazing! Thank you!

  4. Mama Kelly Says:

    what a powerful and moving post!!!

    i was so sorry to read about your losing your mom in such a horrific way

    there are no words

    blog on, to whatever degree you are comfortable with

  5. texlahoma Says:

    A year of change.

  6. Debbie Says:

    I’m with Babs on this one JS. It’s your blog. Share what you can.. and want to.

    Although, I’d pay to hear the nitty gritty details, πŸ™‚

  7. Sling Says:

    Fist I’m laughing,then I’m crying.These caledar posts are terrific.Thanks for sharing what you can.

  8. Jezebelle Says:

    I was not expecting such a horrible twist in your story! No matter your relationship with your mom that was absolutely horrible! Did they catch and fry the fucker?

    That husband was such a fucktard! I really enjoying reading about your life. I do not enjoy the bad parts. But you have just lead such a different life than anyone I have ever known.I assume the hot blonde is you?;) Nice to be able to put a face to you!

  9. leo myshkin Says:

    terrible about your mother. now i know why the goddess gave you permission to swear curse and do whatever in the fuck you want.

  10. Autumn Says:

    I’m speechless. You have been though so much. I just want to give you a hug…then maybe sit down and cry with you. You are one terrific lady.

  11. Tina Says:

    Wow…spectrum of emotions…what a year. I was also born in 73.

    Thank you for sharing. It must be so hard to write. Hugs πŸ™‚ You are an awesome gal.

    I’m with Babs..write what makes ya happy here – we are all along for the ride babe πŸ˜‰

  12. Junebugg Says:

    You are one hell of a woman! Few people have gone through all the trials that you have, and even fewer would have survived intact.
    I guess the old saying is true:

    Awesome post.

  13. Big Pissy Says:

    Every time I think I’ve read your best post ever, you come along with something like this.

    Your mother….such a horrible thing. I’m so sorry.

    As for ’74~your blog/your choice.

    We’ll be here either way.

  14. **silvermOOn** Says:

    This is one of the bravest and strongest posts I’ve read. I can feel you pouring it out as if on a treadmill.
    That is horrid about your mother. As you said, such a contrast to new life in your arms.
    Your post blew me away. I’ve walked down memory lane and it’s beyond draining.

    The music is fine and a delight to remember. I always was into oldies. I still like almost all types of music. Whatever, you need to do for yourself, take care dear one.

  15. Nit Wit Says:

    What’s Silvermoon mean about oldies this is the music I listen to all the time.
    You really got me with what happened to your mother, such a hard and senseless thing to happen.
    Now 14 hours of labor is pretty hard too.
    Like everyone says, it’s your blog you do what you want. All your posts are great.
    So, the Gump do anything to piss you off lately?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    whenever u need a relapse from writing, i propose you please compose a seperate list of all these songs.. i am from the new age, but as i hear 60′, 70’s songs, they punch right through and touch my soul.. no words can explain the magical uplift and inspiration that truely meaningful musical lyrics can provide.
    hats off to you.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    two of the sources that i found lists of the music are:

    can go back or forward to the year you want


    if i messed up..let me know will send you to the site..jac

  18. maritzia Says:

    Jackiesue, you write whatever the hell you want to write, you hear me? Blogging is not about those of us reading it, but about you and what you want/need to share. If these things are too hard to share, then don’t do it. If you *need* to share it, then all of us are here to share it with you. You do what you need to for you. Forget all of us out here.

    You’ve survived things that would kill most women, and come out on the other end stronger than ever. Most women who’ve been through what you have would be bitter and old before their time.

    Thank you for sharing what you have of your life with us. We’ll still be here whether or not you continue. Because you’re an incredible woman and we’re all in awe.

  19. cyberoutlaw Says:

    Jeez…I should have read this one first. Your life stories are incredible. You went through more horror in two years than most people will ever go through in their entire lives. And you’ve made it. I guess that’s the main thing.

  20. cyberoutlaw Says:

    Btw, thanks for the tip on the Burke. I picked it up last week at the Mysterious Bookshop. I’m about one or two behind, but I’m looking forward to Pegasus too!

  21. Joshua Says:

    Awwww Jackie Sue, I wish I could give you a hug.

  22. JuBlu Says:

    I’m sorry to hear what happened to your mother. I’m sorry for you, too, because, like you said, she was your mother.

  23. Pixie Says:

    Gosh that is terrible about your mum, did they ever catch anyone for it?

  24. Pixie Says:

    Nevermind I read the next instalment..

  25. Paul Says:

    Love the AB Band. How about Marshall Tucked Band? I know them personally since we come from the same area of South Carolina.

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